Writers Are People Too.

Times are hard. They’re hard for people, they’re hard for businesses, and they’re just… hard in general. Jobs are difficult to come by, households are in debt, people have lost jobs, the list goes on.  But that doesn’t give free license to companies to treat their workers, or potential hires, like dirt. Like beggars begging for scraps. “Oh, be thankful you have a job.” “Oh, … Continue reading Writers Are People Too.

The Next Step

Changes. Changes in life are as inevitable as the existence of pepperoni pizza, or that one lowlife jerk all classes seem to have in college. At some point in life we all undergo change, whether it’s physically (a child hitting puberty and discovering that first Playboy magazine) or emotionally (teen angst in high school). The point is, change is inescapable no matter how much some … Continue reading The Next Step