What’s On my Playlist? September 2016

I did a post like this back in March – link here – but the playlist has since been updated with some new songs. New workplace, new songs, perfecto. Enjoy!

Hate Me by Escape the Fate 

So Escape the Fate is coming to town next month and I’m psyching myself up before the show. Hate Me is one of my favourite songs. The lyrics embody feelings of loneliness and alienation, tinged with defiance. Like, I’m not sorry I’m this way, if you hate me that’s your problem. As a former victim of bullying, I think it makes for a great theme song (besides Hater by Korn).

Remember, one day they’ll get their comeuppance. 😀

Eevee – Unexpected 

A random Youtube find. Chilly, floaty, great music for work or long drives at night. The mixtape songs are all named after flowers, like jasmine, lily and dahlia. My favourite one is sakura. at 6:08.

*If you Google, you’ll find that there’s actually a Filipino band with the same name, although they play very different music.  both are good 🙂

Hippie Sabotage – Options 

Another accidental discovery. I like the trip hop elements.  Dark and delish, like my soul. lol.

Little White Doves – Dirty Vegas 

On the rare occasions I feel optimistic about life, this is my jam. It makes me want to travel, see the world and fall in love.


Incubus – Stellar 

I remember a time when I was completely obsessed with Brandon Boyd from Incubus. If I’ve ever had a ‘dream man’, Boyd would have fit the physical part of it. (Yes, I love my men tattooed, with ear plugs and generally bad-boy looking, but who is really a softie on the inside. He must also love cats.) I’ve recently stoked this old flame by going on an Incubus binge.

Kriminal – OC Dawgs 

You might be wondering why there’s a random Tagalog rap song on my list. Idk either. I think I was watching some Musical.ly videos and ended up here (it’s a popular dub-over song). There’s even an English translation of the lyrics – basically the song is about how the rapper killed a bunch of his friends and set them on fire. Ouch.

Lemme know in the comments if there are songs you think I should listen to ! 🙂