2021 in Pictures

In the long-standing tradition of this blog, I’m back again with another year in review!

Like most of 2020, 2021 felt like being in a perpetual limbo – a year peppered with uncertainty, and where life seemed to move neither forwards nor backwards. I missed my husband the most: due to pandemic restrictions and endless lockdowns, we were unable to make any concrete plans for him to travel to Malaysia for much of the year. But more on this later.


The year was off to a sluggish start, and I did not get much done other than routine work. This was when Malaysia had its second MCO (Movement Control Order), which meant that we were not allowed to be out and about for leisure, or visit family and friends in other states.


As everyone was stuck at home, I took some time to try candle-making for the first time. It didn’t turn out bad, considering how sucky I am with artsy fartsy stuff. In a fit of boredom, I also finally succumbed to a Netflix subscription.


One of the perks of being able to work from home is flexibility. Much of February was spent ferrying my mom to the doctor for her eye surgery, as well as follow-ups. February was also Chinese New Year month, and although we weren’t able to visit relatives, we had a quiet celebration at home with lots of food.



Movement restrictions were eased slightly, so I took the opportunity to try out new cafes, eat out at restaurants and just grab whatever chance I could to get out of the house, while still adhering to health and safety rules.


It’s amazing how changing your perspective a little can work wonders. I found joy in simple things like going out for a meal, or just going to a mall for groceries: I’d think of it as a ‘trip’, just like how I would for a holiday. And I’d pay attention to things that I would have completely ignored before. Take, for example, the time I drove my mom to the eye clinic. While waiting for her surgery, I walked around the CBD, and just spent a couple of hours soaking in the sights, taking videos and photos, like a tourist would. It was a refreshing feeling.


I continued my trend of exploring local spots. One particularly memorable spot was Kedai KL, an artisanal market concept housing small businesses, from kimono stores to cafes and tattoo parlours.


April was also when I picked up embroidery, surprising even myself. Being an INTP, I’ve never been good with my hands, prefering learning through books and pursuits of the mind. But I found embroidery to be therapeutic, especially when it involves making a pattern or filling up a space on the fabric with repeated motions. It’s a hobby that has stuck with me until the end of the year, and I’m looking forward to working on more projects, and upskilling myself.


I went to check out the newly opened Don Don Donki store, which is the first of its kind in Malaysia, at Lot 10, Kuala Lumpur. It was my first time in over a year being in KL again, so it was nice to be out and about.


After some deliberation, I gave my old phone to my mom (because the camera wasn’t good anymore, and since I like taking photos this was a sore point), and bought a new one: the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. It was my most expensive phone to date, but half a year on I’m pretty happy with how well it works.


Didn’t do much in June, except subscribe to a book bundle. I think at this point I was deliberating whether or not to quit my job. Work had become extremely tedious, and I felt disinterested and uninspired. It didn’t help that some of my other colleagues were also leaving the company for better prospects.

It was around this time that I felt at an all-time low. I did not feel as if I could move forward or grow anymore, but I was also worried about leaving the job and not having a stable income to support my family, especially since my parents were retired.



Feeling dispirited at work, I spent most of my free time escaping into games as a coping mechanism. Also got my first AstraZeneca shot.



Got my second dose of AstraZeneca. Around this time, I started having problems with breathing, as well as atopic dermatitis (which hasn’t resolved by the way, even as I write this in December). I wasn’t sure if it was due to my body responding to the vaccine, or whether it was stress induced from my work situation and basically being cooped up all the time. At one point, my dyspnea was so bad I thought I was suffering from COVID, as I couldn’t breathe properly and was gasping for air. The doctor, however, said it was just GERD. To this day, I’m still unsure if it is GERD, because although the medicine did not cure me ( I still have breathing difficulties), it is much better now and does not disrupt my daily life as much.


Had a quiet birthday month. Friends weren’t able to celebrate it with me, as my parents were still afraid of COVID, so I tried not to hangout with people too much. My birthday meal was Putien, which I finally got to try after all this time.


