Malaysia Day Special – Lobster Burger @ Pince and Pints, Bangsar KL

I love burgers. I also love lobsters. So when I heard that Pince & Pints – the lobster experts over at Bangsar, KL – is coming up with a special dish combining both, in conjunction with Malaysia Day, there was no way I could say no.

There aren’t too many places in KL that serve fresh, affordable lobster, so when the Singaporean franchise made its way to KL last year, the crowd just showed up in droves; to the point that it was nearly impossible to get a seat without a reservation. While the hype has died down slightly, the chic resto remains a top choice for KL-ites carving for the succulent crustaceans.

The space’s cosy-looking interior has a touch of edgy industrial chic, as evidenced through the metallic grids lining the walls, complemented by brick accents and warm wooden tones over at the bar area.

The menu is slightly more extensive than the recently opened Burger and Lobster in Genting (review: here), with classics such as Live Whole Lobster and The Lobster Roll going along with Lobster Noodles, Lobster Thermidor and Chilli Lobster. They use Maine lobsters that are wild-caught and air-flown from the Atlantic Coast, so guests can be rest assured of freshness and taste!

For drinks, I opted for a ‘Runaway Train’ mocktail, made from apple juice, homemade pandan syrup, breakfast tea and condensed milk. The result was a refreshing concoction with a fruity aftertaste to balance out the creaminess of the milk and tea. Pince & Pints also serves alcoholic drinks including beers, ciders, cocktails and wine.

After a short wait, we finally got our Lobster Burger platter! Served on a flat wooden platter, the serving included a humongous burger, with the patty made from ONE WHOLE fresh lobster, sandwiched between lightly buttered/toasted potato buns, as well as sides of classic coleslaw, sweet potato fries and three house-made dipping sauces of wasabi mayo, garlic sauce and spicy tomato.

Tried to get a nice pic as fast as I could coz I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into that gorgeous burger..

Just look at the sheer size of the thing! That is one whole lobster there, folks.

I happily tucked into my first bite and didn’t come away disappointed. Just look at the chunky bits of sweet, juicy lobster meat jam packed into that patty! The breaded crust also lent it a crunchy, crispy texture, and it was well-flavoured throughout. It IS slightly dry, but still tasty, especially with the dipping sauces. Personally I loved the garlic sauce, which was strong, fragrant and garlicky, as well as the spicy tomato which was very refreshing, like salsa. Not a big fan of the wasabi mayo, but then again, I’ve never liked wasabi.

Another awesome thing was their sweet potato fries. Crunchy and addictive, I could go on eating those forever: the beautiful combination of sweet and salty complemented the burger perfectly.

The Lobster Burger @ Pince and Pints is available throughout August & September, to mark Merdeka and Malaysia Day, priced at RM148++.


32, Jalan Telawi 5, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Business hours (dinner – daily) (lunch: Weekends only) 11.30AM – 11.30PM.

Phone: +603 22013233