Flavourful Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen @ BariUma, Jaya Shopping Centre, PJ

With a name like Bari-Uma (in Japanese, Bari means ‘super’ and Uma means ‘tasty’), one can’t help but have certain expectations when walking into this Japanese chain, which touts itself in serving homemade ramen noodles.


Tucked in a quiet corner of the third floor at Jaya Shopping Centre, the decor is simple and casual – almost canteen-like. I guess you pay for the quality of the food rather than the ambience, since the prices are above average.


There are several lunch set options, but the star of the show is the Bari-Uma: Ramen in pork flavoured shoyu soup with thick-cut flamed chashu. The set (RM29.90) comes with edamame, two pieces of pan-fried chicken gyoza and green tea.

The soup is made from herbs, pork bones, chicken feet, high quality soy sauce and other ingredients, boiled for over 10 hours to extract maximum flavour. The result is a super rich, creamy and thick broth, which diners will slurp to the last drop. The ramen is fresh and springy as well, with just the right amount of al dente bite, and the thick cut chasu had a smokey, slightly charred taste, with a good balance between the lean and fat.


Bari-Uma is a good alternative to the always packed Menya Shi-Shi Do, and service is friendly and efficient. Hits the spot if you’ve got some money to splurge for a nice lunch. 🙂


Lot L3-11, Level 3, Jaya Shopping Centre, Jalan Professor Khoo Kay Kim, Seksyen 14, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Opens daily: 11.30AM – 9.30PM



Quick Lunch Break @ Doi Chaang Cafe, Jaya One PJ

As the name suggests, grabbed a quick bite for lunch at Jaya One recently after renewing my driving license at the post office (surprised at how quick it took – less than 10 minutes!).


Doi Chaang is better known for its specialty coffee, but they also have daily specials for lunch.

Wednesday was alfredo pasta with a drink of choice. I went for iced chocolate.


Thick, rich with the taste of cocoa and not too sweet. Solid.


Generous portion of pasta, cooked al dente, topped with shaved parmesan cheese. For its price, I felt the pasta lacked ingredients as it only had a few slices of mushrooms and some cherry tomatoes, but can’t fault the flavour.



Lot No.100-G.031, The School, Jaya One,, 72A, Jalan Universiti, Seksyen 13, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Opening hours: 10AM – 10PM daily except Sunday, 10AM – 7PM

Food Review: Woodstock Bar and Bistro, Section 8 Petaling Jaya

*I have 20 drafts in the folder and no time to write/publish any D: Here’s a quick one typed over lunch. 

Food options are pretty limited around my workplace – so I when I heard there was a new place called Woodstock which opened a few months ago in Section 8 PJ I said Hallelujah! no more boring ol’ chap fan everyday. Now don’t get me wrong. Chap fan is still the cheapest option available and the food is pretty decent, but you try eating the same dishes everyday 5x a week

(What a first world problem lol).  

I’m not sure what the design at Woodstock was aiming for. An English pub? Perhaps. There was a faux ‘fireplace’, cosy leather couches and medieval paintings alongside rows of wines. The air conditioning was turned on full blast, presumably so that the beverages won’t go bad. The spacious wooden counter housed various expensive liquor bottles and beer taps. Two teles blasted dance videos and pop music.

The bar/bistro vibe made me think that they cater mainly to night customers, but they’re also open during the day with sets for the lunch crowd.

Live music area.

Wood paneled walls + deco – an old phonograph, portrait of a medieval king, a wooden clock.. the seats had prints of crowns and stuff on them.

Colleagues and I got ourselves a booth and I ordered their Pork Katsu rice set. Forgot the exact price (I think it was RM15.90) but it came served with a side of carrot and cabbage, pickles, one fried seafood tofu, fried mushrooms and sweet egg, and the katsu itself with rice. Also soup of the day (winter melon?) and green tea.

The food is decent, but ever since having the Pork Katsu from Tonkatsu by Ma Maison (I know.. you can’t compare it since they’re differently priced)… the latter has ruined all other pork katsus for me. To be fair, it tasted okay, although the meat could do with a bit more sauce since it was too dry. The rice was fluffy and the real winner for me was the mushrooms, which were not too greasy.

Not a bad place to stop by once in awhile for lunch if you’re in the area.


7, Lorong 8/1e, Petaling Jaya, 46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Opening hours: Lunch, 4PM – 12AM

Of Birds and Indian Food

So it was just another morning getting ready for work when….