At work, the situation was on a downward trend. Another colleague resigned, leaving me and another colleague to shoulder what was essentially the workload of a five-man team. As the situation did not seem like it would be improving, it was around this time that I started thinking of making an exit, even without a concrete job offer. I felt like I had enough savings to last me awhile, as I was really in a bad place emotionally and mentally, and needed the break.


Things suddenly started picking up in the last quarter of the year. I went for a series of interviews, and successfully landed a new job. Armed with this, I tendered my resignation. It feels sad to leave a company that I’ve spent five years in, building and honing it to what it is today, but all good times come to an end, and I feel like it wouldn’t have been beneficial to both me or the company if I continued stagnating where I was. I still had to finish up all my tasks before leaving, so I busied myself with making sure that everything was in order before I left.


Managed to squeeze in some time for local sightseeing at Jenjarom.

Towards the end of the month, the husband and I finally decided to start making plans for him to travel here and apply for the Long Term Spouse Visa, which was long overdue. We had initially wanted to do this after our wedding ceremony in 2020. Unfortunately, the pandemic hit, and he got stuck in the Philippines. And then it was just one travel restriction after another. We felt like if we waited any longer, who knows what other thing the universe might throw at us – so we took the plunge.

Of course, travelling these days is no longer just about hopping onto a plane and flying to your destination. It took us months of planning and multiple rejections, running to the immigration and so on and so forth. In the end, it took us three months to have everything in place.


November passed by in a blur of work, eating out, exploring new local destinations like the World of Phalaenopsis in Ulu Yam, more work, and getting things into order for the husband’s travels in December.



And in the blink of an eye, here we are in December. The highlight of this month, and of the year, really, is that after nearly two years of separation, my husband has finally made it back to Malaysia. He will be here to apply for the LTSVP, which was delayed for so long.

It’s hard to describe in words how I feel – the sense of how much time we’ve lost in between, and the excitement that we’re finally going to make up for it, and build a life together. Of course, it’s not going to be easy, but the important thing is that we’re going to be around for each other; no longer through a screen, thousands of miles away.


The earlier part of the month saw me visiting new places – a Thai wat, the new Don Don Donki store in PJ – and burying myself in work, so that time would pass by quicker until the day he arrived. I’ve never been a religious person, but I found myself praying to the universe that things would go smoothly, as it would be terrible for us to have our hopes up only to be dashed by another challenge being thrown our way.

But I’m happy to announce that the hubs arrived safely last week, and will be out from quarantine tomorrow. I will finally be able to see him after close to two years. I spent the last week almost in auto pilot, finishing up all my work for the current job before doing the handover, and also volunteering to help pack vegetarian food for victims of the recent flood.

The day has finally come.

So yeah. Year started off shitty, and there were more downs than ups, but all of it worked out in the end.

2022 is the year.

What about you? How was your 2021?

2019 In Pictures

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I can’t believe it’s time to do a recap of the year again (feels like I just did 2018’s!).

It feels rather wistful to be saying goodbye to 2019, not only because it’s the end of the year, but also of the decade. The 20s have been extraordinary. I wonder what’s in store for my 30s?



2019 wasn’t off to a good start. My company took on another client but without hiring additional staff, everyone’s tasks and responsibilities doubled. The physical and emotional repercussions of pulling late nights and always feeling like there’s never enough time to finish everything took its toll, and for the first time in my career, I broke down at work. It was embarrassing.  My inability to pull off tasks given perfectly made me feel incompetent and worthless. In hindsight, I should have known where to drawn the line, but not wanting to disappoint a good boss and her faith in me, stressed myself out to breaking point. It’s something that I need to learn to handle more adequately.

I went to a cat cafe to destress. Watching and being near cats calms me. They’re my favourite creatures, although circumstances at home means I can’t keep any yet. Perhaps in 2020?



Not everything was doom and gloom, however. While my job can be stressful at times, I’m also thankful for the opportunities it has afforded me. After a rough January, February saw me flying to Melbourne to watch the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play, which was phenomenal. I grew up reading the Harry Potter books, and it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see a new story brought to life on stage.


