You Wanna Talk About Weird

Dreams are super weird. Here’s why.


I dreamt I was visiting Sheffield with my parents before the start of the summer semester. Apparently my hostel was super isolated, so we took a coach downtown. Once downtown we started visiting the shops and stuff, but the place was really packed with tourists (and somehow most of them were Asian) so we could barely move.
Suddenly out of the London Underground Exit came screams. We all turned around (it was hard, coz it was packed) and this black mass of hair came rumbling over the crowd, squashing people in the process. There was a huge commotion as people screamed and tried to get out of the way : I got squashed under hairy gorilla feet (yes, it was a gorilla running out from the London Underground) and blacked out.
The next part of the dream is waking up wtf that is so Inception. The gorilla is safely back in it’s cage, and here’s the shocker – it talks. ffffffffff. No wait, the shocker is that in my dream I don’t find it weird that gorillas can talk. I wonder if it’s because I’ve been working on too many Disney Princess stories at work, I’ve become schizophrenic.
So anyway, talking gorilla. Gorilla tells me that it comes from Indonesia (WTF brain, they don’t even have gorillas there) and it wants to go back to it’s homeland. The only reason it went on a rampage was coz’ it wanted to save it’s baby. And then it holds out this cutesy, tiny little black gorilla with huge watery eyes at me through the bars and tells me to take care of it. I take the baby gorilla back to the hostel (somehow my parents have disappeared in the process) and feed it with a milk bottle.
And then my alarm woke me up.

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