Why You Shouldn’t Travel On The First Day Of A Long Weekend / Public Holiday

… because this:


My gahd. 

So it was a long weekend over the Hari Raya/Eid holidays in Malaysia, and I took the whole week off to go visit the Boy in Manila. I booked my flight for the first day of Eid itself (it was a Friday) thinking that most Malaysians would have gone back to their hometowns by then and the airport should be pretty clear.


Good thing I got to KLIA early. I usually travel with hand luggage, but since my trip was going to be for more than a week, I had to check in my bags – and the line for MAS snaked from the counter right up to one of the airport doorways wtf. This took over an hour, then I had to wait another hour to get through immigration. See, this is why they ask you to come three hours before (I’m looking at you, people who tell me ‘it’s okay lah, airport check-in very fast only what’)

Finally got to my boarding gate with about half an hour to spare. Phew.

Why was it so crowded? I think everyone was thinking the same way that I was – travel on the first day, everyone else has probably gone home. Then of course there are also the non-Malays taking advantage of the long weekend to go on a holiday.

Flight was uneventful. Watched The Foreigner (one thing I like about MAS is their inflight entertainment), had a bit of the Ayam Kurma Perlis that I wrote a story about (it was actually quite tasty!) and then it was touchdown at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Boy picked me up, and then we got down to the first order of business for the day…


You saw that coming, right?

It has become sort of a tradition that we get Jollibee first thing after arriving in Manila. I’m still waiting for the day they open a branch in KL. THEY NEED TO IN MY LIFETIME. 


You know what really makes Jollibee awesome? The gravy. I can just drink bowls of it. PS above a sour shrimp stew (forgot what it’s called) Auntie made.

More to come!


4 thoughts on “Why You Shouldn’t Travel On The First Day Of A Long Weekend / Public Holiday

      1. Yeah, sinigang usually has pork, fish, or shrimp as a main ingredient. The sourness usually comes from either tamarind, guava fruit, or in some cases – mango or strawberry.

        Usually, the ones with fish have miso in them just to round out the taste. 🙂

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