I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Melbourne. The most memorable moments include visiting the Lyon Housemuseum, a private house-museum that blends an art gallery with a living space, exploring the laneways of Melbourne on foot, riding a helicopter (for the first time!) to see the 12 Apostles, and spotting real-life koalas and an emu upclose.




Got to experience Malaysia’s first private onsen bath!


Did a story on unusual libraries in the Klang Valley, such as the Little Giraffe Book Club, housed in a refurbished old kampung house, the curated Rumah Attap at Zhongshan, and the Japan Foundation Library, dedicated to all things Japanese and more.



N came to visit from Manila, and we went on many little adventures, like watching a drum performance and visiting Cameron Highlands.

CLS_1251_Rhythm Ride




Went for a short work trip to Singapore, and managed to squeeze in some time for sightseeing with a high school close friend of mine.


Brought N for a work-cum-holiday trip to sunny, beautiful Phuket. It was my second visit and the crystal clear oceans and sandy beaches were just as breathtaking as the first time. But what made it even more memorable was time spent with a loved one. ❤



A work trip brought me to Siniawan in Sarawak, also called the ‘Cowboy Town of Borneo’. The place has an extraordinary back story, the people are warm and hospitable, and the pace of life is just so different from the hectic hustle and bustle of the city. KL-ites are often so absorbed with life in the city that we fail to realise that there is so much more to Malaysia than our little bubble.



Went to watch The Phantom of the Opera with the editor. It was my first time watching a musical, and the performances blew me away.



Got to see digital reproductions of Da Vinci’s works at the National Visual Arts Gallery. Considering that such exhibitions don’t come to Malaysia very often, I think it was a great effort by the local government and arts and culture organisations to bring this to the country.


Had a lot of fun doing a story on unique cafes, such as this one which has a 2D concept.



Had an interview with Hong Kong celebrity chef Alvin Leung for the opening of Fuhu at Genting.  I was nervous af because he seemed like one of those chefs with a fiery temper. It turned out okay, but the interview never made it to light because it got axed at the last minute, which was a shame.



N came to visit again. We were planning to get our marriage registered in Malaysia, then change his tourist visa into a spouse visa, which would allow him to stay for another six months. Unfortunately, we were thrown into a loop when the marriage registration date got pushed to November instead – so he had to exit the country in October and come back in November again. A lot of time was wasted in the process, but we did get to spend more time together and explore new places.


Another work trip – this time to Japan, to cover the Toyosu Fish Market. It wasn’t exactly a ‘glamorous’ assignment, but it turned out to be one of the most enjoyable assignments of the year, apart from Melbourne. It was fascinating to be offered an insight into what goes on behind the scenes at the world’s largest seafood market, and in our spare time I got to explore parts of Tokyo as well.




Brought N to Sekinchan so he could see the green paddy fields.


Had a Masterclass with Chef Nobu of Nobu fame.


Won a social media contest for Tapas Club, where we got to sample some of their excellent wines and small eats. I am now an addict of their garlic shrimp.


Finally went to Bangkok! Almost everyone I know has gone to Bangkok, and they gasp every time I tell them I haven’t, since it seems like I’ve been to many places but not this one so close to home. N and I took it easy rather than rushing to different places, which I think made it more enjoyable. The museum alone was worth the trip (the history nerds that we were, we spent six hours in the place). N departed for Manila from Bangkok, while I made a lonely trip back to Kuala Lumpur.



N came back for our civil marriage registration. We went to the immigration department to inquire about applying for a spouse visa, but was disappointed yet again when told there was a cooling period of six months, and that he wouldn’t be able to apply until May 2020. Which meant he wouldn’t be able to extend his visa, and would have to fly back to Manila (again).

It gets harder to separate each time, but this is a path we both committed to taking, and no damn bureaucracy is going to dampen our spirits. We maximised our time together by taking some pre-wedding photos in Ipoh, which we did on our own to save on a photographer.


Brought him for a work trip to Seremban, where he rode an ostrich for the first time.




Went with N to Melaka. It was nice to bring him to places and play tourist in my own country. We slept in a capsule hotel for the first time; an experience I’m not likely to repeat anytime soon.



