Food Review: NeNe Chicken @ Sky Avenue, Genting Highlands – Largest Fried Chicken Franchise in Korea Now In Malaysia!

I’m a sucker for fried chicken, so when I went up to Genting Highlands recently, I couldn’t resist trying out the latest Korean fried chicken franchise in town. NeNe is very popular in its native South Korea, with over 1,200 outlets, as well as a presence in Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia. The one at Sky Avenue is their first in Malaysia, with more to come soon. The term ‘NeNe’ translates to ‘Yes Yes’ in Korean.

Here’s a short video that I put together! Please ignore the overlapping watermarks – I used two different video editing apps coz one didn’t have the music I wanted. 😛


The resto is located on a small outdoor strip connecting two malls. I like the colour scheme of mint green and yellow. Gives it a bright and cheerful feel.


50 Shades of Fried Chickin’


It was a Friday afternoon and the resto was quite empty.

I’d like to comment on the service – BAD. The cashier was chatting with someone at the kitchen as I stood at the counter pondering which item to get; was extremely curt when I asked what she would recommend, and just appeared disinterested and unhelpful. Is this a job after SPM that you’re working at to pass the time?

The good thing is, the order was served quickly. Collected it and moved upstairs where there were more seats. There were limited seats on the ground floor.


Similar colour scheme and theme – unpolished concrete floors and walls, more chicken-y decor.


If there aren’t too many customers, I suggest sitting on the outdoor patio (smoking area minus the smokers) where you can have a nice view of the buildings around Genting, and enjoy the cool air.


Time to dig in.


There are six flavours to choose from, namely Swicy, Original, Freaking Hot, Bulgogi, Snowing Cheese, and Snowing Vegetable. If you want to mix two different flavours, the outlet at Genting charges you RM3 extra.

I chose Swicy. The chicken was tossed well in a sweet and spicy sauce, sprinkled over with fragrant sesame. The meat itself was tender and juicy on the inside with crunchy outer skin, and was not overwhelmingly greasy. I think I should have opted for a different flavour though coz the sauce was a bit too sweet for my liking. Still tasty, just not the best KFC (by that I mean Korean fried chicken!) that I’ve had. I still prefer the one at Wagle Wagle.


T2C-09 of Level 4,SkyAvenue, Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia

  • Food: 4/5 – tasty!
  • Ambience: 5/5 – Nice and cosy. Might be a different story if packed. Should have more seats on the ground floor.
  • Service: 2/5 – Resto should look at improving their staff training to be more courteous and helpful.
  • Value for Money: 3/5 – *Can’t remember the exact price, but should not cost more than RM20 for six pc drumettes/wings. Price does not include drinks.



Weekend Wanders: Revisiting SkyAvenue @ Genting Highlands

Even though Genting Highlands is a short one hour drive from Kuala Lumpur, part of the reason why I don’t go up often is because the roads are windy and I get terrible headaches, especially with my dad driving LOL. But it sure doesn’t stop the millions of visitors who throng the mountain top entertainment hub each year to enjoy the cooling weather.

While the name Genting used to be associated with casinos and gambling, they’ve done a pretty good job at branding themselves in recent years as a more family-centric destination, with shopping, exclusive F&B brands and the upcoming FOX theme park (scheduled to open in 2018).


It’s already been a year since I last visited Sky Avenue, GH’s lifestyle mall, when I went up for a media review of their restaurants, Burger & Lobster, Motorino and Cafes Richard. It was pretty empty back then; the concourse area wasn’t even open.

Since then, the mall has welcomed a over 70+ tenants, from F&B outlets to clothing and luxury goods, as well as entertainment outlets, gaming centres, members club, casino, and more.



The concourse area is where the mall stages an impressive light show every hour, featuring balls of light that bob up and down in rhythmic patterns, accompanied by music. It’s called the Sky Symphony. Video below:

Bubble lights

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Wandered around the mall and came across a family entertainment centre. There was a playground for the kids complete with animatronic dinos, train rides, vending machines, and a Ripley’s Believe It Or Not museum.



The parents can probably enjoy a nice relaxing massage / fish spa while the kids have fun.


Then Pops and the Bro went to play slot machines, while the Moomikins and I went shopping at Padini. My worries about the place having higher prices was unfounded; prices are standard, and they have a nice selection of clothes too.


Cute outfit. Too bad I’m broke af atm.

Tbh, there wasn’t much to do apart from shopping since I don’t gamble and the theme park isn’t open yet. It didn’t feel much different from a mall down in KL, since you only get to feel the fog and cold weather when you step outside. We thought lunch at the food court-esque Malaysian Food Street would be cheaper, but the Roti Canai costs RM14!?????? Probably targeted at the foreign tourists, but come on… seven times the price is too much. I’d rather pay that amount for a meal at a nice Japanese restaurant.

There also seems to be a lack of seats. They probably want you to walk around or pop into a cafe so that you’ll spend more money.. Moomikins and I ended up sitting on the floor (we weren’t the only ones) while waiting for my dad and bro to finish their casino session. (they won seven bucks. still not enough to buy that roti canai).

Welp. Just a quick update on a weekend trip up to Genting! I’m actually looking forward to the theme park opening. Til then.





French Pastries @ Cafes Richard, Sky Avenue Genting

The trend among youths today is to hangout at ‘cool’ spots – and the newly opened Cafes Richard at Sky Avenue, Resorts World Genting seems set to be one of them.  A top coffee roaster in France, this is the brand’s first venture in Malaysia and its first cafe-cum-brasserie concept. As part of a media trip, I got to try out their tea-time ‘box’ set – a unique drawer that opens up to beautiful bite-sized pastries on each level. 🙂



Dainty creme brulees and chocolate eclairs, sinful cheesecakes and fruit tarts, sweet milky macarons, fluffy mushroom pops, salmon and cream cheese and cream and berry cornets were just some of the items in the box set. Good enough for three people, even!

Cafes Richard’s interior.


Aside from tea, they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, and there’s also a bar inside serving alcoholic drinks. At night there’s live entertainment at the lounge area so you can get up to five different experiences at the cafe, depending on your time of visit! 🙂

Chemex Method Ethiopian Moka Yrgacheffe with Roasted French Duck with Orange Sauce


Children’s Dream Mocktail with Salad Nicoise


Flower Coffee Soda drink with Salade Lyonnaise


Grilled Australian Beef Sirlion with Sumatera Orang Utan Syphon Technique


Spaghetti with Braised Escargot and Cream Sauce & Classic French Onion Soup with Lime Blossom Organic Tea.

*Photos not watermarked are courtesy of Resorts World Genting


Level 1, SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting, 69000 Genting Highland Resort, Pahang, Malaysia