Simulation for a Post Apocalyptic World

These past few days Malaysians have been experiencing a perpetual post-apocalyptic atmosphere of grey ash, dust and blotted-out sun. Visibility is limited to a few hundred metres in certain places. Buildings disappear and seem to suddenly loom in front of you when approached.

It’s like a barbecue party all over the country, minus the food.

It’s like Silent Hill with no kinky nurse monsters.

It’s like Genting Highlands except it’s not cold and it’s not enjoyable.

To those who are unaware, us and neighbouring Singapore are currently experiencing a shroud of haze and smoke blown from  Indonesia. They’re clearing land and there’s a fuckload of forest fires. Since the wind is blowing our way… Tada!

Schools were closed today. But the haze will probably go on for a few more weeks. Readings in Muar, Johor reached over 790 earlier. Healthy air levels are at 0-50. You do the math.

We get this every couple of years. Sure, it’s no problem. Just a couple of asthmatics wheezing in the hospital, some skin irritation, eye infections, coughs and whatnot.

Or maybe accidents coz we can’t fkin see where we’re going.

But yeah, I guess this is good training for when the world ends. This is how I imagine it to be. And, uh, zombies.