Our annual office Christmas party was tinged with a hint of sadness this year, as it was the last one we were having as a complete team. The media industry isn’t doing so well right now, and my company did not escape unscathed. At the beginning of the year, we were up to our necks with work; at the end of it, having lost a major client, half of the team would be let go. I was one of the lucky ones to be retained, but without the support and guidance of my editor, whom I also consider a mentor, I think it will be a very challenging year in 2020. I suppose I should be thankful for still having a job, but I believe the media industry is in a serious rut right now. For the next year, my goal will be to try and upscale my skills and diversify my portfolio. It’s a do or die world, and I’m not getting any younger.

Well there you have it! 2019 all wrapped. It’s the night of New Year’s Eve as I write this, snugly wrapped in my blankets with a fresh face mask and scented candles in the room. Gone are the days of going out for fireworks and partying the night away, but that doesn’t mean I’m not celebrating it in my own little way.

Happy New Year! 


2018 In Pictures

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance! Just a couple of days left til we welcome 2019, and I’ll be a year shy from the big 30 (gasp)!

I still don’t feel like an adult sometimes, or that I’ve achieved anything meaningful with life, but heck, every new day just being alive with a warm bed and a roof over my head is a blessing.The important thing is I try my best, right?

Continuing in the tradition of doing a ‘year in pictures’ thing (see: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017), here’s what I’ve been up to in 2018!



There aren’t many moments in my life that I’d call ‘life changing’ – but my trip to Bario, in the interiors of Sarawak, was one of them.

I was part of a media group tasked to cover a story on shelters built along the ancestral trail of the Kelabit people who make Bario their home. What was supposed to be a four to five hour hike (for the locals) turned into a deep jungle excursion that lasted 11 hours, because expectations of the hike were not communicated well before we went in.

Prior to this, I had zero hiking experience – and this was an extremely challenging hike, even for pro hikers. About seven or eight hours in, I broke down completely – exhausted, lethargic, burning up from the exertion and covered in leeches. The most frustrating part was that my legs weren’t listening to my commands, no matter how much I told them to hold steady. The sky had turned dark and there was no way to communicate to the longhouse (they actually send a search party after us lol)


^This is how steep it was and we had to go through dozens of hills like these

The relief I felt when we finally made it out was overwhelming. I’ll never forget how beautiful the stars were up in the highlands – the sky was so clear, it was like you could reach out and grab them. But the trip also taught me a few things about myself. Even though I was in pain (both my toenails fell out), I finished it because I knew if I didn’t, someone else would have to haul my ass out, and I did not want that. I only thought of putting one foot in front of the other. A fellow media member summed it up the best – “you cried, but you never stopped.” Which gave me a tiny sense of pride – never mind the embarrassment.


The trip to Bario also taught me a lot about this place I called home, and how little I know of it beyond the boundaries of my comfort zone. I was charmed by the hospitality and warmth of the Kelabit people and how they welcomed us into their homes so openly. The aunties who made food for us and treated us like their own nephews and nieces, the uncles who would exchange stories with us over the kitchen fire, the hard work the people put into their agricultural livelihood. Mostly, I admired how in tune with nature they are, and how even the smallest things can give great joy. Rising early, toiling in the fields, returning to a home cooked dinner, playing music while watching the stars. No traffic jams, fresh mountain air and wholesome food, no worries, no stress. It puts things in perspective for us city dwellers – is the life of materialism that we chase – the ‘better’ life – truly better?



Chinese New Year means the annual reunion with relatives in Ipoh. Stayed at the cousin’s place for the first time – it had lovely views of the limestone hills ringing the city. Also played tourist to pass the time, visiting various popular eateries around town, as well as temples and the Taiping Zoo.

Won’t be able to enjoy the laidback vibe for long – apparently new flight routes have opened direct from Singapore to Ipoh. Small town won’t be so small town anymore. Already hawkers are raising their prices because of the influx of tourists.


Not much travelling in March, but it was a busy time at work. I produced my first magazine as deputy editor.



A much needed short break to Penang! I love beaches, so it was a welcome escape.


