Why Are We Not Talking More (Openly) About Depression?

Hey guys! Serious topic.  My eldest aunt called my mom yesterday. She said my cousin had come down with dengue and was refusing to go to the doctor, while my uncle was in the hospital because of respiratory complications from smoking. The doc told him he had to quit smoking or die coz his lungs had hardened…but it seems like a habit he is unable … Continue reading Why Are We Not Talking More (Openly) About Depression?

What’s On My Playlist? August 2018 Edition

Hey guys! I’m not in the perkiest of moods lately. Let’s just say that when you do things right, people expect it of you, but you fuck up ONE time and they won’t get off your case for it and suddenly you’re seen as incompetent, careless, lazy, inefficient. ONE time. Well, I guess that’s how life works and I shouldn’t be a whiny bitch about … Continue reading What’s On My Playlist? August 2018 Edition

There’s Always a Reason

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed when I came across a video  called ‘The Suicide Experiment’. I cried after watching it, because it touched me on so many levels. Suicide has always been a topic close to my heart. Since I was a teen, I’ve suffered from bouts of depression, struggled with low self esteem, anxiety and feelings of alienation.  I think that experiences … Continue reading There’s Always a Reason


I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I have no desire whatsoever to do anything. People my age are supposed to be at their prime, going out, socialising, doing productive things. Excelling at their jobs. Doing good for mankind and society. Well I’ve never been much of a social person, but lately it’s been getting worse. I get really tired talking to people. I just … Continue reading Depression.