Wong Kok Char Chan Teng, Setiawalk Puchong

Update: This branch is now permanently closed. 
Despite it being one of the pioneers when Setiawalk Mall opened in Puchong, I’ve never been to the Wong Kok Char Chan Teng branch there. Maybe it’s the darkly lit interior, which doesn’t look as inviting as the boisterous Japanese and Korean restaurants clustered near the fountain area.

S and I went to grab dinner before our movie and we were craving Hong Kong food, so we finally decided to give this a try!

They have a very extensive menu with over a hundred items – can be a bit dizzying for someone dining here for the first time.  Aside from traditional noodle and rice dishes, they also serve fusion cuisine like cheese-baked rice/spaghetti, stir-fried spaghetti, toast and snacks. For drinks, you won’t go wrong with the HK-style milk tea. Bonus: If you come on your birthday and show IC as proof, they give you this giant milk tea that you can share with friends (or if you want to drink it by yourself it’s fine too lol).

When I mean giant I mean GIANT. Like this:

ye like YUGEEE. Image from foodspotting.com

S had the baked cheese rice with chicken chop. The food came served in a wooden steamer, wrapped around with aluminum foil. We could see the generous layer of cheese bubbling at the surface.

I wanted carbs without the rice, so I opted for cheese baked seafood angel hair pasta with special sauce. The sauce turned out tasting like mild curry, the cheese was gooey and soft, and the pasta portion was generous, as was the seafood – crab meat stick, shrimp, fried fish fillets (admittedly these were a bit soggy since they had been fried and then baked).

The meal wasn’t half bad, and came up to about RM50 for the two of us.


G-02-G, Block G, SetiaWalk, Persiaran Wawasan, Pusat Bandar Puchong, 47160 Puchong, Selangor.

Business Hours:
SUN – THURS (11am – 10pm)
FRI & SAT (11am – 11pm)

Fun-filled Spring comes to Broadway Macau

The month of April brings with it blooming flowers and warmer days – although that doesn’t mean much to me in ever-tropical Malaysia where the four seasons are hot, rainy, durian and mosquito season (!) 😀

Those planning a trip to Macau, however, can look to ushering in a fun-filled spring at Broadway Macau, the new landmark entertainment destination on the island. Comprising Broadway Macau and Galaxy Macau, the two properties span across 1.1mil square meters of entertainment attractions, including six world-class hotels, the world’s longest skytop aquatic adventure river ride, over 120 F&B outlets and high-end retail. From March 31 to April 17, visitors can expect a series of splendid and bountiful Easter holiday-themed activities throughout the establishments! 🙂

The Joyful Garden at Broadway Macau will transform into a whimsical fantasyland filled with magnificent Easter decorations, including colourful, spirited Easter eggs, and endearing Easter bunnies. Families will enjoy the one-of-a-kind decorations: the perfect setting for memorable holiday photos.

Street performances abound throughout the season; from pedicab singers and performers dressed up as adorable Easter Bunnies, entertaining guests on Broadway Street. On the night of 31 March, Happy Square will host a farewell party for the popular band High Five, and welcome the new resident band Voice of Broadway. The two bands will together bring guests a spectacular live-music performance. Guests can also enjoy the exclusive “Buy One Get One for Free” promotion on selected beers.

To top off the celebrations, don’t miss out on the series of time-limited Easter promotions and discounts at selected outlets.

More info on galaxymacau.com or broadwaymacau.com.mo


Taste of Hong Kong Returns March 2017

What’s a foodie’s ultimate dream?

A food festival, of course! Visitors to Hong Kong from Mac 16 – 19 are in for a treat as the annual Taste of Hong Kong returns to Central Harbourfront, bringing to guests more restaurants, dishes, artisan producers and culinary experiences to savour.


HK has always been known as a foodie capital, not just for its delectable local favourites (Being half Cantonese, this style is very close to my heart :D) but as a global cuisine hub. The last event attracted over 15,000 visitors, according to Simon Wilson, Head of IMG Culinary Asia, which is organising the fest.

“Seeing Hong Kongers embrace the festival with such a high level of excitement, we decided to make the second edition 25% bigger. Taste of Hong Kong 2017 will be raising the bar once again, bringing some popular favourites and introducing the latest and greatest local and international culinary talent and trends with more premium dishes, exclusive offerings and culinary experiences for taste buds to discover,” he adds.



