Unexpectedly Good Food @ Honey Bunny, 3 Damansara

While looking for a quiet spot for lunch near the office, I came across Honey Bunny at 3 Damansara. Touted as the ‘cutest beer pong bar in Malaysia’, it doubles as a restaurant – although I wouldn’t say it’s the family-friendly kind if you come in the evenings. They have bunnies (?) who accompany guests to drink and play games, so if you’re into that sort of thing then you’ll probably like this place.


During the day, it’s much like most other restos, albeit a little quiet. The menu is mostly Western fusion, offering up pizzas, pastas and meat dishes, as well as finger food that go well with alcohol.




I don’t have much faith in bar food, but was pleasantly surprised to find that the carbonara was actually very tasty. The portion was generous, the pasta was cooked al dente and it was creamy but not cloying. The noodles were topped with a perfectly oozy egg yolk, further coating the creamy strands of pasta in an extra layer of rich goodness.


I ordered a set so it came with soup of the day and a drink.


Also got something fried to snack on: calamari rings served with housemade tartare and chilli sauce. You can’t go wrong with fried squid!


While I probably won’t be coming at night because I don’t drink and I have no friends, I think I’ll be stopping by again for lunch to try out other items on their menu. Prices are reasonable considering the setting, and their lunch sets are affordable.


GS-13, 3 Damansara , No.3, Jalan SS20/27, Petaling Jaya (North), 47400 3, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Opening hours: Sunday — Thursday(11am — 1am), Friday — Saturday (11am — 2am)

Phone: +6016-233 5658


Union – Beijing’s Latest Bar – Opens at The Opposite House In Sanlitun

UNION – Beijing’s latest bar – opens at The Opposite House in the Sanlitun district, bringing with it a brand of elegance, comfort and the free spirit of an artist’s studio infused with a curated hospitality experience.

UNION bar view

With a 20th-century modernist sensibility, the beautiful space embodies the spirit of 1920s modernism with a showcase of artworks and objects reminiscent of the International Expos of the era, paired with drinks inspired by the ancient Silk Road.UNION was designed by leading, New York-based design firm, AvroKO.

UNION key visual

Seemingly whimsical in nature, UNION was created to have a clear social flow. Copper architectural frames and metal mesh sheets showcase artwork, sculptures and objects, drawing in and engaging guests, whilst hidden elements such as the bar trolley, spicery wall and DJ booths enable a seamless transition from day to night. The interiors are inspired by potter Lucie Rie’s studio – a beautiful yet versatile space well suited to living, working and socialising. The aim is to create a sense of belonging and discovery, evoking the sense of witnessing something for the first time. A carefully curated soundtrack allows the bar to seamlessly transition from day to night with the perfect eclectic mix of tempo, BPM, energy levels and genres.

UNION night time view

A sophisticated drinks menu consists of an extensive wine list made up of 60 bins that are all available by the glass, as well as selection of signature cocktails and alcohol-free drinks. The wine list changes monthly and whilst it features some well-known wineries the list is carefully curated to provide representation for lesser known producers, hard to find bottles and biodynamic wines.

As for the signature cocktail list, it encapsulates a diverse range of flavours inspired by international tastes; non-alcoholic creations include Spring breeze (a representation of Eastern Chinese flavours) which has pear, vanilla, coconut, citric acid and sea salt , whilst the traditional cocktail menu includes highlights such as Genghis Khan Martini (Mongolian representation) with French Gin, Mongolia Milk Wine, Dry Vermouth, Elderflower, Coconut and Sea Salt.

UNION sofa view

The Opposite House by Swire Hotels is one of four Houses in The House Collective. Located in Taikoo Li Sanlitun — a vibrant open-plan shopping, dining and entertainment destination developed by Swire Properties, The Opposite House was designed by Kengo Kuma, one of Japan’s most celebrated art and design geniuses.

The House’s 99 guest studios include nine spacious suites and a penthouse duplex with a 240-sq m roof terrace, all pet-friendly with special treats and amenities available for guests’ furry companions. More than half of all the studios are over 70 sqm and all are strikingly simple with natural wooden floors and subtle touches of Chinese décor. The Atrium of the House presents itself as a contemporary art gallery, showcasing art steeped in fresh cultural insights. The House has one restaurant and a bar, Jing Yaa Tang, which specialises in local fare including the famous Peking duck.


Food Review: Woodstock Bar and Bistro, Section 8 Petaling Jaya

*I have 20 drafts in the folder and no time to write/publish any D: Here’s a quick one typed over lunch. 

Food options are pretty limited around my workplace – so I when I heard there was a new place called Woodstock which opened a few months ago in Section 8 PJ I said Hallelujah! no more boring ol’ chap fan everyday. Now don’t get me wrong. Chap fan is still the cheapest option available and the food is pretty decent, but you try eating the same dishes everyday 5x a week

(What a first world problem lol).  

I’m not sure what the design at Woodstock was aiming for. An English pub? Perhaps. There was a faux ‘fireplace’, cosy leather couches and medieval paintings alongside rows of wines. The air conditioning was turned on full blast, presumably so that the beverages won’t go bad. The spacious wooden counter housed various expensive liquor bottles and beer taps. Two teles blasted dance videos and pop music.

The bar/bistro vibe made me think that they cater mainly to night customers, but they’re also open during the day with sets for the lunch crowd.

Live music area.

Wood paneled walls + deco – an old phonograph, portrait of a medieval king, a wooden clock.. the seats had prints of crowns and stuff on them.

Colleagues and I got ourselves a booth and I ordered their Pork Katsu rice set. Forgot the exact price (I think it was RM15.90) but it came served with a side of carrot and cabbage, pickles, one fried seafood tofu, fried mushrooms and sweet egg, and the katsu itself with rice. Also soup of the day (winter melon?) and green tea.

The food is decent, but ever since having the Pork Katsu from Tonkatsu by Ma Maison (I know.. you can’t compare it since they’re differently priced)… the latter has ruined all other pork katsus for me. To be fair, it tasted okay, although the meat could do with a bit more sauce since it was too dry. The rice was fluffy and the real winner for me was the mushrooms, which were not too greasy.

Not a bad place to stop by once in awhile for lunch if you’re in the area.


7, Lorong 8/1e, Petaling Jaya, 46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Opening hours: Lunch, 4PM – 12AM