The 14th general elections rolled around, and citizens turned up in droves to cast their votes, yours truly included. If you’re Malaysian, you’ll know how that turned out. For my non-Malaysian readers – we basically showed that democracy was not dead in this country. After years of nepotism, abuse of power and embezzlement, the corrupt regime that had held its power for over 60 years was finally dethroned. In May, we welcomed a new Malaysia, and it was done peacefully and without bloodshed. The former prime minister and his wife are currently under investigation, and the aftermath saw hundreds of luxury bags, jewelry and goods seized.


Also had a short work trip to Perlis – the smallest state in Malaysia, far to the north bordering Thailand. I got to interview the Perlis royals for a story (at their official residence, no less) ! Fked up my salutations. They were nice people and apparently they liked how I wrote the piece – not everyday that you get a crown prince to like your stuff. #achievement unlocked 

Again, I was thankful I got to explore and see a different part of Malaysia. Perlis is a chill place with lots of paddy fields. In town, most shops are closed after 8pm. They have a beautiful coast – must be nice to get off work and just chill by the seaside.


Took a long leave over the Raya holidays to visit N in Manila. This was my fourth time back, and the love-hate continues. I hate the traffic, how bad and uncomfortable commuting is, and how polluted parts of the city can be. On the other hand, there are always interesting things to see and do, and I love the museums / churches / historical places.



I also experienced a Manila flash flood for the first time – after a bout of heavy rain, we had to slosh our way calf-high through dirty flood waters to reach a mall to get a ride home. Left the museum at 6PM and arrived back at the hotel at midnight lmao. Needless to say, N being a hypochondriac, he was pretty traumatised lol. But I guess having gone through the whole experience, I’m practically a local now? 



One of the places on my bucket list is Borobudur in Yogyakarta – and I finally ticked it off the list – watching the sunrise, no less. It. Was. Phenomenal. The sight of the golden rays washing over the thousand year old monument nearly moved me to tears, and I’ve only felt like that once before – when I was a student in the Uk and I entered the 1000-year-old York Minster for the first time.

Marriott Yogyakarta-Destinations_010

I thoroughly enjoyed my short visit to Yogya – it’s so full of history and culture. Would definitely go back in the near future, this time to explore the ancient Hindu temples of Prambanan, which unfortunately I could not slot into this visit.



Stayed at a fancy hotel in Genting for a media review. Brought the Moo along. One of the few times I’m glad they let media bring a +1 because A) I’m scared of ghosts. B) It’s nice to bring her for a treat


Went to an indigenous arts festival


Birthday month! Best gift? N came to visit for three weeks. ❤ Did the usual touristy stuff and brought him sightseeing, but the long visit was also so he could get accustomed to how things are  before moving here for good. Went to an arts festival in a 100-year-old depot, brought him to a night market, explored museums and science centres, went to a flower and garden fest, explored an arts building, ate a lot of food.





Joined a soap making class for cold process soaps.


Roadtrip to Sg Pelek.

The last few months of the year were extremely challenging at work. Still is, actually. I wasn’t able to cope with the stress, and had to battle my anxiety and depression. Just to get out of bed and get to work everyday. Literally wrestle and smack that shit down. Hasn’t been easy. And I know what a lot of you would say: you get to travel and do all these amazing things! I know, but it still isn’t easy, so fuck your judgmental bullshit.


Life dissolves into a manic cycle of overwork and pressure. Company gets new business, but no new hires or increase in salary. I do deputy editor duties for one, editor duties for another (deputy editor in name but I literally do what the editor does), as well as being the social media manager and online writer/editor. Then I go home and do part time work because I need the money as a buffer for when the bf comes here (Malaysian immi laws don’t allow for foreign spouses to work for a year, which is complete and utter bs). Literally working 12 hours a day + a couple of hours on weekends. Body and mind in constant, heightened state of stress and pressure.


A short reprieve to Rompin for a media trip. I couldn’t fully appreciate it though because I was constantly thinking / worrying about work. Being an extreme perfectionist, I can never do a half assed job – but it also means I have a real problem delegating things.