Visitors can expect an array of fine dining gourmet food and offerings; which were a hit with visitors in 2016. Also, some of the most celebrated restaurants in HK will be at the fest to serve a premium menu of more than 50 signature dishes, as well as iconic one-off festival creations. Some new names: Kaum at Potato Head, Mercato, Okra, Rhoda and ZUMA. Familiar culinary stars making a comeback:  Amber, Arcane, Café Gray Deluxe, CHINO, Duddell’s, Tin Lung Heen, Tosca and Yardbird.


Some of the festival highlights include the opportunity to shop at The Gourmet Market, and learn a couple of tricks at the Taste Theatre from the region’s finest chefs over the weekend. There will also be a lineup of live entertainment in one of the many lounge areas.


Sip on the best champagne from Laurent Perrier, where La Cuvee makes its debut in Asia, chilled and ready for guests to enjoy together with their munchies.



Etihad Airways, the official Airline partner of Taste Festivals will be running their “Taste the World” competition between restaurants at the event.

They will send one Hong Kong chef to compete alongside 12 other world-class chefs in the final of the ‘Taste the World’ competition at Taste of Abu Dhabi. The ‘Taste’ series is celebrated in 22 countries around the world.



So if you’re booking a flight to HK soon, make this part of your itinerary! Don’t forget to buy the tickets though, which start at HKD108 on weekdays and HKD138 on weekends. VIP passes are priced at HKD548/HKD578 (weekday and weekends).

VIP holders will enjoy fast track festival entry, exclusive access to the VIP enclosure, HKD300 worth of official festival currency and three complimentary premium beverages.



In the meantime, drool over these delectable creations:        preview-of-taste-of-hong-kong-2017-22 preview-of-taste-of-hong-kong-2017-30 preview-of-taste-of-hong-kong-2017-31 preview-of-taste-of-hong-kong-2017-32 preview-of-taste-of-hong-kong-2017-33 preview-of-taste-of-hong-kong-2017-38 preview-of-taste-of-hong-kong-2017-39 preview-of-taste-of-hong-kong-2017-40 preview-of-taste-of-hong-kong-2017-41 preview-of-taste-of-hong-kong-2017-45 preview-of-taste-of-hong-kong-2017-48
**Photos courtesy of Text100. 

Cheesy Wontons! @ Mak’s Chee Authentic Wonton, 1 Utama


I was blog surfing recently when I came across an entry on Mak’s Chee, a new outlet in 1Utama Shopping Mall selling ‘authentic’ Hong Kong-style wontons and wonton noodles. They were having a limited time only promotion for new snacks; namely cheese-stuffed deep fried wontons and Muscular Man Milktea. The pictures looked so inviting that I decided to hop on over (despite the evening traffic!) and try it for myself.


The restaurant is spacious and divided into several sections. At the front, guests can watch the chefs in action through glass panels. I liked how they made a little nook where single diners can be seated at their own private tables – basically tall wooden ‘cupboards’ that separates each diner. You will often find similar setups in HK-style char chan tengs, where a table faces the wall instead of having another seat across from it. This solves the problem of one person dominating a table for four.


A breakdown of each bowl of noodles, ingredients and specialty.


The brand’s history can be traced back to 1920s Guangzhou, China, from one Master Mak Woon Chee. Wanting to do something different from the usual pork wontons, he came up with his own recipe for fresh shrimp dumplings. His signature was so popular it attracted notable figures such as former leader of the Republic of China Chiang Kai Shek and his wife, First Lady Soong Mei-Ling.

In the 30s, the Mak family moved to Hong Kong and Chee’s son, Mak En. carried on his father’s legacy. After many years, the recipe was passed down to his lineal descendant, who founded Mak’s Chee Authentic Wonton Malaysia today.


Available for a limited time only (until February 28 2017), the Champion Milktea (RM6) is a rich, strong and creamy brew in a buff man-shaped bottle. I like that it’s not too sweet; almost with a coffee-like hint. Comes served in a bucket of ice to keep it cold. You can also take the unique bottle home !


Of course, my main mission today: Cheesy Wontons. You can order 6 pieces or 12 pieces. The beautiful golden parcels come served in a small basket with a sweet chilli dip. Each wonton is quite sizable, with crispy skin wrapped around fresh, bouncy sea prawn and melty Mozarella and Cheddar cheese. Too many places skimp on their cheese, so I was happy that they stuffed a generous amount into these. The cheese won’t be as melty after some time, so it’s best to eat it hot.



