Possibly One Of The Funniest Things I’ve Seen In A Long Time

Title is self-explanatory.

Also, super relatable.

Happy Humpday!

Eris Is Worth USD50 MIL!!??

…. plus minus 10mil. Sorry, never been good at math.

Well, at least according to these people:

Eris: WOW, a whole 10% for MOTHERLESS babies! Way to get my tear ducts going.. 

Eris: I don’t know.. can I? That sounds like a lot of funds. 

Eris: I know this must be for that Couch Potato Award I entered last year; I’m honoured.

Eris: I didn’t know that the Lord handed out email addresses. 

Eris: Who am I to say no to a pastah? 

Eris: Donation, but it’s not 2.6bil? 

Eris: It’s okay, you can use my face for free, Kim Shawarma. I mean Sharma. 

Eris: I’m flattered Mrs Nedia. I guess posting your kind email here would not count as ‘top secret’, whoops. 

Eris: Oh I didn’t get the 5000, must have missed it. Mind sending it again? 

Eris: I’ve been waiting since 2012! About darn time! 

Eris: I’m very much alive, thanks for the concern Bob! 


Eris: Tsk, tsk, Hazim, what did your mom tell you about entering partnerships with strangers? 

Eris: That’s all very nice to know, but do I look like I care? 


My favourite:


Eris: No. No we may not. 


On another note, it still baffles me that there are people falling for things like this in 2017 lol.