Movie Review – Angry Birds

It’s not the first time a movie has spawned from popular video games (think, Pokemon, Lara Croft, RE) but when I heard they were making a film based on Angry Birds? I… don’t know.

What’s next? Flappy Bird?

Despite my misgivings, I went to watch it anyway.  I was early at the theatre and my second movie, Now You See Me, was only playing 2 hours later, so I figured why not – and guess what? I was pleasantly surprised, because Angry Birds was actually entertaining. Even quite clever with some of their puns and movie references.


On Bird Island, an island inhabited by flightless birds, its citizens live a happy existence: except for Red, a grumpy recluse with thick eyebrows. Ostracised by his peers, he is sent to Anger Management Class, where he (reluctantly) becomes friends with Bomb (who explodes when he gets excited/angry) and Chuck (a mischievous road-runner type with a penchant for pranks and breaking the law).

One day, a boat docks at Bird Island, carrying pigs from Piggy Island led by Leonard. While they appear peaceful and are accepted into the Bird community, Red is suspicious of them and goes with his friends to find the legendary Mighty Eagle to seek advise. However, they are disappointed to find an old, out-of-shape Eagle who has not flown for years and who seemed not to care for their problems. While preparing to go home, Red uses a pair of binoculars and spots the pigs planting explosives around the residents homes and stealing eggs, while the Birds are lured away at a party. The group rushes back into town, but all is too late as the eggs are carted away on the ship back to Piggy Island. Enraged, Red rouses the birds and leads a charge to take the eggs back.


For a game that only requires its players to shoot birds into obstacles to kill pigs, they’ve managed to flesh out some pretty interesting characters (albeit, a little cliche). Red is your typical misunderstood social misfit, who earns the community’s trust and becomes a hero, while Chuck and Bomb prove to be loyal sidekicks who provide support and humour. Being a light hearted film, you can expect to see a happy ending, but although predictable, it’s a funride nonetheless. There’s a nice mix of silly, slapstick humour that kids (and the more immature among us lol) will enjoy, whilst slipping in some clever movie references. Examples: when Red opens a door on the Pigs ship and finds twin piglets dressed in blue dresses, who chant Redrum : an obvious reference to The Shining. There’s even a tribute to Quicksilver’s time-stop scene from X-Men: Days of Future Past when the superfast Chuck does his magic on some pigs guarding the door.

All in all, a nice film to take the kids to and for families.

Score: 6.5/10 

Ps: the hatchlings are really cute! I’d watch it if they made a film just based on them lol.

4 thoughts on “Movie Review – Angry Birds

  1. Interesting, thanks for the review! I don’t think I’ll go see the Angry Birds movie but those hatchlings are super cute ❤ Did you know Angry Birds is from my country, Finland?! 😀

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    1. Thanks for reading! Yeah, they are really cute. Knowing Hollywood, they might just make a franchise out of it, like how they did for Minions from the Despicable Me series. And I didn’t know Angry Birds was from Finland! Thanks for the interesting tidbit. 🙂

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