I broke down at work. I’ve had episodes, but this was probably the worst as I couldn’t hold it in or make it to the toilet in time. The editor and I had a talk about the work load and she said she’d help me with things – but I know she has a pretty extreme workload too, and if there’s one thing I hate, it’s burdening other people. I’m not sure how long this arrangement can last, and I’m also feeling pressured because of the whole bf-migrating-here thing. I know I shouldn’t feel like I have to shoulder the burden alone – but that’s just how I am. I hate relying on people for things.

I guess I’m ending the year feeling pretty lost. I know I’m not yet 30, but I’ve already been in the work force for a good 6 years, and I’m still so unsure of the path to take. Career wise, on paper, I feel like I’m making good progress – a deputy editor at 28 for a reputable magazine. But inside I’m not sure what path to take. I don’t know if managing is something I enjoy doing – I much prefer writing. Then again, can I still write and not ‘move’ up the ladder til I’m 40? 50?

I don’t know if 2019 will have the answers, but I certainly learned a lot of lessons in 2018.

Here’s to a better year ahead.




2016 in Pictures

Happy New Year guys! Another chapter has come and gone, and it’s time to begin a new one. 🙂 Since I’ve done a Year in Pictures for 2014 and 2015, I thought of continuing the tradition this time around too. 🙂 Another interesting year, with lots of ups and downs, food and travelling:



Started the year full of zest! Work was going well at the startup I joined, my colleagues were fun, and I was thoroughly enjoying my job. Highlights this month: My big boss treated us to some good food at Makan Kitchen, DoubleTree by Hilton KL.



Went to Manila, Philippines for the first time. I still can’t make up my mind if I love or hate this city. It’s colourful to say the least. I like the history and the culture, not so much the poverty and poor infrastructure. Visited places like Rizal Park, Intramuros, Ocean Park, Quezon City and more.



Also went to Tagaytay and met up with two friends, Bonny and Geldy.  While in Manila, met up with Kris.



Attended the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Putrajaya. 


Went with H to the Lost World of Tambun Hot Spring and Spa/Theme Park for a review.



Sneak peek of the Dragon Run – an inflatable obstacle course race in Genting Highlands. Got to try it before everyone else! 🙂


Lucky me won an iPod from a draw at an event.



Had fancy and authentic French food for the first time at 2OX Bistro in KL.


Went to a dog cafe for the first time.


Visited the National Visual Arts Gallery.


Brought my editor to Thean Hou Gong Temple in KL.


Tried to surprise Yasmin for her birthday. Note: tried. She saw the whatsapp group created on her boyfriend’s phone so it got spoilt lol. Still had loads of fun 😀


Brought the bro to JumpStreet Trampoline Park.

Things weren’t going well at work at this time because of a certain individual in the company, who was an unethical twat – using office hours to do outside work, lying, cheating, making up stories, playing politics, etc. I had a fight with her and decided I had enough….so I quit my job.


Started seeing a lot of floaters. Doc said I had a small hole in the retina, so I did laser eye surgery.


Tried out this friggin awesome cafe called Owls Cafe in Bukit Jalil. They serve amazing waffles and breakfasts.


Went to ComicFest with the bro. Finally met my favourite local cartoonist, Abam Apam. 😀



Fam trip to Bandung, Indonesia. Visited two volcanoes, hot springs, a giant lake in the mountains and loads of natural attractions.

20160611_094730-tile 20160611_115529-tile 20160611_220349-tile

Also met up with Liv while in Bandung! 🙂


Mum had her cataract surgery. Since I was at home doing freelancing while looking for a new job, I had to do chores, ferry her to the hospital and take care of her. I got a little depressed from not having a job, and also because of my mum’s condition.


Took a break to Pulau Ketam, a fishing island off the coast of Selangor.


Parents went meditating at Genting’s Swee Chin Temples so I tagged along.


Strawberry farm. 20160730_110328-tile

Also visited the French Village at Bukit Tinggi.


Finally landed a job, which was a great mood booster! It was also my birthday month. 🙂



Went with Evelyn to check out the LED Flower exhibition at MAEPS.


Visited the Islamic Arts Museum.


Birthday celebration with college mates, and to see Nicole off for her 1-year working holiday in New Zealand.



Went for Nights of Fright at Sunway Lagoon with C.


