November Eats – West St Cafe PJ 8 &Fish N Co Main Place

For lunch on weekdays, I usually walk 10minutes to the shops to get a cheap mixed rice meal. But once in awhile, when I’m feeling lazy, I’ll spend a little more on something nice at West St Cafe, which is just downstairs from my office building. They used to serve only coffee and snacks, but have recently introduced lunch as well. The menu changes everyday. On this particular visit, it was Couscous with Salad and Chicken.


The serving was large and colourfully presented.

This is gonna sound funny but I have never tried couscous before. I always thought it was some type of rice, but it’s actually steamed semolina. I liked it though – slightly mushy, grainy, with lots of sweet dates cooked in. The lettuce was bitter for some reason but the flavour of the couscous and the tender, nicely marinated chicken masked it so overall it wasn’t a bad meal.

The lunch set comes with an iced lemon tea drink for RM14.90.


L-02-03, PJ8 Jalan Barat
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Phone: +603-7624 5072
Business hours: 8AM-5PM


Caught up with H over lunch recently. We went to Fish N Co at The Main Place, USJ. The chain has many branches all over Malaysia; serving up seafood dishes like Fish N Chips, grilled calamari, pastas, pizzas and more. Been some time since I had it, but the quality differs from place to place.

I ordered my usual, which is New York Fish and Chips – stuffed with a generous amount of Parmesan cheese on the inside. The version here was a little on the oily side, but passable. Still prefer having Fish N Co at 1Utama. 🙂

The upgraded set also comes with drink and Soup of the Day (below).


FISH N CO (Main Place)
LG-13, Ground Floor, Main Place,
Jalan USJ 21/10, Usj 21,
47630 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Business hours (Daily) 10AM-10PM

I guess it’ll be a busy two weeks, lots of travelling. Watch this space for more updates ! 🙂

Quick Lunch – Fish & Co, The Mines Seri Kembangan


One of my favourite places when I’m craving for seafood is the Fish N Co franchise. A local brand founded in 1998, their specialty is ‘seafood in a pan’, inspired by Mediterranean fishermen – who caught seafood fresh from the sea, and cooked and ate them immediately from the pan. There are many outlets across Malaysia, but the quality varies from place to place.

The one at The Mines is pretty decent. Hidden in a corner, the outlet can be hard to find coz of the mall’s weird layout.

The menu is standard at all their franchises and features stuff like their signature Fish N Chips, fried/grilled squid, seafood platters, pasta and baked rice, and even pizza. Their fish n chips are themed ‘Around the World’, so there are items like New York (stuffed with parmesan cheese), Malaysia (topped with fiery sambal), Sawadee (spicy mango vinaigrette), and many more.

Good news for those wanting to grab a quick and tasty lunch – they have set meals. The only Fish N Chip option available for sets is the Arctic (pollock, prepared in their signature style), which comes with chips and is drizzled over with a cheesy, garlicky sauce + mayo dip. The fish is flaky and meaty, the batter is crunchy, just slightly salty and goes really well with the cool mayo dip.

Other choices: Spaghetti Pomodoro, grilled peri-peri pollock with herbed rice for a healthier option, caesar salad with chicken, aglio olio. Lunch sets come with a lemon tea drink and are priced from RM11.95 onwards. You can also add on soup for Rm6. 🙂

Fish N Co 

Lot L1-100*102,
The Mines, Jalan Dulang,
MINES Resort City,
43300 Seri Kembangan.
Tel: + 6 03 8958 5856

Fish N Co @1 Utama

Sorry for the long break in blogging, guys! I’ve been so busy with work that I hadn’t had time to sit down and sort through my photos.

Bel and Jo celebrated my birthday two weeks ago with a nice meal and a movie @One Utama Shopping Centre in Damansara. Our dinner was supposed to be at 730pm but I got off my assignment at 4-ish and was here by 5pm.

1U has never been my favourite place to shop because it’s just so massive and the layout branches out all over the place that I find it hard to explore. That, and it’s far from my house.

Stopped by the Rainforest to look at some fish..


It’s a nice little enclave with greenery and ponds with fat koi fish swimming in it. I sat on a bench nearby to finish some reading.


Also bought these wooden beads for only RM12 from a small shop selling dreamcatchers, earrings and other crafty stuff.


The traffic was bad so Bel and Jo only got to the shopping mall at 8pm. We settled for Fish N Co – which was where we had our Christmas gathering a couple of years ago (has it been already?. Serving all things seafood, the restaurant dishes out mixed Western and fusion fare to suit the local taste buds (like sambal fish n chips, chilli crab with rice, etc.). Adopting the concept of ‘seafood in a pan’, it was inspired by fishermen who would often cook fresh catch directly in the pan.

