Wandering LA & Jollibee at Beverley Boulevard

Hey guys! We’re still exploring Los Angeles, where there’s plenty to see and do. Not surprising for the second largest city in California, with a whopping 18mil people. That’s more than half the population of Malaysia!


Parts of SoCal once belonged to Mexico, so it is not surprising to see many Hispanic communities and their influences all over Los Angeles. Travelling around some suburbs, I sometimes found myself wondering if I was in America or Mexico. There were many buildings that mimicked the flat, squarish buildings of Mexico, and signs in Spanish everywhere.


The Hispanic influence tapered off a little in the city centre, where things took on a more metropolitan facade. Ultra modern buildings and a mix of races walk the street, with an Asian restaurant here, a Mexican canteen there, etc.

LA is nicknamed the city of flowers and sunshine. While we saw a lot of the latter, I wouldn’t say the same about flowers.. except’ maybe in parks. There are a lot of palm trees though.



The buildings are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.


Koreatown. You’ll know you’ve entered the area once you see lots of billboards and shop signs with Hangul characters



We had lunch at Jollibee @ Beverley Boulevard. It’s located just next to the subway station. To those familiar with the fast food chain, you’ll know that Jollibee is from the Philippines, serving items such as fried chicken, fries and burgers and home favourites like Filipino spaghetti and pancit.

Although we have a big Filipino community in Malaysia, no one has opened a Jollibee there – much to my dismay since I’ve always wanted to try it. LA has a large Filipino community (they even have a Filipinotown here!) so it was only natural that there’d be a Jollibee.


I was getting sick of burgers and hot dogs, so having warm rice for a change was heaven. The Chicken Joy meal came with two pieces of fried chicken and awesome gravy. It was much better than KFC or any other fast food fried chicken I’ve ever had – tender and juicy on the inside, crispy and savoury on the outside. Now I really wish they have Jollibee in KL! 😦

E ordered Pancit Palabok, a bihun-like noodle in a garlic and meat sauce with slices of egg.


View from the drive-in area.

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