Flickr Locked Me Out Of My Account

**Update: Someone from Flickr responded to my email, and they’re sorting things out. Hopefully this means I’ll be able to access it again soon!  *Update 2: Service restored! Took awhile but at least something got done, which is more than can be said of many other providers.    Hey guys! It is as the title says, lol. I upload a lot of photos, mostly for … Continue reading Flickr Locked Me Out Of My Account

Flickr No Longer “Free”?

As someone who posts hundreds of photos for this blog, Flickr and it’s 1TB storage has been a lifesaver – I would have gone over the WordPress 13GB limit within weeks :’D Unfortunately, the company has recently announced that it will rescind the 1TB storage beginning January 1 2019, limiting users to 1,000 photos for free accounts. Which spells bad news (for me, at least) … Continue reading Flickr No Longer “Free”?