My Rimowa Story: Designer Edit

Avid travelers and luggage enthusiasts will have heard of German brand Rimowa, which specializes in bags made from aluminium and poly-carbonate. Light but sturdy, they have a signature look and distinctive design that is easily recognizable anywhere.



The brand recently launched My Rimowa Story: Designer Edit for Pavilion Pitstop, which saw four Malaysian designers putting their own touch to the bags – namely Khoon Hooi, Sereni and Shentel, Izrin Ismail and Johnathan Liang. Pavilion KL’s main atrium was transformed into a runway-cum-exhibition space, while guests mingled with cocktails and canapes.


Khoon Hooi is a well known name in the local fashion industry. He won the 1997 Asian Young Designer Award in Japan, and even back in my teens, I used to read about him alot in the newspaper.

His Rimowa collection gathers inspiration from his grandmother’s Peranakan heritage. One of the bags features his trademark feathers, while the other is inspired by the idea of trendy luggage stickers, but in the form of detailed, handcrafted badges.

20160929_192316-tile 20160929_192327-tile

Rimowa bags in different colours and sizes. Simple and classy! I imagine they are pretty easy to spot among the dozens of luggage bags while at the conveyor belt.


Design duoΒ Sereni and Shentel’s collection is a colourful medley of fun and quirkiness. The pair runs a successful Sarawak-based headband boutique and has incorporated their funky style into the Rimowa edit. On the outside, big cartoon eyes, ribbons and bows give it a girly touch.


A showcase of rainbow headbands!


Giant bunny ear headbands and fluffy pompoms on the side.


Paris-based Jonathan Liang brings a dreamy, ethereal look to the Rimowa bags with feminine French lace and handcrafted blossoms, inspired by photographers Henry Gruyaert and Diana Thate.


Last but not least, Izrin Ismail‘s collection brings batik to the forefront with a simple but elegant design on the outside, and full colours on the inside. The exterior is painstakingly hand painted, while the silk-lined interior bears her signature ‘cloud scallop’ motif.


Models parading the Rimowa bags.

Check out the collection at, or get the Rimowa bags at their stores in Pavilion KL, Suria KLCC and The Gardens Mid Valley.


4 comments on “My Rimowa Story: Designer Edit

  1. Great read! Rimowa


    • Meant to say I find Rimowa’s more stylish and durable than most luggage makers out there. I would like to see these designers if ever it comes stateside. πŸ˜„πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hi Andrew, thanks for reading! I haven’t actually heard of Rimowa before this event ._. goes to show how up to date I am with fashion stuff. But it was eye opening to see the beautiful designs. I do hope you get to check them out too πŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

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