Review: McDonalds Malaysia’s New Spicy Chicken With Apple Slices Burger

Apples belong in pies.

They certainly don’t sound like something you’d put in a burger – but that’s exactly what McDonalds did with their new Spicy Chicken with Apple Slices Burger. Available for a limited time only, it’s described as a sweet and spicy blend with ‘real apple slices paired with crunchy spicy chicken patty, topped with black pepper mayo sauce, all tucked between a warm bun’.

So I went to the drive-through and got a set for brunch.


I thought the set would come with Prosperity fries, but they turned out to be regular fries. Not sure if you’d need to request for it specifically or top up a certain amount to get the curly ones. Also included in the set was orange juice.


I was feeling pretty hungry since I skipped breakfast, so I got the double patty (RM24+ per set).

One thing I like about McDonalds, which I’ve mentioned before, is that their products always look true to size, or at least close to the appearance of what is advertised – and this burger was no exception. Even if I hadn’t ordered the double patty, it was still sizable.


There was a good amount of apple slices on top, slathered with sauce.


The patties that they use are the same as the ones used in the Spicy Chicken McDeluxe, but the addition of apple slices was a nice touch, as there was a sweet, fruity burst to balance out the saltiness, and the apples were also fresh and crunchy. The ‘black pepper mayo’ didn’t really have a black pepper taste (maybe it all went to the Prosperity burger? lol); and was a tad on the sweet side. Like dessert kinda sweet, which tasted weird when combined with the chicken. But other than that, the buns were nice and fluffy, and the chicken patties were good; fried to golden perfection, crispy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside.

Overall, I think the Spicy Chicken with Apple Slices isn’t bad, but it feels like a #rehash of the Spicy Chicken McDeluxe and doesn’t offer anything special, unlike some of their other creations like the Nasi Lemak Burger, which I really liked. So, if you’d like to try this, it isn’t bad, but it’s nothing phenomenal.

But definitely better than the Prosperity Burger lol.

The Best Fried Chicken From Fast Food Chains in Malaysia: Ranked

After over a month in isolation… I FINALLY. got. to. eat. Fried chicken. 

Ever since the start of the movement control order here in Malaysia due to the COVID pandemic, my diet has been nothing but healthy, homecooked meals that are either a) steamed, b) boiled or c) stir-fried. And bland, because less salt, less sugar, less oil, less everything. Of course, I’m not complaining – but a girl just misses her fried food sometimes. If this MCO continues, it’ll be good for my waistline; not so much my sanity.

After weeks of trying to convince my mother to let me order GrabFood (she has been insisting on cooking every meal because apparently e-hailing riders may carry the virus), she finally relented  – and I was able to place a sweet, sweet order for some Marrybrown fried chicken. My brother was laughing at the exaggerated way I opened my box, as if unveiling some treasure – but I told him it IS treasure. Golden, crispy fried treasure. 30 minutes later, I sat contentedly in the dining room chair, my eyes glazed over in a high of bliss; like a druggie who just got her fix, lmao.

If it isn’t’ already obvious… I love fried chicken. I love how simple it is to make, yet utterly delicious. I love how different cultures around the world all agree that fried chicken is a universal comfort food. Most of all, I love how good fried chicken tastes – the juiciness of the insides, the crisp flavourful exterior. Which is why I’m sharing with you my ranking of THE best fried chicken from fast food outlets in Malaysia. Note that this is my personal ranking – so you might disagree with me, which is totally fine: everyone has their own preferences.

1 ) A&W’s Golden Aroma Chicken / Spicy Golden Aroma Chicken 

One of my fondest childhood memories is of my 8th birthday party at the A&W in Taman Jaya. Back then (for an eight-year-old, at least) having a birthday party at a fast food joint was like throwing a grand banquet at the St Regis – and I gorged myself on coney dogs, curly fries, rootbeer float and waffles. Funnily enough, I can’t seem to recall eating fried chicken at A&W : I think it’s a relatively new item since I only have memories of trying it for the first time after joining the workforce.

I usually have A&W at the original outlet in Taman Jaya, or at IOI Mall in Puchong. The chicken is always super fresh; sometimes it takes time for your order to be served because they don’t fry a big batch in advance – but it’s worth the wait. The skin is perfectly breaded and fried to golden brown perfection, the insides are juicy, and the complex flavour of herbs permeates throughout the entire piece of chicken, not just on the skin. I think their spicy chicken is actually one of the hottest ones, in comparison to other fast-food chains.

2) Marrybrown 

Marrybrown is a homegrown fast-food chain that specialises in fried chicken, burgers and Asian fusion dishes, such as fried chicken with nasi lemak, rice, porridge and the like. While it may not be as popular as, say KFC and McDonalds, it is pretty well known throughout Malaysia especially in smaller towns, and has a strong presence in the Middle East.

For some reason, Malaysians are not big on gravy and sauces with their fried chicken, which is a big shame because gravy + fried chicken = killer combo (the reason why I love Jollibee). While Marrybrown chicken is good on its own, I like that they offer sauces to go with your meal. My favourite was the mushroom sauce, although this was later discontinued. They still have the black pepper sauce option though, which is very spicy and peppery – perfect for soaking up with the savoury, well-marinated chicken meat.

