Back from Bario!

Hey guys!

I’m back from my trip to beautiful Bario in Sarawak ! 

One word: Memorable. 

In which I mean that I broke down in the middle of the jungle after an 11-hour hike, and the local tribesmen had to organise a search and rescue team because we were 6 hours late and they thought someone had gotten injured. Also, a leech nearly crawled up my hoo-hah, my toes are now infected and I will never look at regular life (complaining about being stuck in traffic pales in comparison to a near-death experience of losing your foothold in the middle of a tropical jungle with a 100-foot drop to the side) the same way again.

On another note, I am so touched by the kindness and hospitality of the local Kelabit people, who took us in as not just guests, but as part of their family. Also, longhouses are cool – you get to sit around a tetel (kitchen), and listen to the elderly uncles and aunties tell stories while warming your hands over the fire. Can’t wait to share the stories with you guys!

That’ll have to wait though: lots of things to do now that I’m back.




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