Moge Tee, PFCC Puchong

Update: A week after I posted this, the outlet closed. Guess I jinxed it lol.

You know how certain locations seem to be jinxed? Some people call it bad juju; in Chinese we call it bad fengshui. Think a business that can’t seem to prosper despite being in a high traffic area, or a shop that people always bypass, even though the adjacent ones do just fine.


This corner lot at PFCC Puchong seems to be one of those locations. It was previously home to a cafe called Miss Paris and Toast; then another cafe. Both shuttered. Now Moge Tee, an established tea and snack chain known for its pancake souffles, has taken up residence – and while I’m hopeful it’ll break the ‘chain’, I’m not too optimistic, judging from how quiet it was on a Friday evening, when S and I came by.


I tried Moge Tee’s pancake souffle at their SS2 outlet before, and it was among the best ones I have tasted, thanks to the addition of cheese, which gave it a nice balance between sweet and salty. Didn’t order the souffle this time though; went for the Mango Milk instead, while S had the Oolong Tea with cheese.

While Moge Tee also serves the usual bubble milk tea, they are better known for their range of fruit teas. The Mango Milk I had was okay, not too sweet, but the mango puree was quite stringy and fibrous. S’s Oolong tea with cheese was decent too but I wouldn’t say it was outstanding.


Our snack of fried chicken took a long time to arrive. Avoid this if you’re planning to come here; the chicken had a texture like cardboard. Any random Alisan stall from a night market would have been better than this.


G-06,Ground Floor Tower 4 & 5@PFCC, Jalan Puteri 1/2, Bandar Puteri Puchong, 47100 Puchong, Selangor

Review: Kong Sai Zai, Bandar Putri Puchong – Poached Chicken and Curry Ribs

Ask any Puchong-ite about where to get poached chicken and chances are, you’ll be directed to Kong Sai Zai in Bandar Putri, Puchong. In the restaurant’s early days, they occupied just one corner shoplot, but have since extended to two, with an upstairs dining area to boot. The quality of the dishes has not changed much: a good thing, since many establishments lose their QC once they’ve become popular – but the price has gone up significantly as well.

There are two chicken options available – regular (RM25 – half) or free-range/village (RM30- half). Village chicken has less meat and is pricier, because unlike their farm-bred counterparts, the chickens are allowed to ‘roam’ free and are raised using traditional farming methods. Some people therefore see them as a healthier alternative to commercialised chicken factories, where the chickens are often cooped up with no room to run around, and injected with all sorts of antibiotics to stimulate growth.

We went for half village chicken coz the guy said they ran out of the regular ones. The portion was still hefty! The meat was soft and tender, but what really elevated the dish was the sauce, which seemed to be a blend of soy sauce and (presumably) sesame oil. It is sweet rather than salty, and the meat soaks it up well, so that the natural flavours of the chicken are highlighted rather than being overpowered. It’s not the best poached chicken I’ve had, but it’s still quite a good one nonetheless.


Stir-fried veggies were pretty good – fresh and crunchy.


BONUS: I recommend ordering this! Curry pork ribs (RM13 – single portion). It doesn’t look very appetising since it’s served in an aluminium tin foil. It’s messy and the curry looks (and probably is!) very oily. But the flavours are good, and the ribs are melt-in-your-mouth tender. Wish they had chopped this up more evenly though coz there were some really humongous pieces vs tiny ones.


44G, Jalan Puteri 5/2, Bandar Puteri Puchong.

Business hours: Lunch (11.30AM – 2.30PM), Dinner (5.30PM – 10PM), closed Mondays

Phone: 019-208 8249