Since their signature is wonton noodles, I got a small bowl (RM12.90) to try. The noodles were finer than the local version, thin and springy with an al dente bite. Soup was flavourful, and the wontons were juicy and fresh. I think I’ve found my favourite wonton noodle place!



Lot LG311D, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, 1 Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama City Centre, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Business hours: Daily 10am-10pm
Tel: 03 7722 2788

Dragon Run 2016 – 6K Obstacle Course on Inflatables

Malaysians will be familiar with Viper Challenge – the famous extreme obstacle course run that has participants pushing the limit in commando-style activities: crawling through mud, scaling 10-ft high walls, lugging tyres, and swinging across pools of dirty water. Now, we have something less extreme but no less challenging: Dragon Run, a 6K obstacle course on inflatables, inspired by martial arts.


Brought to Malaysia for the first time by HK-based event organisers Next Promotions, Dragon Run will be held at Skyranch, Genting from May 14 to 15. Touted as the ‘first of its kind’, it features 10 obstacles  and 15 inflatables, each designed to mimic a particular branch of martial arts: there’s Jeet Kune Do, Sumo, Muay Thai, Taekwondo and Kungfu.

Was lucky to be invited to try the inflatables out for work! Here’s a taste of what we experienced:


After the Dragon Gate, an archway decorated by Chinese drums, we plunged straight into the Great Dragon – a long, colourful inflatable shaped like the mythical beast. Climbing up into the ‘mouth’, we jumped down into a pit, crawled across a narrow walkway, climbed up the ‘tail’, slid down and then got on our bellies to crawl across a low space.

I was never super fit, so I had to take my time going through them. Also, you try lugging a heavy DSLR while trying to clear challenges + take nice photos lol.


If you’ve ever been on an inflatable, you’ll know that your weight sinks right into the soft, bouncy material. It was really hard keeping my balance. What’s more, it was a sunny day and the thing had been lying out in the sun so it was hot to the touch. Move quickly if you don’t wanna get burnt!

We also went into a small maze where participants had to kick a pole at every door, as well as ‘palm trees’ where an instructor would teach you how to punch and kick, Muay-Thai style.

I just need to paste a photo of my most hated person on the tree and imagine kneeing him/her in the groin. Ah, satisfaction. 


The ‘Sumo’ part of the obstacle course had these egg-shaped sumo-head inflatables, which participants have to push through.


The Yin Yang gate. If you’re not a fitness expert, that’s okay coz you can still bounce as normal on the inflatable, but for those who really wanna push themselves or show off their moves, you can even do backflips inside the obstacle!


The most exciting obstacle imo was the Big Boss. Towering at least two-storeys high, racers will have to climb up to the top, then pick a slide. Depending on which one, you will get either wet, very wet, or soaking wet coz there’s one with a small pool at the bottom! When you’re climbing up you don’t really feel it coz you’re looking upwards, but once you get to the top and look down, the slide looks impossibly tall. Almost as exhilarating as a roller coaster 🙂

Aside from obstacles, there will also be a Dragon Village where everyone in the fam can play games, do fun activities like face painting, and enjoy the food stalls. To ensure safety, the organisers will let people go in waves so that the inflatables don’t get too crowded.

Prices : RM129 (adult) and RM95 (child/youth).

VIP pass: RM219.

You’ll also get a runners pack with bib and t-shirt in it. Register at: http://bit.ly/dragonruntix.


All that jumping makes one hungry. Had lunch at Awana Golf Club and Resort. 🙂



Beautiful view! Weather was so hot though, even up in the mountains.

Zok Noodle House, Bandar Puteri Puchong

Update: This branch is permanently closed.

If you, like me, like wantan mee (sht, that rhymes!) then you should try out Zok Noodle House at Bandar Puteri, Puchong. Specialising in Hong Kong cuisine such as dimsum and of course, their delectable egg noodles, this is a no frills place for a meal with the family over the weekend. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


I like the wantan mee here because the handmade noodles are al-dente and bouncy to the bite with just a hint of lye.

Note: ‘Dry’ wantan mee, or egg noodles tossed in a dark soy sauce (often topped with slices of charsiew or roast pork) is a version that is unique to Malaysia (!) The one in Hong Kong is usually served in a soup with big wontons. I also didn’t know this until recently.


Topped with fatty bits of melt-in-the-mouth charsiu. Look at that caramelised skin!


