Twilight: New Moon

Went to check out the new Twilight movie: New Moon with Charlie and Bel yesterday (and mummy used her student ID as a Touch N Go at the LRT bahaha! And she was wondering why the card wasn’t ‘working’ for a good minute before realising. She’s going to kill me for blogging about this).



Well, I’m not a fan of Twilight, and neither have I read the books before. The only reason I went to watch was because of…

The Twilight Saga New Moon movie image Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner or Jacob the Werewolf. 😀 *drools*

In the second film, Jacob gets way more screen time than in the first movie. Edward decides that it’s too dangerous for him to be around Bella anymore and leaves her (The first 30 minutes of the movie before Jacob appeared was so boring, Bel and I were like, *yawns*).  Bella is stricken lovesick and goes a bit xiao and sees images of Edward whenever she does something dangerous and stupid, like jumping off a 100ft cliff or crashing her motorbike (in which Jacob takes off his shirt and reveals his super hot abs).


The rest of the movie is about her finding out that Jacob is a werewolf. Wow, how lucky can a girl be? Caught between a werewolf and a vampire. It is also about her being suicidal, and treating Jacob like a safety bubble to hang on to while moaning and feeling sorry for herself over Edward dumping her. It was kind of frustrating to watch – not that Kristen Stewart had any acting chops to begin with.

Me, I would have picked Jacob and his hot abs/cute smile and gotten it over with!

I know she’ll eventually end up with Edward and turn into a vampire anyway, but I’m still on team Jacob. Which side are you on?

Overall, the movie was slow at the beginning and it only got a little interesting at the end.

But it’s worth it just to watch the countless times Jacob takes off his shirt. 😀