Hey guys! 

If there’s one thing I’m very grateful to my parents for (I mean, apart from their love and clothing and feeding my ass for 20+ years lol :D), it’s that they instilled in me a love for travel. My mum, especially, likes to travel, although in recent years it has been more difficult with her ailing health.

For our end year trip, we’ve decided to drive (yes, drive!) from KL to Betong, in the southernmost part of Thailand. Bordering the state of Perak, the town is small but nearby attractions include some hot springs, a Buddhist wat, the largest mailbox in the world (?), weekend markets and some tunnels where communists used to hide in while evading the authorities.

Wikimedia @ Fanny Kong ; Public Domain


PS: I’m aware that Betong has suffered several bomb attacks in the past, the most recent being in 2014 in which three people died. Not to say I’m not scared, but if really that sui something happens while we’re there (choi!), that means it’s fated lah, kan? Pray for me though lol.

Be back soon with more updates!