3) McDonalds Ayam Goreng McD 

I consider McDonalds to be an all-rounder when it comes to fast food – their burgers are good, but so are their other offerings, including the fried chicken. McD’s spicy fried chicken has a distinctive fiery orange colour and somewhat loose (?) breading. The meat has good flavour and is usually fresh. The popularity of the fried chicken soared after McDonalds Malaysia made this simple yet super effective ad which had no music, no narration – just the sound of people indulging in crunchy fried chicken.

4) KFC

You can’t mention fried chicken and not include KFC on the list. It’s a hit and miss in my books though – their quality control between outlets isn’t great. Case in point: the KFC near my house tastes pretty shitty (greasy, chicken isn’t fresh and has that been-in-the-freezer-too-long taste), but the one near my workplace makes excellent fried chicken. I prefer the original over the spicy.

5) Burger King

While they’re more popular for their burgers and whoppers, Burger King serves surprisingly good fried chicken, especially at their outlet at Sunway Pyramid. The chicken is crispy, breaded well and has moist, succulent meat.

6) Texas Chicken

Sorry, Texas fans. While the chicken is decent, it’s my least favourite as compared to the rest on this list because I’m not a big fan of the thick flour coating that Texas has, which also tastes pretty bland to me. Would eat it if I’m really craving fried chicken and there’s no other fast-food option around. I love their honey biscuit and sweet tea, though!

What are your favourite fast-food places to get fried chicken? Let me know if you agree with my ranking, or if you have a personal favourite!

Review: I Tried The New McDonalds Fish Prosperity Burger

So Chinese New Year is just around the corner and McDonalds has brought back their popular Prosperity Burger – available for a limited time only. I’ve never been a big fan, but people seem to like it enough for the company to keep having it every year. This time around, they’ve even added a new option – the Fish Prosperity Burger – in addition to the regular chicken and beef. The set comes with a side order of curly fries and an orange fizzy drink.

Unlike KFC and its ‘new’ offerings which are just tired, lazy rehashes of the same chicken with different sauces and toppings, McDonalds usually puts effort into developing their products, as evidenced by last year’s Nasi Lemak Burger . And since it has been years since I had a prosperity burger, I thought now would be a good time to try the new fish offering.


The regular set, which costs RM16.


The curly fries were not half bad. Much crispier than the A&W ones, but also kinda salty. Portions were generous for a ‘regular’ option.


This was probably the first time I’ve been disappointed in a McDonalds burger. I’d chalk it up to me not liking the Prosperity series very much to begin with, but I guess fish + black pepper just don’t go too well. The fish had zero taste as it was completely overwhelmed by sauce. All I could taste was onions and black pepper. The sauce itself wasn’t great either, as it didn’t have enough flavour, just an overwhelming taste of onions.

Guess I’ll just stick to my Grilled Chicken Burger or Spicy McChicken from now on.

Are you a fan of the Prosperity? Lemme know in the comments. 🙂

Review: McDonalds Malaysia’s Nasi Lemak Burger – WORTH IT ?

When it comes to food, we Malaysians are a proud lot. I mean, say what you will about the country, but insult any of our dishes and be prepared to incur the wrath of millions (like the recent Rendang-ate fiasco). Now, if only we had the same drive and zeal to battle corruption lol. 

It’s a little ironic ,then, that it was our close neighbours across the Causeway that came up with the idea of putting together the flavours of Nasi Lemak – a dish ubiquitous with Malaysia – into a burger.

Well, the saying goes ‘better late then never’, and McDonalds Malaysia has finally jumped on the bandwagon with their very own version. Curiousity piqued, I dropped by after work at the Bandar Puteri outlet. They made me wait over 20 minutes because they were cooking a fresh batch, but WAS IT WORTH IT?


20 mins aint fast food bruh. But let’s focus on the food.

Packaging featured a dark green colour scheme, reminiscent of the traditional banana leaves that nasi lemak used to be wrapped in.


Burger. Fairly large. Kudos to McD for not using false advertising where the food is like 1/3 the size it appears in ads. I’m looking at you, KFC.

Fried egg, cucumber slices, and sweet and spicy sambal is layered on a thick, cornflake-coated patty infused with santan (coconut milk), then sandwiched between two fluffy buns.

Verdict: The patty was obviously the star, with a nice hint of coconut milk. Cooked well, with a crispy and crunchy coating complementing tender, juicy meat on the inside. The cucumbers were a little hard (hard, not crisp.), but overall it was a satisfying burger that captured the essence of nasi lemak pretty well! If you’re looking for a spicy kick though, this has zero. I would rate it a 2/10 on the spicy scale. I would also have liked a bit more sambal in the burger.

Is it worth buying? 

At RM14.95 for the ala carte, I’d say it isn’t too expensive to get the burger if you’re really curious. Is it tasty? Yes, as far as fast food burgers go. Would I wait for half an hour just to get it? Probably not.

Overall stars: 8/10


PS: I noticed in some other reviews that the burger has caramelised onions. Not sure why mine didn’t, but.. yeah.