Down to Bones, Eco Sanctuary Mall

Ask any KL-based BBQ pork lover where they get their fix, and chances are you’ll hear Down to Bones being mentioned. Started as a pop-up store that only ran on weekends, their Texas-style BBQ ribs proved so popular, they expanded to a proper shop in OUG. Today, the shop attracts long queues, especially over the weekends.


If you live in the South Klang Valley, you can get the same goodness, minus the crowds, as Down to Bones has a branch in Eco Sanctuary Mall. Apparently they opened three years ago, but I didn’t know the place existed until I Googled.

The resto can be empty, even on weekends. It’s not surprising, as the location is quite remote, all the way in Telok Panglima Garang. But the plus point is you get to enjoy your meal in peace and quiet, without having to hustle because someone else is hovering over your table!


We came here around 6-ish on a Saturday evening and had the whole place to ourselves. Service was fast, although the food took some time to serve since they cook it to order. Their menu is virtually identical to the one you’ll find at their OUG outlet. Aside from BBQ pork ribs, you can also get items such as buttermilk fried chicken and pasta.


The decor is also similar to their main outlet, albeit pared down. This has a more ‘canteen’ like feel to it, compared to OUG’s Instagramable aesthetics.


The Hubs had the signature Ultra Ribs (RM34), featuring two humongous sticks of ribs, drenched in house sauce and served with coleslaw and a sausage. I liked the sauce as it was tangy and spicy. The ribs were decent as well, especially the parts with fat which made the meat soft and tender. Some parts were rather tough and stringy though; not sure if that’s just how it is with ribs because I recall saying something similar in my previous review at their OUG outlet.



I wanted pasta, so I went for the Butter Sauce Spaghetti (RM24). The sauce tasted similar to the local dai chow buttermilk, with a hint of curry leaves and bird’s eye chilli adding some kick. The pasta was cooked al dente, topped with juicy pieces of fried pork, a beautiful egg yolk, and sliced pork sausages.

While I enjoyed the initial bites, the creaminess got cloying after awhile. The butter sauce was good, but there wasn’t much to cut through the greasiness ,and it tasted very bland for some reason – I could taste a hint of butter, but mostly it was just salty without depth of flavour. It’s not a bad dish, but I think it could have been better.

So my second trip to Down to Bones turned out a little underwhelming. Perhaps in my mind, DTB OUG gave me such a good first impression that this paled in comparison. To be fair, the food wasn’t bad – it is fresh, hot food. It just wasn’t wow. But I guess if we ever crave some ribs and don’t want to drive all the way to OUG or queue up for an hour, this place would tick the right boxes.


G-33&G-33A, Ground Floor, Sanctuary Mall, Lot 41296, Persiaran Eco Sanctuary, 42500 Telok Panglima Garang, Selangor

Opening hours: 11AM – 10PM (weekends), 11AM – 9PM (weekdays)

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Review: Porky Good Ribs @ Down To Bones, OUG

It’s the Moomikin’s birthday!

We asked her what she’d like to have for dinner – and she suggested Down to Bones at OUG. Apparently she saw the resto while passing by the area and was keen to try out the place. So off we went!


Originally a pop-up stall that operated on weekends, business was so good that they decided to open in a proper shop. Expect a large crowd on weekends. Since space is limited on the inside, chairs and tables are also placed on the sidewalk, although eating al fresco means there is no air conditioning and can be quite warm.


Amazing what a few neon signs can do to spice up your decor and make it all Instagram-worthy lol. “Sek Pai Guat” means ‘eat ribs’ in Cantonese, although I think they’re missing another Hari here. Hari-Hari Kuat would mean ‘strong everyday’ in Malay, implying that you get strong by eating ribs everyday (?)


I’m assuming this is ‘Eat ribs’. #Chinesefail #banana


The interior featured a modern design (exposed ceiling, clean wooden accents) but with rustic touches, harkening back to traditional Chinese restaurants. I liked the steam trays dangling over diners as they eat. The kitchen is at the front, so you can watch the chefs in action as they cook and grill your meat to perfection.


