Happy Valentine’s! – Sisters Curry Mee Seapark, Makeup, Borderlands

It’s already the 15th, but I thought I’d wish you guys a Happy Valentine’s anyway! My Facebook feed was full of lovey-dovey couple pictures taken at expensive restaurants, girls showing off their flower bouquets and gifts, as well as single people posting memes on how much they hated V-Day. How did you spend yours? 🙂 I spent mine just like any ol’ working Saturday. I … Continue reading Happy Valentine’s! – Sisters Curry Mee Seapark, Makeup, Borderlands

Nom Time – Cooking Adobo

The saying goes: “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” … but it also applies for women, boys, girls, children… everyone. Who doesn’t like good food? While he was visiting me in Malaysia two weeks ago, E took this to heart and said he wanted to cook dinner for my family. So we went…grocery shopping! “I need this, and this, and this….” … Continue reading Nom Time – Cooking Adobo

July 1

Trying out blogging with my phone,  since I’m here an hour early lol. It’s the first day of July. I woke up to strong sun filtering in through my windows,  even though my curtains were shut tight. On a normal day off work, I would’ve grumbled, but I have work today. Why was it so bright? That wasn’t right, I thought.  I usually set my … Continue reading July 1


Matt (my ex from the UK) recently flew over to Finland to meet up with his girlfriend. And of course I’ve been bombarded with images of them (on FB) summer-frolicking around in Finnish countryside, having an awesome time. I don’t have feelings for Matt anymore, but it still gives me a pang seeing him so happy. As bitch as it sounds.. I want him to … Continue reading Bitter.