Kuta Beach Part 2, Bali

Hey guys! I’m expecting very busy weeks ahead so I might not have time to update this space so often. Anyway, here is the last part of my Bali trip. After admiring the beautiful springs of Tirta Empul, we went back to our hotel to freshen up and change before heading to Kuta Beach. The last time we were here the weather was bad and it started raining, so we left early. Since the night was still young, we decided to make the best of it at this very popular tourist spot.

Kuta Square, where all the high end shops are. The place is nicely mantained and well lit. Tourists from all over the world throng the streets. There are lots of cabs, bikes and hotels lining the entire area.

The long sandy stretch of Kuta in the evening.

The beach is separated from the shops by a high wall. Because of it’s open space, the strong winds blew sand inland, which was bad for business. I mean, imagine a load of sand in your food while you’re trying to enjoy a romantic beach evening sunset.

It is one of my life’s bucket lists to visit every single Hard Rock Cafe in the world. Now I’ve added Bali to the list! Didn’t manage to go in coz it was super crowded.

Dinner was at a food court nearby. Felt kinda proud to see our Penang food made it all the way to Indonesia.

Had crab noodles. Taste was okay.

There are lots of shops around the area, and one can spend hours browsing through the many different items available. From imitation goods, bags, shoes and shirts to souvenirs, fragrances, etc, there is surely something for everyone. Apparently mushrooms are legal here too.

There’s this area where there are lots of massage parlours, so we went into one for a foot massage. The price was super affordable – less than RM20 per person for 45 mins. After washing my feet, the girl proceeded to knead my tired leg muscles. We chatted with the masseuses. There was a cute guy who said he was from Sulawesi. He spoke English with a hint of Aussie accent. Must have picked it up from all the Australian customers.

Kuta remains a busy place despite bombings which have happened here before. Nearly 10 years ago, more than 200 people were killed when a bomb exploded in a club along a busy stretch of bars in Kuta. There is a memorial square in the middle of all the busy traffic, a testament to the lives lost.

Well, back to blogging about my mundane life. Til next post!

Seafood by the Ocean @ Jimbaran / Exploring Kuta Beach, Bali

Hullo, and welcome to the next part of my Indonesian trip! We visited Kuta, a famous stretch of beach and about the most touristy places you can ever go to in Bali. Surrounded by blocks of shopping malls, little shops selling souvenirs (prices are up for haggling), chic bars, clubs and restaurants, it wouldn’t be a place for a quiet getaway lol.

Toto drove us through the traffic and we got down for a quick visit. The beach was dirty because it was monsoon season, but they have regular patrols to clean up. It was late evening though so I guess they didn’t clear up the rubbish in time. The beach was super long and the waves were high, unlike in Malaysia. Surfing is common here. The wind was also super strong because of it’s flat, open landscape. Be prepared to get dust in your eyes.

Beach. Photo from dad’s phone.

It was then on to Jimbaran for dinner. Many restaurants line the beach, with soft candlelight illuminating the tables. Very romantic…if not for the strong wind blowing sand in everyone’s faces. We chose to sit inside the restaurant. The sunset view was magnificent.

Dinner was a platter of seafood items – grilled fish, squid, shrimp, and clams. The taste was so-so. I liked the clams, but they only gave us two each. The price came up to 400,000 rupiah (RM128+ or USD 30) for all of us.

The seafood is freshly picked and grilled. Lots of aquariums with fish in them, where customers can pick out their choice on the spot.

Guests sitting outside will be able to enjoy traditional Balinese dances on stage. I love their costume detail.

All in all, I think Kuta and Jimbaran are pretty touristy places to visit in Bali, although that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t check them out. There’s good, cheap seafood and a relatively nice (albeit crowded) beach.