Snapshots: The City of Millionaires

Once a mining settlement, Ipoh was a bustling town in it’s heyday. Today, as the younger generation move on to better places, The City of Millionaires has become quieter with each passing year, a place caught in a warp of time long past.

Steamers put out by the side of the road house dainty dimsum and condiments, wafting delicious scents of meat into the warm morning air.

One cannot claim to be Ipoh-born and not know the famous shredded chicken noodles, with it’s clear glass noodles swimming in a savoury sweet broth simmered for hours, topped with smooth chicken fillets and springy prawns.

Deep fried goodies are another thing this quaint town is famous for: delectable, crunchy, stuffed to bursting with fish paste and fried to golden perfection, these yong liu are the perfect snack for both young and old.

Char Kuey Teow : clear glass noodles stir fried together with fat, crunchy bean sprouts, chillies, shrimps and cockles, this is a dish of aromatic goodness served over a plate of banana leaf.

Fresh out of the oven egg tarts : soft eggy goodness enclosed in flaky puff pastry.

Where cats walk up to you as if they owned the place and wait patiently for you to drop them the next piece of chicken from your noodles. 

With it’s old, pre-war shoplots and houses, Ipoh town seems to have hardly changed from days past, except for the occasional modern building. The streets exude an old-world charm, as if one has stepped into a time portal back to the time when life was simpler, and people friendlier.

Guardians of the temple, the heavenly dogs.

The Buddha says that the body is a spirit that shall return to it’s source once the time comes. Place not too much importance and attachment to worldly pleasures.
We often equate wealth with happiness. Sometimes it takes a trip to a simple place, where people live simple lives, to remind us of what truly makes us happy.

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