Introduced to an amazing Italian restaurant called Enorme.


Attended the Malaysian International Gourmet Festival in Genting.


Tried Dining in the Sky at the Sepang F1 Circuit.


Went for Escape the Fate Live in Malaysia with Danial.


Traveled back to Ipoh. Visited the Agarwood Plantation, Concubine Lane, Gopeng and Museums.

20161002_105410-tile 20161002_102336-tile



Flew to Penang for the opening of Penang Design Village, for work.


Stayed at a classy 5-star suite with my own private dipping pool and like 10 pillows to each bed lol.


Went to catch a local musical with Evelyn.


Traveled to Singapore for a media trip. Visited art galleries, museums, and historical/cultural places of interest. Met up with my high school bestie Grace and went out drinking til morning at Clarke Quay.

20161019_145258-tile 20160911_203103-tile

Cousin’s wedding in Ipoh.



Back in Manila again! Went to more places – Marikina, San Sebastian Church, Bonifacio Global City.




Then on to Sabah in East Malaysia. Fresh seafood, sea views, and visited a CSR project in the interior. Rode in a Range Rover deep into the jungle and hiked to the village dam. Interesting experience!

20161208_195448-tile 20161216_204959-tile

Succumbed to temptation and bought more books at the Big Bad Wolf Sale.


And finally, made this site into a .com!

Hope you guys had a great year and here’s to a better 2017! 🙂





2015 in Pictures

Since everyone is posting their ‘Year in Review’ on FB, I thought of doing one too. 🙂

2015 has been interesting, to say the least. It has been a year of travelling, life-changing decisions, changes, and self-understanding. I’m glad I made it through safe and sound, and (hopefully!) a better, more mature person.

Here are some highlights:



Went glamping with colleagues at the Putrajaya Wetlands.




Celebrated Chinese New Year in Ipoh, Perak. Visited the Temple Caves – Kek Lok Tong and Kuan Yin Tong.




Visited the Telekom Museum in KL.


Maternal grandma passed away aged 90 after a year-long battle with liver cancer. Went back to Ipoh for funeral rites.



Big trip that took a whole year of planning. Hello, land of the free. Hello, America.


Sunny Los Angeles with it’s palm trees, art museums, beaches and Hollywood.



Tried balot for the first time at LA’s Filipinotown. It didn’t taste bad at all.



Then traveled further North to foggy, hipster San Francisco. 



Rode in an SF tram for the first time.


Finally met Jeppeh the Fluff Boll Master Cat. 


Recovered from Post-Holiday-Depression-Syndrome. Scary experience when I got sexually harassed by a prick who tailed my car. Also ate a lot of food.



Went to Bukit Malawati to chill with monkeys, eat seafood and watch fireflies.



Met up with ex-collegemates at a wedding.


Quit a stable, well-paying job as a journalist at the largest news organisation in the country. Moved to a small start-up. Felt that time with family + sanity > working long nights, crazy weekends and no time for friends/fam. Parents still went berserk because traditional Chinese. Anyway, no regrets.



Birthday month! Turned 25 🙂 Simple celebration with close friends and fam.


Met Luilui Evelyn who came all the way from Johor to visit.


Got tatted as a birthday present. Parents went berserk again. Oh well.



Solo weekend excursions to the National Planetarium and Royal Malaysian Police Museum in KL. Haze was extremely bad in the Peninsula.

20151003_144133-tile 20151020_175431-tile

Some asshole broke my car window. Nothing to steal, but left with few hundred in repairs. Bastard -_-



Went island hopping in Krabi. Beaches and waters so beautiful heart felt like breaking.



Walked down the red light district in Phuket. Rode pillion on a bike, just like the locals.


Touched a cobra and lived to tell the tale.



20151213_091313-tile 20151213_123628-tile Visited the paddy fields of Sekinchan.

There are only a few more days left to 2015. How was your year ? 🙂


2014 in Pictures

Hi guys! How was your New Year’s? Mine was a quiet affair at home. I was working during the day and got back late, so I really didn’t have any energy to go partying afterwards.

