Love Toys and Superheroes? Check Out Mancave Cafe and Collectibles @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

Normally I’m not into the whole hype thing with new cafes because I hate lining up (so many better things I could do with my time… play computer games, for instance. lol) but this one, I really wanted to go to after seeing a friend’s Instagram post.

That’s because MANCAVE Cafe and Collectibles in Bandar Puteri Puchong is home to dozens of lifelike toys and figurines from superhero/fantasy/sci-fi comic books, novels and films. A place where you can eat/drink AND admire these figurines at the same time? It’s literally a nerd/geek’s wet dream come true.


Mancave is tucked on the first floor of a three-storey building within BP’s commercial district, just down the road from McDonald’s/Starbucks. I think because it’s still new it was quite empty during our visit.

Like the village idiot, I literally went ‘Wahhh’ when I entered the place. Toys and figurines lined the center island, which was surrounded by bar stools. The space had a dash of steam punk married with purposefully unfinished design elements: a metal grille separating the dining area, coiled steel lamps, a cool black and grey colour scheme, balanced out by warm yellow lighting, wooden floors and exposed brick walls.

Chose to sit right in front of The Hulk. It was so lifelike it looked like it would have readily smashed its fist into my face at any moment. Everything from the seemingly real tuft of hair, the crease of the Hulk’s indestructible pants (have you never wondered why he never rips them but goes through his shirts like nothing?) down to the figurine’s toenails and individual teeth were done to minute detail. It’s no wonder die hard collectors are willing to shell out RM15,000 for this.


Next to Hulk was the Black Panther, complete with a background piece. This was comparatively cheaper at RM3,000++ lol.


Other Marvel superheroes, the likes of Thor, Captain America and Ironman.


Tore myself away from the figurines for a bit and went to check out what they had on the menu. There’s an interesting-looking ‘moss cake’, muffins, bagels, croissants and juices. Patrons can also choose to order pizza, pasta and waffles, although the menu is quite limited atm.


Cosy lounge area.


S ordered waffles, which came with a side of vanilla ice cream. The ice cream was nice and creamy, not too sweet, and topped with some marshmallows and a mini pretzel. Waffles were also nice and fluffy, drizzled over with some chocolate sauce.


Just had dinner earlier so went for a hot chocolate. Again, not too sweet or cloying, which was just the way I liked it! The chocolate was thick and milky, and they serve it in a nice big mug.


Another section of the cafe, dedicated to the Dark Knight.



Different version of the Bat.


This area looked like a long vanity mirror. Good for selfies, not so good for Eris I would not eat while looking at myself as if I don’t know I’m fat enough omg. Some decorative busts sat overhead.


The other side of the fence had some DCU characters.



Harley Quinn from Arkham Asylum. Love the ruffles and the boots!




Transformers fans can feast their eyes on this majestic figure of Megatron. Only RM10k. lol.



Then there is this wooden cabinet housing more Batman items, as well as some Lord Of The Rings figurines.



If I had the money, I would legit get one of these, put it on an altar at home and fk with my kids’ friends when they came over to visit and see a Gandalf shrine.

“Your mom worships this?”

This is why I shouldn’t have kids


I am a fan, but not big enough of a fan to correctly identify what troll this is and which part in the series it appeared in


Smexy Deadpool. I found the latest movie kinda meh tbh.

Spent some more time sipping the hot choco and admiring the sights, then we ended up at McDonalds anyway because I wanted fried chicken.

All in all, a really cool place to hangout! I suggest visiting while they still are still relatively quiet now and not yet swarmed with crowds.


17-1, First Floor, Jalan Puteri 7/13A, Bandar Puteri Puchong, Selangor.
Business hours : 2pm-12am (Mon-Fri), ;12pm-12am (sat-sun)
Tel: 012-260-9512




Movie Review: Power Rangers 2017

Few things evoke a 90s kid’ sense of nostalgia more than Power Rangers.

I can’t be the only one who sat religiously in front of the TV on Saturday mornings, waiting for the iconic theme song to come on. My favourite scene always involved the Zords combining into Megazord and bashing up bad guys. At grade school, being a fan of Power Rangers (along with such series as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dragonball and Sailormoon) was the height of cool, and we constantly snuck in stickers, cards and collectibles into our bags, to be swapped during recess. When my dad got a console, we got The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie game, which I’d play for hours on end (always picking Aisha, the yellow ranger, or Kimberley, the pink ranger – coz girl power, right?).

When tweenhood came and I started fan-girling about other stuff, I stopped watching the series. Over the years, I’ve not had much chance to think about the show and the joy it used to bring my brother and I as children. Until I saw the 2017 trailer at the theatre a couple of months back. It looked completely different from the shows I used to know – darker, cooler, more in tune with a modern generation – a far cry from my memory of silly, over-the-top villains and spandex costumes. When it starting showing at theatres, I went with S to watch it. Going in with zero expectations (we all know how reboots can be these days), I was pleasantly surprised by the movie’s plot, quality and character development.


The film opens with the Power Rangers, a group of alien warriors, on Prehistoric Earth. Betrayed and defeated by their ex-team mate the Green Ranger (aka Rita Repulsa), the Red Ranger Zordon, takes all of the Rangers’ power source – the Power Coins – and hides them before ordering his robot assistant Alpha 5 to send a meteor onto Earth: killing him and sending Rita to the bottom of the sea.

Fast forward to modern day Angel Grove, football star Jason is thrown off the team and placed under house arrest after a failed prank. He is sent to detention, where he meets ‘misfits’ – the autistic Billy and the cheerleader Kimberley. Jason and Billy explore an abandoned gold mine, where the latter detonates explosives to destroy some rock, attracting the attention of Kimberley (who was diving nearby) and fellow students Trini and Zack.

They find the Power Coins, but the blast has also attracted the local police, so they make their getaway – speeding towards a train track where their vehicle is totaled by a train. Despite the accident, all five wake up in their homes the next day with no memory of what transpired after, and with strange powers. Seeking answers, they return to the mine where they find an ancient spaceship and meet Alpha 5 and Zordon’s consciousness. Zordon tells them about the original Rangers, and how Rita has been awaken after being fished out from sea by a trawler. He warns that she will recreate her monster, Goldar and seek the Earth’s Zeo crystal, which she can use to control planets. If she succeeds, all life on earth would die.

The teens train but are unable to morph. Frustrated, they fight against each other, and the group seems to be in disarray. With time running short, will they be able to defeat Rita Repulsa and save the world?


The movie seriously surprised me. While the plot was rather cliche (misfits find newfound powers, train, bond with each other, get over their weaknesses and become superheroes), the new ‘modern’ take on a well-loved franchise brought with it a breath of fresh air – prepping it for a new generation whilst still satisfying the older one’s sense of childhood nostalgia. The movie dedicated a big chunk to developing the characters, whom are not only racially diverse but also culturally inclusive, and they pulled off the messages without being condescending. For those looking for OTT action scenes, you won’t find them much in this film – except the ‘climax’ where our heroes battle it out with the baddie. All in all, I’d rate it a respectable 7.5/`10.

Now excuse me, I’m going to go listen to the theme song.

Go, Go Power Rangers!