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Sisig Hooray ! @ SM Manila


One of my favourite Filipino dishes is the sizzling sisig, which I first tried in a restaurant in KL. That version consisted of chopped pig’s ears/jowls served in a hot plate with egg, onions and chilli peppers and seasoned with calamansi: Absolutely Amazing with rice. So when E and I were hunting for food at SM City Manila’s food court, I made a beeline for Sisig Hooray. 


Little did I know that there is another version of sisig, which is simply meat/seafood cooked in a sour blend of either lemon juice/vinegar and seasoned with pepper, salt, and other spices. But equally addictive! I got the pork one with rice and egg (P99). Sour, with the right blend of textures, what more can one ask for? Only qualms was the rice wasn’t hot enough.


I filched quite a lot of his squid sisig.


I tried carabao (water buffalo) milk! It had a more ‘milky’ (dk what the word in English is.. curdled?) taste compared to regular cow’s milk – so it’s best to drink it really cold.

PS: When I was a kid, I used to think chocolate milk came from brown cows. Come on, I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought that way. 😛

Stay tuned for more food adventures in the Philippines!


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