Sundate – Of Fat Cats, IKEA, Awesome Canteen & Kaki-Gori Shaved Ice


I had a big fight with my M on Saturday. The usual shit.

Didn’t feel like staying at home on Sunday, so I picked Evelyn up from her apartment and we went to her boss’ house to feed a fat cat. The name of the cat is Why Why…. appropriate, since I wanted to ask Why it was so unfriendly. Tried to scratch me when I put my hand out for it to smell…so I laid off any sort of petting. It then went to hide under the bed. Silly fat cat.


Headed to IKEA for lunch. Note to self: Never go to IKEA on a Sunday afternoon. Wasted a good half an hour circling the area looking for a spot, and a further half hour lining up to get our food, then another 15 minutes looking for a clean table.

We got loads of food though. Salmon Gravlax with baby potato salad, warm, hearty cups of cream of mushroom soup, buttery croissants, and soft rolls.


The gravlax got overwhelming salty after a bit, so it was good that there was bread so I could make it into a sandwich. The rest of the platter was delish – greens were fresh and crunchy.


Two girls can put that much away? Believe it.


Went to watch a Musical in KL (which I’ll blog about in another post), then headed for dinner at Taman Paramount in PJ. Evelyn is on a vegetarian diet, so she had the customary salad.


The meat eater in me wouldn’t abate, so Beef Don it was. The generous bowl was topped with purple cabbage, onions, tender teriyaki-drenched slices of meat, poached egg and pickled radishes.


19, Jalan 20/13, Taman Paramount,

46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Hours: 11AM-11PM

Phone: +60 3-7865 8048


There was still room for sweets, so we went to the much hyped about Kaki-Gori, along the same row. Here, they serve giant Japanese shaved ice desserts, in flavours such as matcha with red bean, and roasted soy bean.  It looks impossible to eat, but when you’re two girls with a tooth for sweets, the mountain of ice depletes pretty fast.

KAKI-GORI Japanese Shaved Ice Cafe 
25, Jalan 20/13, Taman Paramount,
46300 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
Tue – Thu (1PM – 10PM), Fri (1PM – 11PM), Sat – Sun (1PM – 10PM)
Phone: 03-7865 8999

Lazy Weekends – Nasi Lemak@ Village Park and Shopping at IKEA

When mentioning nasi lemak, that perennial Malaysian favourite, Village Park at Damansara Uptown needs no introduction. Often touted as the best place for nasi lemak, the restaurant is well known among locals and foreigners alike, and has hosted an impressive guest list including ministers, celebrities and sports personalities!

We got there on a Saturday afternoon and there was already a long line snaking outside the store for takeaway. Outdoor seats were fully taken, so we slipped inside and were lucky to get a spot within minutes.


Full house. Cramped, but worth it for good food!

Sometimes when there is really no space, they might even ask you to share tables. Walls have blown up pix of famous people who have dined here before.


Their signature is the Nasi Lemak with Ayam Goreng (RM9) . Lying on a bed of fluffy coconut milk rice is a whole fried chicken thigh – crunchy and flavourful, with bits of crispy batter clinging to the skin. You can really taste the blend of herbs that they use to marinate the chicken, and the flesh was firm but tender and juicy. Better than KFC any day! 😛 I also liked the fact that they chopped the gargantuan thigh into smaller bits for easier eating.

Ofc, nasi lemak wouldn’t be complete without the customary sides – boiled egg, slices of cucumber, peanuts and anchovies, and sambal. The sambal here is not too spicy, so good news for those who can’t handle the heat!

Aside from chicken, diners can get other stuff like Sotong (squid),rendang, udang (shrimp) and more. Be ready to wait though, especially on weekends.


5, Jalan SS21/37, Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Business hours: 7am – 8 pm (Mon – Sat), 7am – 6pm (Sunday)

Tel: +603 7710 7860


Since we were in Damansara, might as well drop by Ikea for some window shopping . Also to get some home decorating ideas for when I finally have my own place 🙂


As land and property prices soar, spaces for the modern urban dweller are getting smaller and smaller. What I really like about Ikea is their ingenious designs for smaller homes. You can have a seemingly big space with living room, office, dining area and kitchen within a small 40m2 apartment.


Interesting lights 🙂 Aesthetics are down pat, but I guess they’d be a nightmare to clean.


Interesting counter with many storage compartments for keeping cutlery. Looks like something I’d like to have in my own kitchen. 🙂


Cozy 🙂


Then walked over to e-Curve for McDs. Happiness is just RM1.06.