One of the walls had these gently swaying metal installations resembling ribs.


An arcade machine

There were no seats on the inside, so we had to sit by the road. Expect anywhere from a 30 minute to one hour wait for your food.


Both Moomikins and the Bro had non-spicy Spaghetti Aglio Olio, topped with poached egg and served with a side of ‘baby’ ribs. Even the baby version was huge af lol. Didn’t get to try any but they gave the thumbs up.


Surprisingly Pop’s the carb-lover went for the Chicken V 2.0: essentially grilled chicken topped with a creamy butter herb sauce that tasted like thick cheese. Tried some and it was good! Meat was tender, juicy and moist.


Of course Eris-Will-Never-Go-Vegan-In-This-Lifetime had to have the signature Pork Ribs, served with mash and coleslaw. Size matters when it comes to meat. No double entendre intended. DTB did not disappoint.


Flavour wise, the ribs were pretty good, albeit a little dry. The BBQ sauce though, was amazing – I wish there was more of it because it wasn’t slathered evenly. Really enjoyed getting my hands dirty and eating like a savage lol. Also commendable was the mash, which still had chunky bits of potato in it for added texture.

  • Food: 4/5 – solid ribs!
  • Ambiance: 2/5 if you’re seated outside; 4/5 if inside.
  • Service: 4/5 – they try their best even though it’s crowded but expect to wait
  • Price: Value for money – ranges around RM23+ for humongous ribs. RM20++ for other entrees.


8, Jalan Hujan Rahmat 3, Taman Overseas Union, 58200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Open for lunch – 12 PM – 3.30 PM, Dinner – 6.30PM – 10.30PM

Tel: 03-7972 0130

Food Review: Bali’s Famous Pork Ribs – Naughty Nuri’s @ SS 15 Courtyard, Subang

Anyone who has been to Bali will know about the island’s most famous pork ribs – the Naughty Nuri franchise. Started as a warung by a husband and wife team, the brand slowly cemented its place as the go-to for ribs and drinks with the expatriate community in the area: celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain himself declaring the resto as serving the ‘best Martinis outside of New York’. In 2014, Naughty Nuri made its way across the straits to Kuala Lumpur. Their third and latest outlet is located in SS15 Courtyard, Subang, which I visited with some friends over the weekend. The shop was packed with customers over dinner, but they managed to squeeze us into a corner seat by the verandah, which was cool and breezy. Almost felt like we were at a seaside resto in Bali.. only with trains running on the track going past xD

The interior was warm and homely, with yellow lights (made for terrible pictures though), closely packed wooden tables and chairs as well as chequered pillars and plants. The rustic feel was complemented by porky decor, like pig heads and a giant rotating pig statue hanging from the ceiling.

Bar area.


Jo and I each ordered a plate of Nasi Goreng (RM25), not knowing that the portion would be humongous (!) The giant plate of pork fried rice was topped with a beautiful fried egg, its yolk still slightly runny, a side of roast pork, crackers and fried onions. The rice itself was full of wok-hei and mixed with tender slices of pork, pork belly, chilli and onions, although I felt it could use a bit more salt. The side of roast pork had just the right amount of fat and lean, with nice, crackly skin. Couldn’t finish it tho as this was definitely enough for two.

Of course we had to get the house specialty, the bbq glazed pork ribs (RM35) to share. I was expecting a really good dish,what with the hype and all, and was a little disappointed. It was tasty, but not amazing. The sauce was well flavoured, richly coating the ribs, but the meat was not fall off the bone tender and was even a little hard to cut off the bone at times. Decent, but not great.

I know franchises have a way of not living up to their name, but all in all, I’d say the food at Naughty Nuri’s SS15 was good and the prices reasonable; although I wouldn’t line up for it.


Lot G-08, Ground Floor, SS15 Courtyard., Jalan SS15/4G,, SS15, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Open daily: 11AM – 12AM