Nurture Your Introverts to Harness Their Superpowers

introvert noun /ˈɪntrəvəːt/ a shy, reticent person. Mention introvert and the image that comes to mind is of a person sitting quietly in a corner, surrounded by a mountain of books. They might enjoy hobbies like knitting, drawing, video games, or going for long walks on the beach on their own. Extroverts, by comparison, are the ones who are forward and ‘think on their feet’; … Continue reading Nurture Your Introverts to Harness Their Superpowers


Hey guys! If you’ve been following this blog for any amount of time, you’ve probably noticed that I’m not very diligent when it comes to sharing personal posts or motivational (?) stuff like ‘Lessons I’ve learned from… etc.’  There are a few reasons for this: A) It Takes A Buttload of Time  Unlike lifestyle / food posts, which are based on experiences (ie, ‘tangible’ stuff  … Continue reading Patreon?

Why Are We Not Talking More (Openly) About Depression?

Hey guys! Serious topic.  My eldest aunt called my mom yesterday. She said my cousin had come down with dengue and was refusing to go to the doctor, while my uncle was in the hospital because of respiratory complications from smoking. The doc told him he had to quit smoking or die coz his lungs had hardened…but it seems like a habit he is unable … Continue reading Why Are We Not Talking More (Openly) About Depression?

100 Truths

Lately I haven’t had pix to upload in the blog. Boringgg. I stole this from my friend Chun Hou. Enjoy! 001. Real Name: Mistress of the Universe. 002. Nickname(s): Eris, Piggy, Ice Cream Queen, Sai Sai Lou Gong (tats wat Grace calls me ahaha) 003. Age: 18 004. Horoscope: Virgo 005. Male or Female: Female 006. Elementary: A school 007. Primary School: Somewhere 008. High … Continue reading 100 Truths

Nth Better to Do – 100 Questions Tag

01. What have you been doing recently? • Siesta. Attempting to eat a whole tub of vanilla ice cream. 02. Do you ever turn your cell phone off? • Only when absolutely necessary. 03. What happened at 10.00 am today? • Cancel class ! Go lepak at canteen. 04. When did you last cry? • Been awhile gua. cant remember. 05. Believe in fate/destiny? • … Continue reading Nth Better to Do – 100 Questions Tag