Since I did a ‘review’ of sorts for 2013, I thought I’d do one for 2014 as well. Personally, it has been a very eventful year and I got to go to a lot of places – of which I am very grateful for. Here’s to another awesome year ahead!



  • Went white-water rafting for the first time.
  • Ferried to the jungle campsite in lorries in the middle of the night like cattle.
  • Scary, exhilirating and exciting all at once.
  • Fell into the river two minutes into the ride.
  • Dangerous, but fun – like a two hour long ride where you can’t get off and might lose your legs and a life in the process. yeah.


  • Went to Bali with the fam.
  • Dug toes into the beautiful beaches of Uluwatu with its turqoise blue waters.
  • Visited the sacred temples of Tirta Empul and touched the holy spring waters for good luck.
  • Drove up to the high, cold peaks of Kintamani and had lunch while looking at the badass crater-lake.
  • Enjoyed exploring the rich culture and history this Hindu island had to offer.





  • Agonisingly long trip back to parents hometown in Ipoh to visit relatives for Chinese New Year
  • Played tourist and went to Taman Rekreasi Gunung Lang
  • Visited the Ipoh railway station for pix and stuff.



  • Met up with my Saudi Arabian friend Sinan for the first time.
  • Took him sightseeing around Putrajaya. 


  • Country experiences tragedy with MH370’s disappearance.
  • Helped with coverage, interviewed international journalists on their experience here.


  • Went to my first F1 race with Simon. Got sunburnt in the process.


  • Tried North Indian cuisine for the first time.
  • It was pretty awesome.



  • Saw a real-life Tibetan Mastiff for the first time.
  • Fluffeh as hellz


  • Traveled to Cameron Highlands for another family trip.
  • Enjoyed the cool air, tea leaf plantations, beautiful butterflies and pretty flowers up in the hills.



  • Went for my first Red Bull Air Race. 



  • Visited the zoo again after more than 10 years. 


  • Took lots of hipster shots at the annual Floria Putrajaya – the city’s flower and garden festival.


  • Went on my first press junket to Vietnam – to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. 
  • First class treatment with business class flights and five star hotels.
  • Marveled at the beautiful, tranquil river waters of Tam Coc, which is like Halong Bay but less commercial-y.
  • Got to know more of the country’s history at places like Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum and the Reunification Palace.
  • Nearly died crossing the roads at Hanoi’s Old Quarters coz their traffic is cray



  • Made coffee at DIB – the first cafe in Malaysia which is run by the deaf and mute community.
  • Mourned another tragedy – MH17 was shot down while flying over Ukraine and Russia.



  • Best month of my life.
  • Boyfriend flew all the way from San Francisco to visit me in Malaysia for two weeks.
  • Words are inadequate to describe how happy I am to have this amazing person in my life, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of it with him
  • Spent most of our time together walking the streets of Penang and KL.
  • Took him to Penang Hill, the beaches of Batu Feringghi, the Clan Jetties and exploring the culture-rich streets of Georgetown.
  • Parents let him stay over in our house. APPROVAL STAMPED.



  • Got to interview graffiti artists that I respect and admire on their street art project in KL.


  • Fed goats on a farm in Johor.
  • Won an Ipad Mini at a lucky draw. Achievement unlocked, because I’ve never won anything in lucky draws.



  • Grandma’s 88th birthday.


  • Met up with my Indonesian friend Liv and played tour guide around KL.



  • Joined and completed a marathon for the first time.
  • In Penang again.
  • It was 7km, but still counts, right?


  • Invited to another press junket at I-City.
  • Went with mum for a free night’s stay at their newly opened hotel.
  • Visited the wax museum, trick art museum and various other attractions.



  • Aunt and Uncle’s 35th wedding anniversary.
  • Got my US VISA. Planning to travel to LA to visit the boyfriend (and Jeppeh) in April 2015.


  • Christmas meet-up with the UK gang.

Can’t say it hasn’t been an awesome year. I’m thankful for everything.

Anyway, I’m turning a quarter of a century this year. That’s more than 30% of my life lived. @-@ Have I done anything worthy of being remembered? I don’t know. Maybe I should do more this year.

How was your 2014?