Drift Like A Pro @ BlastACars Malaysia

*first published on http://www.efy.com.my on January 30 2016. *2017 update: BlastACars Malaysia has moved to a new location at Sungei Wang Plaza, Kuala Lumpur. Watching the Initial D movie will make you want to whip out your steering wheel and go cutting corners like a pro. In the film, racers pit their cars in street races against each other. There was an emphasis on drifting … Continue reading Drift Like A Pro @ BlastACars Malaysia

Driving in the Klang Valley

I have many online friends from other countries who know very little about Malaysia. Some of them can’t even pinpoint where we are (fyi we are a South East Asian country split into two – the Western peninsula is between Thailand and Singapore, while East Malaysia is below the Philippines.) I recently interviewed a few Chinese expatriates and students for an assignment and they said that most … Continue reading Driving in the Klang Valley