Kampung Kuala Garing Selatan,Rawang

Living in a metropolitan city, speaking English in the corporate world and in everyday life , it’s easy to forget one’s roots. My roots as a Malaysian-Chinese were never deep; my parents went to English missionary schools and didn’t observe many traditional customs/practices. Heck, I don’t even speak my mother tongue well! So when I visited a Chinese New Village in the heart of Rawang, … Continue reading Kampung Kuala Garing Selatan,Rawang

The Sekinchan Wishing Tree & Redang Beach

It’s been such a long time since our last family trip, so even though I had to wake up really early on a Sunday morning, it was worth it 🙂 Anyway, the fam and I went on a daytrip to Sekinchan, a small agricultural and fishing village on the far reaches of Selangor. It has become very popular among local tourists in recent years for … Continue reading The Sekinchan Wishing Tree & Redang Beach