What’s On My Playlist?

A friend once went through my playlist, looked at me weird and then said: “You don’t look like you listen to screamo.” 

I didn’t know you had to have a ‘look’ to listen to music. That’s like saying only people with piercings and tattoos are allowed to listen to rock. Or that you must have a Mohawk to listen to punk. Or people who like power ballads are all sappy, bleeding heart romantics. I think everyone should be allowed to listen to what they want: it’s Music after all.

But if we’re going to talk about that it would be a long rant, so I shall stop. 😛

Here are 10 of the most recent songs on my playlist, in various genres – I usually listen to them at work coz it helps me chill. Enjoy!

Jonas Blue – Fast Cars ft Dakota 

The original by Tracy Chapman was released in 1989 and was quite a hit, but if not for this tropical house remix, I wouldn’t have heard of it at all. I like both versions, but the beat in this remix is really sick. 😀

**another thing that annoys me is when people go “omg the original is so much better” and “omg you haven’t heard of it before this?” Yes I haven’t, so stop your judgmental crap.

Justice – Planisphere 

Justice is a French EDM band. I first stumbled on their music on MTV (back when I still had MTV in my cable package) with their song D.A.N.C.E. The video was super trippy, with a black and white background contrasting with pop art changing on their tees. Planisphere is a four-part series that is 17mins long combined. I like how it has that apocalyptic/horror-influenced tune to it which is reminiscent of 80s/90s horror film soundtracks, or songs like Thriller.

Pryde – Low-Key 

There was a time when I was listening to a lot of Asian-American rappers, and I discovered many gems: Dumbfoundead, Ed-Two, P-Keys… one of them was D-Pryde, or just Pryde is he’s known now. He’s a Filipino Canadian, and has been rapping since his teens. His lyrics can be a tad misogynistic, but I really like the beats and you have to admit that his rap game is good. In an industry dominated by blacks, it’s nice to have some Asians representing the community 🙂

Miike Snow – Genghis Khan

This is a very tongue-in-cheek gay-pride song. The villain falls in love with his captive, and they finally start a family life together. The tune is so catchy I find myself bobbing my head unconsciously at work. I’ve re-watched the video a dozen times, and every time they start the dance I feel like jumping up and doing the dance too! I also think it’s a giant thumb in the face of LGBT-haters.

Alesana – Congratulations, I Hate You

I recently dug out this song from memory and it has been on replay throughout the day. Back in my teens, I listened to a lot of screamo and emo music like My Chemical Romance, Asking Alexandria, Sleeping Sirens and Suicide Silence. Alesana was one of my favourite bands because of the high but scratchy vocals,  and this song in particular, was attached to a person because I kept listening to it after our breakup. It’s been a long time… the rage has turned into a wistful nostalgia lol.

Saosin – I Can Tell 

After Seven Years, they are back! (see what I did there? :P) Another one of my favourite bands in teenhood, they were inactive for awhile and recently announced a new album, which got me looking for all of their old songs. Although… the new lineup won’t have Cove Reber, whom I like better than Anthony Green. 😡

Justin Nozuka – Heartless 

I once dreamed of flying to Canada, bumping into Justin Nozuka and then having him fall hopelessly in love with me. We’d make beautiful babies and live happily ever after.

Coming back from that creepy fantasy… JN has a voice that can immediately melt every woman that hears it. Over a sea of good-looking but auto-tuned boybands, his songwriting skills and prowess is definitely a breath of fresh air. And it’s just so calming ❤ I always feel better after a stressful day when I listen to his songs.

M.I.A – Bad Girls 

I only heard of M.I.A recently while skipping through random songs on Youtube, but she has been around for a long time and is apparently quite popular. ‘Bad Girls’ has an Arabian influenced-melody coupled with an uber cool video. Imagine Sheikh-looking guys in clean white robes doing the drift in the desert. I actually think it’s a very clever idea to incorporate Middle Eastern culture into the music vid, since the Western press is so Islamophobic these days. Also, watch the video and be mind blown that M.I.A is 40 years old.


Selah Sue – Alone 

Proof that although sex sells, sometimes pure talent does as well. I like Selah Sue because she’s sexy without being slutty, her voice is one of a kind, and I’m glad the new Transporter movie introduced me to this Belgian songstress.

Kye Kye – Hiding Place 

I watched a tattoo video on Buzzfeed which used this song as BGM, and that – coupled with powerful visuals – made it a constant on my playlist. I like the floaty, airy vocals and uplifting chorus, it feels like I can travel anywhere and see the world.

Cigarettes After Sex – Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You 

Another accidental Youtube discovery (thank you recommendations!). This is the kind of song I like playing in my car while I’m driving back on lonely roads at night.

There you have it, 10 songs on my playlist! Hope you enjoyed them, and happy chilling/rocking/dancing out to them 🙂 If you have other great song suggestions, lemme know in the comments below !





4 thoughts on “What’s On My Playlist?

      1. I’m guessing this playlist is the one which you listen to the most? Hahah I’m more towards pop, acoustic kinda songs, i love acoustic


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