Four Hunky Childhood Crushes from Cartoons

I was scrolling through my newsfeed the other day and there was a post about childhood cartoon ‘crushes’. While many that made the comments section were Disney princes, I realised that even then, I had rather… unconventional tastes; which I thought of sharing here.

4) Aladdin 


Most of my fellow tweens back then were all over princes like Prince Philip from Sleeping Beauty and Eric from The Little Mermaid.

I, on the other hand, fan-girled over Aladdin. The messy long hair, thick eyebrows, big eyes, cheeky grin. I was attracted to Aladdin’s carefree attitude, genuine persona and kindness (when he gives bread to orphans) even though he’s just a ‘street rat’. The bad boy appearance but a softie at heart always gets me. Also, he felt more real because unlike the other Disney princes, Aladdin wasn’t born a prince. He comes across as someone who is smart, resourceful and appreciative of things because he wasn’t born with a silver spoon and has had a hard life.

3) Hans from The Nutcracker Prince 


The only ‘good’ boy on the list, Hans from the classic 1990 cartoon The Nutcracker Prince has one of the best voices I’ve ever heard (it’s Kiefer Sutherland, people). As the protagonist Clara shrinks to a small size and enters the land of the dolls, Hans brings her around his kingdom, fights off a big, mean rat and protects our heroine from all sorts of dangers. Now who wouldn’t want a prince charming like that?

2) Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler) 


By day a trickster who gets himself into all sorts of trouble at the X-men academy, by night a superhero with teleporting powers. Kurt Wagner or Nightcrawler from X-Men: Evolution was the guy I would have crushed on for real in high school, the goofy class clown that’s always getting detention for pranking the teachers. I’ve never been one for jocks or athletes; guys that got along with me (and that I crushed on) were usually types like Kurt. Also his ‘German’ accent in the cartoon is way cute.

And last but not least….

1 ) Eduardo Rivera 


Eduardo; the sarcastic, pessimistic slacker from Extreme Ghostbusters. His penchant for cutting comebacks, witty one liners and jokes (and that goatee!) made him extremely hot to my prepubescent self. Also his love hate relationship with Kylie; he cares for her but despite all his brashness, is not really open about his feelings. He is also loyal to his friends, despite his constant bickering with teammate Garett.

**Extreme Ghostbusters was one of the most underrated series in my opinion, and it was good. It catered to a teenage/more mature audience since the stories and ghosts were genuinely scary for an 11-year-old.

And there you have it – four of my childhood cartoon crushes! I can say that this taste in ‘men’ can actually be seen even until today – I tend to like bad boy-looking guys who are softies at heart, who can make me laugh rather than Prince Charming types. Did you also notice that most of them had long hair? Lol.

Who are some of your childhood crushes? Comment below! 😀

30 Day Challenge Day 14

Challenge Day 14 – Provide pictures of 5 celebrity crushes. 

My heart immediately started racing at the thought of all these drool-worthy men wahahaha. The hard part was picking five. xD Here it is – my list of five celebrity crushes.

1# JAY PARK (Park Jaebom) 

If I could sum up how my dream guy looks like, it would be in the form of Jay Park. Like wtfboy ur one hella fine. He has that ultra cute-guy-next-door vibe to him, the popular Asian kid in college everyone thought was the shizz. I love his eyes, they make perfect crescent shapes when he laughs.Not to mention one super hot bod. Hmmmm. *wipes corner of mouth*. His tatts look great on him too. And have I mentioned hot bod yet?


Well apart from his good looks which has girls all over the world tripping over their feet trying to get close to him, he’s also a talented singer and dancer. Have you seen his moves? Boy can rap AND dance up a storm.


This vid makes me feel faint. *swoons*

I actually did know a Korean boy from NJ who looked like Jay Park. His name was AJ, and he had the exact same crescent shaped eyes Jay Park has omg I was so attracted bahaha. It didn’t work out though.



This frontman of popular alternative rock band 30 Seconds to Mars is not only good at singing (and screaming), playing music and acting (one of the rare singers who can actually act), he is bygolly one of the most yummilicious looking guys on the planet. And get this: he’s in his 40s. Like how do you even look that good at 40 anyway?

And he makes inspirational music! What’s not to like?

3# Dumbfoundead (Johnathan Park)

…Maybe I have a penchant for bad-boy looking East Asians lol. I think Dumb is really cute (his expression reminds me of a koi fish! with the moustache and everything haha). It can’t be denied that he’s also a good rapper who made it into the difficult American rap scene (there aren’t many Asians who have a big following or managed to break into the market). So, respect.


…And also coz I love his Koreatown tatt. heh



I have a thing for gingers. I can’t understand why people think they look ugleh/are weird/ whatever. Fiery red hair is so hot 😀 Rupert Grint has been my childhood crush since Harry Potter first came out. I mean, I loved the character in the book as well, but RG plays him to the tee. Actually, the only real reason I even watched the movies was coz of Rupert Grint.


Those eyes… *blushes and looks at toes*.

I mean, if he’s anything like the character he plays irl, I would love to have a guy like him for a boyfriend. Down-to-earth, a loyal friend, a best friend apart from being a boyfriend. He seems to be an excellent kisser too, from that movie Cherrybomb. hurhurhur



He kinda looks like Kurt Cobain right? But the similarity ends at looks, coz Tom’s music is of a different genre. He has a beautiful voice, beautiful porcelain doll-like skin, is tall and lanky (I somehow like these types :P), talented and cute. What’s not to crush on?

There you have it! Five celebrity crushes. Some other guys who I really wanted to put on this list as well:

  • -Justin Nozuka (those sharp, chiselled Pan Asian features, maygawd)
  • -Alex Turner (Artic Monkey’s frontman. Tousled hair and dark eyes. woo)

Yes, I know. Most of these guys are either Asian or British. I have a thing for English guys. I think their accents are super hot. I think that’s what initially attracted me to T.. He’s Asian AND British okwtf. Well ofc I like him for other things.. Like the fact that he’s cute, he’s funny and he makes me laugh, I feel comfy around him (but he can also be a meanass and make me cry at times.)

By the way, sleepy time. Happy drooling, ladies!