Sun and Seafood @ Tanjung Sepat, Malaysia

My fam loves travelling – which is a good thing. Although we can’t always afford to go to exotic, faraway destinations, bwe make do with random road trips to interesting places nearby.

Tanjung Sepat is a fishing town, so it’s famous for it’s seafood. It’s pretty laidback, with a mainly Chinese population. The village houses each have their own design and characteristics, since they were built from scratch by the residents (aka what we Chinese call jo uk – the ancestral house). How often do you see gates and doors open wide without fear of crime? It’s  definitely not something you find in big cities.

20130616_121139 (1)-tile

One of the attractions here is the Lover’s Bridge (Ching Yun Kiew). It stretches for about 200ms, half of which is concrete and the other half rickety wooden boards. There are lots of fishing boats with people living on them: you can see the pots and pans used for cooking strewn across the deck.

The bridge is also a famous place for young people to exchange vows of love, hence the name. The view should be really beautiful in sunset, but we were there for lunch so it was pretty hot.


We were really lucky coz guess what? A week after our visit the rickety wooden part actually collapsed. A couple of assemblymen and gov people came to do site inspection and it just collapsed while they were all on it (too heavy maybe? Fortunately no one was badly hurt. :>)


20130616_121900 (1)-tile


Fishing boats. With people living in them. They got TVs and stuff.





Walked around for a bit after lunch. There were many stalls peddling all sorts of local specialties, like the dried fish and Tanjung Sepat buns (apparently they’re really famous for their vegetable pao!). I also saw some cute ice cream sticks made in little holes in a steel container. They had flavours like dragon fruit and passion fruit, but I went for chocolate. It melted really quickly and tasted like frozen Milo.




And of course, one can’t go to TS and not have their famous buns. We got a couple to takeaway and they were really good! Soft buns with generous fillings.

Overall, a nice weekend excursion. it’s not fun to go to shopping malls all the time. So if you have time, why not visit Tanjung Sepat for some seafood and sun?

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