Also served with large pieces of shrimp wantan. Idk how they do it coz I can’t recreate that juicy crunchiness to the shrimp at home. 😡


Zok Noodle House (Bandar Puteri Branch) 

Jalan Puteri 2/3, Bandar Puteri Puchong, 47100 Puchong Selangor

Macau Day 3 – Home

Really sorry for the lack of updates.. been sooo lazy lately and no mood to blog ^^ Busy gaming and reading Ranma (407 chapters! And I’m only at 50, lol). It seems not many people visit this blog anyway.

This is my third post about Macau, so enjoy!


Woke up a little later on the last day of our visit to Macau island. Flight would be in the evening so we decided to do some more sightseeing.Walked around to this temple/monastery near our hotel and took a few pix, then walked back to the hotel again. Lol


The famed casino in Macau : the Venetian!
Wanting to save on taxi money, we foolishly decided to walk to the place, since our hotel’s pretty receptionist told us we could get there on foot.
OMG it was so frickin’ far! We walked for over half an hour, until our legs nearly broke. Lol.
We finally made it!
The Venetian is a 5 star hotel/casino/shopping centre and it is themed on Venice and European grandiose. The interior is decorated with mock buildings in an old European style.
Quaint lamps decorating a ‘street’.
The whole ceiling was painted to resemble a blue sky with white clouds. They also have deep blue water canals where gondoliers will take you around and sing, just like in Venice (for a price, of course).
The mock buildings were really beautiful and elaborate. Makes me want to go see the real Venice!
dsc03956-copy dsc03961-copy
Bro remembering his gf back in Malaysia and acting emo… just kidding he doesn’t have one
Soaring columns of gold in the shopping center. Felt like I was in a palace or something!
Pinocchio puppet. It looked so life like with its intricate costume and beady eyes that seem to look at you.
They had this whole shop selling dolls such as these with costumes straight out of the renaissance era. They also sold beautiful masks of gold, silver and every colour imaginable, such as those you see in movies and costume parties. The mysterious stranger with the mask asks the heroine for a dance.
I couldn’t take pictures though because the salesperson shooed me away (rather rudely) when they saw me trying to.
The sight was so beautiful and mysterious: all those lovely masks arranged neatly on the wall, of every shape and colour and hues imaginable.
A gondolier on his rounds
And man, can these guys really sing ! With their soprano voices that ring clear and loud, the whole stretch down the canal could hear their melodic voices.
Souvenirs on sale
Ceiling with beautiful paintings. Bro was like ‘Yer why so many naked people one’ lol.
Even the toilet was super grand
One of the gondoliers was kind enough to pose for me, but it was hard to get a good shot becoz the boat was moving and my camera sucks and the light was bad. T__T
But OMG the guy was like, SUPER HOTTTT!
Dark hair, fair skin, dark dark eyes, deep soprano voice. (not to mention hot bod and muscular arms ;P)
Even hotter than jared leto if i may say so… *nah, jared’s always the hottest * ^^
Time for lunch! There’s this famous row of shops here that sells good food. I think it was called Rio de Cunha, or something along those lines. Road names here are a mouthful.
Nothing like a piping hot, fresh out of the oven glazed egg tart on a cold day!
The lane that sells so many goodies and delectables. I wish I could’ve tried every shop ( and regret it later when I tip the scales) but even the glutton-est part of me could’nt stuff so much in one day. There was just too many to choose from.
My last ever pork chop bun here.
I’ve fallen in love with you, pork chop bun !
When will I ever see or taste you again?
And so, ends my holiday. I enjoyed it, short though it was. 😀

