Steamboat Buffet Below RM40 in KL @ Shasa Shabu Restaurant, Cheras

It’s been awhile since our last Powerpuff Girls meetup (my ex-colleagues and I called ourselves that, haha!), and since it was inconvenient for H to drive, P and I braved an hour of horrendous Saturday night traffic (why don’t you stay at home, other people!?) to Shasa Shabu Restaurant, all the way in Cheras – which, according to H, serves pretty decent steamboat buffet fare at an affordable price.

We arrived at 8pm and the place was quite packed, but we got seats immediately. By then my stomach was growling so I didn’t manage to take too many photos. Here’s how the shop looks like though:

The way food is served is similar to a kaiten sushi concept, except with steamboat ingredients rather than sushi. Food is constantly replenished. There’s a counter on the side for meat (chicken, pork, beef and lamb – they ran out of lamb that night though), and the rest you can get from the conveyor belt. There are many different kinds of balls (ha!) like fishballs, pork balls, crab and squid balls, fish slices, squid, whole pieces of bawal, mushroom platters, fried beancurd, and more.

They had a little corner with fried items. The fried chicken wings were delicious (or maybe I was just too hungry!) – Crispy and crunchy on the outside, juicy and tender on the inside without being overly greasy. Polished off a few before I actually got down to the steamboat. They also have basic sushi rolls like tuna, salmon, egg, crab meat, etc.

Patrons can choose to have a choice of miso, chicken or tomyam soup (above). I had the chicken. Honestly, the soup was quite bland for me but then again, the items were all quite salty so it was balanced out.


Meat was fresh enough. I liked the pork which had a good balance of meat and fat, and since they were sliced thinly, cooked really quickly.

End the meal on a sweet note with some dessert! Aside from fresh fruits, they also have ice-cream in six flavours. All in all I felt it was a value for money meal. It’s hard to find a price point like this for a steamboat buffet in KL these days!

More photos / info on their FB page:

PS: they have two outlets, one in Kuchai Lama and the other in Pandan Indah, Cheras.



16 & 17, Jalan Perubatan 2, Pandan Indah, 55100, Kuala Lumpur.

55100 Ampang, Kuala Lumpur

Phone:  03-4288 4883

Japanese Steamboat Buffet – Sukishi @ IOI Mall Puchong

I LOVE meat.

I had to type that in caps to tell you just how much. I like anything grilled, fried, roasted, barbecued… the possibilities are endless. To put it in a nutshell, I was never a ‘save the animals and go vegetarian’ person.  I do like animals in general, but I also think some animals taste yummy as fahk.

Previously when I was in Sg, my friend brought me to a local buffet steamboat restaurant where you could order all the meat you want. And I was like wtf… we have steamboat restaurants in Malaysia, but it’s usually the standard fare of fishballs, squid balls, sausages and processed stuff. So when I came back and I found out there was a newly opened shop called Sukishi in IOI Mall Puchong which adopts a similar concept of free-flow meat, I dropped by for a visit immediately. Man was I satisfied that day.

I brought Carmen along for my second visit.

I don’t even need anything else from their buffet selection.. just fat, juicy clams (the ones here are reasonably sized), beef and pork. Although I have to say I like pork better. There’s an even layer of fat and lean meat so it’s awesome when you dip it in the broth. For those who aren’t meat eaters like I am, there’s a tonne of vegetables, mushrooms, carrot, daikon and corn to make your soup sweeter tasting and more flavourful. And then there’s the standard fishballs, cheese filled tofu, beancurd… etc. They also have a small selection of sushi (hence the name Sukishi: it’s a combination of Sukiyaki = Japanese hotpot, and Sushi).

The inside of the restaurant can be a little smoky what with all the cooking. But it’s neat and clean, with wooden accents to give it an Asian zen kind of feel. One side of the place faces the vast mining lake next to the mall, so it has good sunset views.

Customers get to choose between two types of broth. We went for Shabu-Shabu and Sukiyaki, which is the soy based broth, for a clearer taste.

There are three kinds of meat available – chicken, beef and pork. Not a fan of chicken that much if its boiled, so pork and beef it is. To enjoy, simply cook the meat for a few seconds in the boiling broth, then dip it in raw beaten egg. it might sound ew but it’s awesome. The smooth egg actually cools down the piping hot meat and gives it a silky texture.

The meat quality here is pretty good. One plate normally comes in thinly sized pieces of eight. (u)

What’s a meal without dessert? Finished our lunch with a generous dose of Matcha Ice-Cream sprinkled over with nata de coco and chocolate sprinkles.

The lunch came up to RM30 per person. If you’re a big meat eater, the trip here is well worth it. Dinner is pricier, but I think there is a wider selection of items available.


IOI Mall, New Wing, 3rd Floor, 47170 Puchong

Mon-Sun (11am – 10pm) Lunch – 11am – 4pm, Dinner – 5pm – 10pm