Film Review: Tarung Sarung (2020)

Gone are the days when local and regional films are thought to be inferior to Hollywood productions. Thanks to a burgeoning film industry, Southeast Asian movies are on the rise: and while they may lack the big budget their Hollywood counterparts have, some of these films more than make up for it through creative storytelling, beautifully choreographed scenes, and something Hollywood films might find hard … Continue reading Film Review: Tarung Sarung (2020)

Movie Review – Ip Man 3 (Spoilers!)

The first two Ip Man films were awesome. Period.  If you haven’t watched the series, it is loosely based on the man himself, Yip Man, who was a master of Wing Chun kungfu. You will defo know his most famous pupil of all time – Bruce Lee.  Ip Man 1 & 2 had solid storytelling, great fight scenes, good acting… but most of all, the character … Continue reading Movie Review – Ip Man 3 (Spoilers!)