Macau – Hong Kong

This is my 2nd post about my trip to Macau/Hong Kong.
I looked at the time after I finished uploading these pix and wtf, already an hour?
Woke up quite early to catch the shuttle bus from the hotel to the ferry terminal. Had breakfast at the hotel cafeteria.. buffet style – American Breakfast. People here love to eat meat, especially pork and beef. They put it in almost every dish.
My hearty western breakfast: 2 of everything – bacon, nuggets, sausages, ham, a big dollop of scrambled eggs. What diet?
The weather did not improve on the second day . Still cloudy, cold and misty. This is the exterior of the ferry terminal.. the blurriness is not due to my cam
Check out this cool massage chair! You have to put coins into the slots for it to work.
The ferry was delayed for half an hour coz of the fog, so it was too dangerous for the ferry to move. We waited.. and waited… and waited…
40 minutes later: ” Dear ladies and gentlemen, we are still experiencing bad weather, will be delayed for another 20 minutes” *groans from the crowd*
20 minutes later.. ” we will be delayed for another hour…” WTF!!!! We wasted two hours waiting for the ferry. Roars.
When we got to Hong Kong it was already 1230. There goes our plans to visit all those places.
So we decided to go see the Big Buddha statue at Lantau Island. No tour guide to take us around so we had to take the MTR ourselves.
And you can’t buy tickets at the counter, unlike in Malaysia!
It was so funny. Mum and Dad went to the counter to buy tickets. The guy changed coins for us. Then my parents were like “Er, where’s the ticket?”
He gave us this weird look. We later realised that we had to buy the ticket from the machine, which is why they give you small change.
I noticed that the people here don’t walk – they jog. Unlike Malaysians who take their own sweet time. Even when they’re on the escalator, they don’t stop. They’re also pretty rude, as I got bumped into several times and nobody said sorry -_-
Finally we reached! It’s very convenient to take the MTR if you know how to, coz all the stations are interconnected. You don’t have to buy different tickets to change to a different line, unlike in KL where you have to change from STAR to PUTRA and buy the tix all over again.
And of course, no mumbling announcements whenever the train pulls in to a station.
To get to Ngong Ping village where the Big Buddha is, we had to take a cable car! I think it is one of the longest rides in asia.. took us 25 minutes to get to the top. It’s not as steep or as scary as Genting though.
*shuts eyes*
Unlike the tropical rainforest and jungles of Malaysia, the hills here are short grass and undergrowth. Well, the upside is you’ll never have to worry about not getting spotted if you’re lost.
Hooray! After the long ride, we reached Ngong Ping 360 village. It’s touristy, with the attraction being the Buddha statue. They have many shops selling souvenirs, food and a few temples around the area.
The Big Buddha statue.
You have to climb a few hundred steps to get to the top.
Not as many as Batu Caves, but still tiring for little old ladies like me. Haha
After panting and wheezing for a couple of minutes, we reached the top.Too bad it was so misty, or else it would be much more beautiful. The buddha is made of bronze, if I’m not mistaken.
Joss sticks for prayers. Nearby are shops selling souvenirs, handicrafts, charms, etc.
Outer temple
Inner temple, decorated with fresh flowers. Isn’t it gorgeous?
The flowers here are really pretty. Probably becoz of the cool weather that they can thrive in. It’s 18 degrees Celcius (mid winter)
Inside the temple. Golden statues of the gods are surrounded by various types of flowers, fruits and other offerings.
Place where devotees can kneel and pray.
Ornate carvings of dragons and phoenixes adorn the stone pillars.
And I saw this guy!
I wonder if it’s the temple pet, or if it’s a manifestation of a God, or whatever ~ but it was just sitting there like, “I don’t care less” type of attitude. I stroked it on its back and it didn’t even flinch. It just sort of mewed at me and yawned. lmao.
More flowers
A real cow. I was only inches away from it xD
We decided to leave the place at 4pm and guess what? the queue to the cable car was freakkkinggg long.
Tired of waiting, I got myself an ice blended caramel frappucino. Nothing beats having a freezing cold drink in cold weather – it’ll freeze your brain. Ever had that sensation?
Even on the mountain top one can get Starbucks – I guess there really is no escape from commercialisation.
The sky was already darkening when we got to Tsim Tsa Shui , where we planned to visit the Avenue of Stars. This is a Hollywood-like Boulevard where celebrities have their hands imprinted on the walkway (and get stepped on by hundreds of visitors everyday)
It wasn’t anything special. They do say it is very pretty at night (if it wasn’t for the freaking fog!) coz you can see part of HK island lit up from a distance.
Sorry.. the pix here are kinda blurry coz my phone didn’t have night mode and it was so dark.
But its a pretty good place for couples to have a romantic stroll at night .
Can’t believe it! My hands are the same size as Eric Tsang’s. (you know, the short bald guy in “zheong mun yan” game show?)
I dunno whether to smile, or just run screaming away from it.
Why cant I have same size hands as Charmaine Sheh or Myolie Wu? 😦
It was late by the time we left so the subway was empty by then.
We took a ferry back to Macau, and thank God the fog had cleared up.The sea was rather choppy though and I got a massive headache coz we were sitting on the upper bunk.
Well, so far, I’ve almost tried every mode of transport imaginable.
Bus, taxi, cable car, ferry, MTR… lol.
Will be going back to hometown for grandpa’s birthday tomoro, so I’ll update my final holiday post when I come back. ^^
till then.