Forest of Lights, i-City Shah Alam

I remember when I-City first started off a couple of years ago.

It was just the Forest of LED Lights, before they added all the other attractions. Designed to look like an avenue of trees like the one on Jeju Island, made famous by the Winter Sonata Korean drama series, it was a new thing for Malaysians and they’d flock to it in droves, especially on weekend nights. Since then, there has been various additions to the place, including rides and magical fountains – transforming it into a family-oriented theme park of sorts.

Although I’ve been here a couple of times before, it was still nice to walk around, because entrance is free.  It can be quite romantic to stroll around with your significant other 🙂


A new feature is the ‘mist fountain’, which emits.. well, mists as visitors walk around a clump of LED trees. The foggy atmosphere creates a faint halo around the lights. The resulting effect is quite magical!

SAM_5567-tile SAM_5575-tile

Went for this ride called Skytrax – basically a two-seater mini car contraption that travels around the ‘trees’ via an elevated track. Highly recommended for couples – just no hanky-panky coz they have people standing on platforms taking photographs, which you will be able to buy at ridiculously inflated prices when you get back on the ground.

SAM_5576-tile SAM_5579-tile

The lights can hurt your eyes after a bit

SAM_5582-tile SAM_5583-tile SAM_5584-tile

Swingy thing with a double-storey carousel in the background.

SAM_5586-tile SAM_5589-tile

The ‘music’ fountain, which is lit up by more lights and ‘dances’ according to music.

SAM_5590-tile SAM_5592-tile

I went on this rotating thing which goes up and down in a U-shape. Although it didn’t look very impressive, it’s quite scary when you’re actually on it. Or maybe I’m growing old. When I was younger, I was a real adrenaline junkie – I’d go on the scariest looking rides like they were nothing. These past couple of years, I prefer having both my feet solidly on the ground. Signs of aging (?)


Pirate ship and (right) Giant Ferris wheel. The line was super long, so didn’t go on it.


Since I still had a lot of money in my card, went into this random kiddie ride where you sit on a cramped little boat on shallow water through a sea-themed tunnel. The boat’s movement was extremely slow, and the passage was so narrow that it often got stuck. I got impatient so I kept pulling it forward. It still took 15 minutes, even though the space wasn’t very big. There was nothing to do but wait for the boat to inch forward….


Exhausted by then, so time to call it a night! The next morning, we had a couple of hours before checking out, so it was on to the Water World – i-City’s water theme park.

SAM_5604-tile SAM_5607-tile

We played some games as part of an ‘ice-breaking’, then everyone went off their separate ways. I stuck with a few other media members so that we could go on the Typhoon ride (it’s that big funnel thing on the right), which required four members. It was empty on a Sunday morning, so we basically had the whole place to ourselves. Honestly, that ride was the best of everything I had visited in i-City so far.

That’s all for my trip to i-City! There are some sights more worth visiting compared to others, but all in all, a fun affair for all the family. Just pick the right attractions to get the most of your money’s worth.


Jalan Multimedia, 40000 i-City, Malaysia.

Phone: +6 03 5521 8800