Sunday Cookin’

The good thing about finally having a Mon-Fri job again is spending weekends with the Fam. It also means that I have more time to prepare meals. 🙂


Woke up on Sunday morning to find a cute, chewy Angku on the table for breakfast. Also called a ‘Red Tortoise Cake’ (haha!), it’s a round Chinese dessert of sticky glutinous rice flour skin wrapped around a sweet filling (red beans, mung beans, green beans, etc). They’re shaped like tortoise shells and formed in a mold with Chinese characters on them, to symbolise good fortune and prosperity.

I love anything chewy, so the angku is right up my alley. The texture is similar to the Japanese mochi.

Although traditionally eaten at festivals or special occasions, today it is widely available all year round.


For lunch, Moo unveiled a new bottle of dressing which she bought after a friend recommended it – Kewpie’s Roasted Sesame. Funny bottle shape aside (I’m not the only one who thinks it looks like a certain appendage, right? :P), this stuff is absolute crack. If you love the aromatic flavour of roasted sesame coupled with the creamy texture of thousand Island dressing, this is their love child.


Tossed some sauteed prawns in it. Simple but oh-so-amazing.


Curried fish, bokchoy and shrimp made up a simple but tasty lunch. 🙂

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