Pork Sisig! – Laguna MabuhayPhilippine Restaurant

A super short and simple post today!  I was hanging around downtown KL and just had a craving for some sisig, so I dropped by Laguna Mabuhay Philippine Restaurant at Jalan Gereja.


The resto was still in Chinese New Year festive mood, so the exterior of the shop was actually decorated with red lanterns and paper cuttings. If a tourist didn’t look at the signboard, they might even mistake it for a Chinese canteen.

It was a quiet Saturday afternoon with not many customers. I quickly ordered a plate of pork sisig (RM12) and garlic rice (RM1.80).



I’ve fallen in love with sisig . 🙂 It is basically chopped pig’s ears and jowl on a sizzling hotplate, cooked with chopped chillies, onions and calamansi, and topped with a runny egg. The combi of melt-in-your-mouth fat + crunchy ear cartilage makes for an amazing texture, and the porky flavour is really good to go with rice. I can eat this all day, everyday.

Welp, since I was alone, I didn’t get to order a lot of food. I actually wanted Lechon Kawali but it would be so fettening eating one plate all by mahself D:

Laguna Mabuhay Philippine Restaurant, KL

3, Jalan Gereja, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

011-1910 1661


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