I saw this fat bird sitting on my windshield! At first I thought it had its leg stuck because it didnt move even when I took my phone out and leaned close to it for a picture. I tried lifting my wiper, but then noticed that it wasn’t stuck. Maybe it was injured, so I tried to touch it, but it flapped its wings at me and then flew off….


And settled at my mom’s car.

Looking at how fat it is, perhaps it’s pregnant and looking for a place to lay its eggs?

By the way I am looking up the lottery number I should buy for ‘pregnant bird’. lol.


Lunch with colleagues at the Indian restaurant. Ever had banana leaf rice? It’s a variety of smaller meat/veggie dishes in curries/spicy sauces, served on a banana leaf with rice.


Tried Mushroom Rawa Thosai for the first time. It’s thosai stuffed with mushroom masala.


Taste was pretty good, albeit a little spicy.

Random post. Kbai!

November Eats – West St Cafe PJ 8 &Fish N Co Main Place

For lunch on weekdays, I usually walk 10minutes to the shops to get a cheap mixed rice meal. But once in awhile, when I’m feeling lazy, I’ll spend a little more on something nice at West St Cafe, which is just downstairs from my office building. They used to serve only coffee and snacks, but have recently introduced lunch as well. The menu changes everyday. On this particular visit, it was Couscous with Salad and Chicken.


The serving was large and colourfully presented.

This is gonna sound funny but I have never tried couscous before. I always thought it was some type of rice, but it’s actually steamed semolina. I liked it though – slightly mushy, grainy, with lots of sweet dates cooked in. The lettuce was bitter for some reason but the flavour of the couscous and the tender, nicely marinated chicken masked it so overall it wasn’t a bad meal.

The lunch set comes with an iced lemon tea drink for RM14.90.


L-02-03, PJ8 Jalan Barat
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Phone: +603-7624 5072
Business hours: 8AM-5PM


Caught up with H over lunch recently. We went to Fish N Co at The Main Place, USJ. The chain has many branches all over Malaysia; serving up seafood dishes like Fish N Chips, grilled calamari, pastas, pizzas and more. Been some time since I had it, but the quality differs from place to place.

I ordered my usual, which is New York Fish and Chips – stuffed with a generous amount of Parmesan cheese on the inside. The version here was a little on the oily side, but passable. Still prefer having Fish N Co at 1Utama. 🙂

The upgraded set also comes with drink and Soup of the Day (below).


FISH N CO (Main Place)
LG-13, Ground Floor, Main Place,
Jalan USJ 21/10, Usj 21,
47630 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Business hours (Daily) 10AM-10PM

I guess it’ll be a busy two weeks, lots of travelling. Watch this space for more updates ! 🙂

Quick Lunch – Fish & Co, The Mines Seri Kembangan


One of my favourite places when I’m craving for seafood is the Fish N Co franchise. A local brand founded in 1998, their specialty is ‘seafood in a pan’, inspired by Mediterranean fishermen – who caught seafood fresh from the sea, and cooked and ate them immediately from the pan. There are many outlets across Malaysia, but the quality varies from place to place.

The one at The Mines is pretty decent. Hidden in a corner, the outlet can be hard to find coz of the mall’s weird layout.

The menu is standard at all their franchises and features stuff like their signature Fish N Chips, fried/grilled squid, seafood platters, pasta and baked rice, and even pizza. Their fish n chips are themed ‘Around the World’, so there are items like New York (stuffed with parmesan cheese), Malaysia (topped with fiery sambal), Sawadee (spicy mango vinaigrette), and many more.

Good news for those wanting to grab a quick and tasty lunch – they have set meals. The only Fish N Chip option available for sets is the Arctic (pollock, prepared in their signature style), which comes with chips and is drizzled over with a cheesy, garlicky sauce + mayo dip. The fish is flaky and meaty, the batter is crunchy, just slightly salty and goes really well with the cool mayo dip.

Other choices: Spaghetti Pomodoro, grilled peri-peri pollock with herbed rice for a healthier option, caesar salad with chicken, aglio olio. Lunch sets come with a lemon tea drink and are priced from RM11.95 onwards. You can also add on soup for Rm6. 🙂

Fish N Co 

Lot L1-100*102,
The Mines, Jalan Dulang,
MINES Resort City,
43300 Seri Kembangan.
Tel: + 6 03 8958 5856