Travelogue Manila: SM Aura Premier, Taguig

Coming from Kuala Lumpur, I can say we have quite a number of shopping malls. But nothing comes close to Manila, where there seems to be one at every corner you turn. Step out from hotel? Mall. Take a jeep down the road? Another mall. So of course I had to stop by one or two during my visit 😀


On N’s birthday, we went to SM Aura in Taguig, which is just on the fringe of Bonifacio Global City. It’s not the largest, but houses a good selection of medium to high-end retailers, so you will find some well known international brands here.


On one side of the mall’s entrance were escalators/staircases that led straight to the garden rooftop, with options to access the various floors.The walls were decorated with murals and paintings, like this piece of the legendary traditional Kalinga tattoo artist, Whang-Od.


Christmas deco was up at the mall ! They had an underwater/magical theme with a beautiful silver Christmas tree, complete with pieces of coral, shells and a glittering mermaid !




We had time to kill before dinner, so checked out a Christmas bazaar happening at the concourse area. They had lots of delectable goodies and local snacks on sale, like these colourful and very squishy-looking rice cakes.




Home made muffins, cupcakes, cakes and pastries.


‘Hugot’ chocolate bars. Loved these! They all had short (and often sappy) love quotes/pick up lines printed on the wrappings.


Chocolate cakes and cookies, all nicely packaged and ready to be given as gifts.


Went up to the rooftop to catch the sunset! There is a church/convention hall located on the top floor and a nicely landscaped garden area lined with bistros, bars and restaurants.



SM Aura is a nice mall to visit if you’re ever in town and a handy place to shop for everything under one roof. Aside from cafes and restaurants, you’ll also find clothing and souvenir stores, luxury retailers, electronics, home and furniture and more.


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