Lazin’ in Ipoh Town


More shots from my trip back to Ipoh town.



Chinese New Year at gramma’s. I believe I’ve introduced you  to my fifth aunt’s cutesy little ball of fluff – Ginger !A real hyperactive fluffbub that loves prancing around people’s legs in an attempt to trip them or nipping at toes (bad girl!) But you cant stay mad at her when she makes that “aww im so cute” face.

IMG_6284-tile IMG_6292-tile

Shops in Ipoh. It’s very quiet during Chinese New Year, coz all the shops are closed.


One’s trip to Ipoh is never complete without FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD. Most of the shops were still closed on the second day of CNY, so we randomly popped into a cafe for lunch after our 3 hour caving experience at Gua Tempurung. I’ve never been so hungry in my life, so even though the food was mamadei only it was the best I had in Ipoh, ever. (Left) Ice kacang or ABC (air batu campur), which is shaved ice with thick syrup, milk and various condiments. (Right) Cendol, those green worm like things made of sweet flour and kidney beans on top of shaved ice and drizzled over with gula melaka and evaporated milk.


Pocket burritos! Stuffed with juicy meat, chives and onions. Reminds me of England.

IMG_6310-tile IMG_6313-tile IMG_6324-tile

I am rather noob at card games or gin rummy, but one thing I do like to play is mahjong. That satisfying clink of tiles. 🙂 It’s a great game to pass the time when you have no internet connection, plus…it helps you get better at Math lol.

IMG_6329-tile IMG_6331-tile

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