I was starving by then, so I ordered a grilled calamari in lemon butter sauce (RM14.95) for starters. This is one of their signature  appetisers, and did not disappoint. Slightly charred on the outside for that smokey flavour, the squid was sliced into easy-to-eat yet generous chunks and was fresh and springy. The lemon butter sauce was tangy and creamy without being overpowering: perfect to whet the appetite before digging into heavier mains. Good for sharing, and if you’re a small eater, order a side of fries/rice for a meal on its own.

Highly recommended!


My main meal was New York Fish n Chips (RM21.95), a generous portion of battered fish stuffed with parmesan cheese, served with cool mayo dip and thick cut fries. The batter is well done, crispy on the outside while the meat is moist and juicy on the inside. Be careful when it’s served so as not to burn your tongue! The cheese on the lends it a smooth, creamy taste. I like this the best compared to the other FnC options, like Arctic, Swiss, Italian, Afrika, Sawadee: all with  their own toppings and flavours, so to each their own. 🙂


Bel had the healthier non-fried option, Baked White Fish with Mozza Cheese (RM22.95), which was covered in a generous amount of melted mozzarella cheese and served with mixed vegetables and a bed of mashed potato.

Fish N Co have branches in many shopping malls, and like many franchises, some places are better than others. I recommend the one in 1U and Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya (but some people have had less than pleasant experience with the food here, so..) but it really boils down to personal preference.

Fish N Co 1 Utama

LG 350, Lower Ground Floor,
Lebuh Bandar Utama,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel: + 6 03 7722 4928


They got me accessories from Lovisa as presents 🙂 Thank you, guys! I especially like the stone earrings 🙂


Of Speed Dating and Random Food Posts

Ever been to a speed dating event? It has become increasingly popular these days, coz people have no time to meet other people outside of work, and when they do, they want it to be fast. The whole idea of speed dating is to engage in short conversations that (usually) lasts less than five minutes. If you like the other party, you can always arrange for drinks after the meetup.

I imagine awkwardness, coz I’ve never been good at making small talk 😀

Last weekend, I got to go and see for myself how these sessions go. Not as a participant though – it was for work, lol. The event was held at Parkamaya, Farenheit 88 KL. For those who haven’t been here before, it’s a cool spot with lots of K and J-pop inspired fashion items.


Got free coffee, cakes and sandwiches, courtesy of Coffee Stain. The Machiatto Latte was pretty good, but their Iced Chocolate was diluted and tasted like regular powdered chocolate drinks. Well I guess coz it’s free…

sam_0103-tile sam_0105-tile

OOTD: Boots, scarf and long sleeved dress from H&M; tights from Primark UK and beanie from boyfie in California. Bag from Roxy.



I made a new acquaintance at the event! Her name is Choy Peng and she’s a regular at all these fun events at Parkamaya and stuff. She blogs at, if anyone wants to check out her writing.

CP told me she has been to speed dating events before, and ‘you’d be surprisd by the people you meet’ – including insurance agents, real estate brokers and salesmen who try to sell you stuff while you’re supposed to be getting to know each other. 😀 So desperate meh…


The couples took turns asking each other questions for five minutes each time, then they had a question and answer session for the chance to win a dinner date. There was also a Miss and Mr Congeniality contest, whereby all the participants had to put stickers behind the guy/girl they like. The one with the most wins. Ps: Purely my opinion, but I think looks DO play a part in this respect. The winners were relatively good looking. But I also noticed that a charming, suave personality helps, coz some guys who weren’t that good looking received lots of heart stickers.


And then I went.. window shopping! 😀

It’s not often I go to KL coz I hate the traffic and the parking here, so Must. Spend. Time. Shopping.


Dinner at Fish&CO, my favourite fish N Chip chain restaurant. The one at Pavilion KL serves REALLY good salt and pepper squid. It was so springy and fresh i dont even. My expression when I first chomped on that chewy ring was literally ;_____;.

I have searched long and hard for a place that serves such good squid. And I have finally found it. It is seasoned just right, without being too salty, and the texture is perfect. The hardest part about cooking squid is getting the bouncy, ‘fresh seafood’ texture right. This absolutely nailed it.


On the other hand, the New York fish n chips was a disappointment. The fish was soggy and overcooked, the meat was soft and spongy. Well I guess you can’t have everything…


Ending the post with a random picture of KFC lunch. OMG CHEESE SAUCE.

Til next post!