Happy Valentine’s! – Sisters Curry Mee Seapark, Makeup, Borderlands

It’s already the 15th, but I thought I’d wish you guys a Happy Valentine’s anyway! My Facebook feed was full of lovey-dovey couple pictures taken at expensive restaurants, girls showing off their flower bouquets and gifts, as well as single people posting memes on how much they hated V-Day. How did you spend yours? 🙂

I spent mine just like any ol’ working Saturday. I had a morning food assignment ‘date(??)’ with my photographer, where we went to check out the Sisters Curry Mee stall in Seapark, PJ.


Lauded as one of the best curry laksa noodles in PJ, there are loads of rave reviews on the Internet about this humble little stall which operates from Sum Fatt Coffee Shop (Jalan 21/11b,next to Maybank). It has been around for twenty years and is run by two nice sisters. I was lucky because there wasn’t a big crowd and they had more time to chat.

The secret to good laksa, according to them, is not to skimp on ingredients. They prepare the curry paste themselves, grinding and mixing the various herbs and spices that go into making a nice, flavourful bowl of broth. The price is slightly pricier than other outlets – at RM6 – but after trying it I can see why people keep coming back for more.

A small serving of the curry laksa (I opted for meehoon and yellow mee) comes chock full of crunchy beansprouts, soft tofu, tender chicken strips and juicy cockles. The cockles were quite big and I had them top up another RM2 extra cockles.

The curry soup itself was addictive, not too salty and had more curry than santan (I don’t like how some places overload with the coconut milk). The flavour is thick and you can tell it was made from paste instead of curry powder – you don’t get that ‘instant’ feeling to it.

Anyway, I’d rate it an 8/10.


A pro at work


Anyway, since it was Valentine’s and all, I treated myself to some new clothes from Kitschen 🙂 


And some make-up items from The Body Shop. It was pricier than my usual Watsons or Guardian haul, but I hope they’ll be of better quality.

And then I had a Vanilla Oreo Frappucino at Cosans Coffee. 

Is it lonely for me on Valentine’s Day? A little. It’s not like my boyfriend lives next door (I’m in an LDR). But let’s hope this will change next year. 🙂 An ideal date for me would be a home-cooked meal/pizza with extra cheese, some old action movies at home while snuggling with Cheppeh the cat.


Some really cute colourful sheep deco at Sunway Pyramid shopping mall. 🙂

I got home to a surprise – my boyfriend gave me a Valentine’s Day gift on Steam! It’s a game I’ve been wanting to play for a really long time – Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! He really understands me 😛 I don’t like flowers and teddies. Games on the other hand…

Can’t wait to play it! It’s still downloading because my internet sucks, but yeah.

Happy Valentine’s!