Tokyo Kitchen, Bandar Putri Puchong

Update: This restaurant is permanently closed.

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of updates. Been busy at work, and what free time I have, I’ve been binging on Kitchen Nightmares episodes on Youtube. 😡 Watching Gordon Ramsay roast clueless restaurateurs is fun, but it’s also turned me off from eating outside ever again….

Just kidding. Eating out is inevitable. But it DOES make me question how my food is being prepared in the kitchen, behind closed doors.

Anyway, my bro got his first paycheck! So we made him buy us dinner, mwahaha. We went to this place called Tokyo Kitchen in Bandar Puteri, Puchong.

The restaurant had a lot of space, but much of this was taken up by a wooden platform/walkway/pond with koi fish in it, with fake sakura petals hanging from the rafters. The booths on the right, instead, were cramped and uncomfortable (???) Bad aesthetics to say the least. Could do away with the pond. A random umbrella sat in the corner, looking sad.

The other side of the restaurant looked roomier. Lighting was very dim. For me, it didn’t create an intimate atmosphere, but came off feeling dodgy instead. There was also a stale smell in the air, probably due to lack of ventilation. Wasn’t impressed at that point, but it was getting late and the parents were hungry…

Thankfully, the food wasn’t bad. Pop’s had fried ebi (shrimp) with egg over rice, and the portion was quite sizable.


had a good flavour. The shrimp was cooked well and crispy, the potatoes/carrots weren’t too soft or hard.

Bro’s salmon don. 

Moo had the saba (mackerel) grill set, which was surprisingly nice. The fish was done just right, with a slight crisp on the outside, whilst retaining its juiciness on the inside. Deboned well. The meal was served with a side of miso soup, fruits and chawan mushi with rice.


Ambience: Dark, dingy, stale air. 5/10.

Service: 6/10. Servers weren’t enthusiastic, not impressed.

Food: Exceeded expectations. 7.5/`10


Jalan Puteri 2/4, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia
Phone: 03-8066 3922
Business hours: 11AM – 10PM (Daily)

Mian Dui Mian Noodle House, Bandar Puteri, Puchong

Grabbing a quick lunch at Bandar Puteri Puchong over the weekend! 🙂 Mum initially wanted to get porridge but we didn’t wanna drive so far so we ended up getting pan mee at Mian Dui Mian instead.

What is pan mee? It is Hakka-Chinese noodle dish from Malaysia,  made up of thick or thin (sometimes hand shredded) flour noodles in either dry or soup versions. Traditionally, the soup one has slices of pork or minced pork, anchovies and vegetables but now they have loads of other types like chilli, curry, and more.


Mian Dui Mian (a clever play on words which means ‘face to face’ or ‘noodle to noodle’: the word for face and noodle sounds similar in both Cantonese and Mandarin) specialises in pan mee and Sarawak noodles. Mum had the latter, while I got minced pork pan mee, which came topped with crunchy fried fish crackers. It was meh – the sauce had a weird aftertaste that reminded me of that almond smell you get from cockroaches (!!!). Not sure if will come back or maybe it’s coz I picked a dish that wasn’t their signature.


Still, they seem to be doing brisk business as the place was packed over lunch time. They should do more to improve their ventilation – it was so hot on the patio that I got up from the seat with my thighs so drenched it felt like I had peed myself


The hot weather has been relentless this past couple of weeks; quenched it with some iced coffee. Drink lots of water, guys!

Mian Dui Mian (Face2Face) Noodle House 

No. 8, Jalan Puteri 2/4, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 11:30-21:00

Bad Service – Xian Xian Restaurant, Bandar Puteri Puchong

[Update: This restaurant is permanently closed]

This is the third time I’ve dined at Xian Xian Restaurant in Bandar Puteri, Puchong – and the last.

Why? The service there is just really bad. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice..

My first visit was actually okay: you can read the review here

The second time we went, they forgot our orders and as a result, the items took forever to arrive. This time around, I went with my fam (coz my dad wanted to eat here) and again, they forgot our orders: something as simple as beverages and they had to be reminded several times for them to finally fetch plain water. The restaurant was not even full, the table next to ours who arrived later than us had their drinks first – and then they waited for the longest time for food to arrive as well. Really poor quality control in the kitchen or along the service line. System for taking orders should be improved.


Ordered: 4 Heavenly Kings Stir Fried vegetables with belacan – aubergine, lady finger, bitter gourd and onions came with bits of seafood like shrimp and squid. The belacan was very salty and quite overpowering, but okay with rice.


Tofu with minced meat was decent. Silky, bouncy tofu mixed with spring onions, pork bits, mushrooms and carrots.


Deep fried squid with salted egg yolk. 

Squid wasn’t the freshest as it was tough and chewy, while there was barely a salted egg yolk flavour. It tasted like regular tempura battered squid.


Their ‘specialty’ was the Hakka Chicken. This tasted okay, a bit oily. The bigger chicken pieces weren’t cooked thoroughly and were still raw in the middle. ._.


And finally, fish maw soup with seafood. I think this was the best – clear and flavourful, with lots of ingredients in it.

They served complimentary dessert, but my cup of herbal jelly was spoiled. Instead of a clear bounciness, it was slimy and tasted powdery. I was really fed up by then and just wanted to leave, but my mum went and told the lady boss about it and she claimed that it was made just this morning so there shouldn’t be any problems (there were no probs with the desserts served to my family so I guess it was just bad luck).

Meal came up to RM122, which was reasonable. The food isn’t bad, but for this kinda service…. meh.

PS: We had finished our meal and the table next to us (who got their drinks first and had been waiting for over half an hour) still hadn’t gotten their food yet. Note that the resto was only half full at that time.

Xian Xian…. last time I’m coming here. kbai

Xian Xian Restaurant 

19G, Jalan Puteri 2/6, Bandar Puteri Puchong,

Bandar Puteri, 47100, Puchong.

016-338 0410 / 018-212 8863

Foo Hing Dimsum House, Bandar Puteri Puchong

C’s down with a fever and she’s been cooped up in the house for a few days, poor girl. So when she called me to have lunch, I went to her house and we drove to Bandar Puteri in Puchong for some dimsum. There is a busy row here with several dimsum shops, like Taiji and Zok Noodle House (for reviews, click on the bolded link! :)) but since I’ve never been to Foo Hing Dimsum House further down the road, we went to that instead.


The shop has two adjacent lots, one air conditioned and the other which is not – but it was well ventilated with lots of fans and cooling machines.

Dimsum is traditionally enjoyed in the early mornings, but with the ‘brunch’ culture today, restaurants are often open for lunch as well. The shop was packed when we got there around 1pm.

Servers carry freshly baked/fried/steamed dimsum on trays, so you can pick the ones you want when they come to your table. You can also choose from a menu (it was all in Chinese, which I can’t read), but there were helpful pictures and numbers to refer to. Simply pick the ones you want and jot them down on a sheet to hand to the servers.


Deep fried prawn wrapped in beancurd. It was greasy, but the shrimp on the inside was seasoned well and the beancurd skin was crispy and fried to golden perfection. Served with a dollop of mayo for dipping.


Soup dumpling with dongfen (glass vermicelli, which has the texture of sharks fin). After the savoury shrimp roll, this was quite tasteless. Nevertheless the dumpling was sizable, swimming in a clear soupy broth. Waiting time may go up to 20mins.


Hargao (shrimp dumpling in crystal wrapper) was okay; nothing special. Spiced it up with some garlic chilli sauce.


(background) Siewmai – minced pork and shrimp meat wrapped in a sweet egg wrapper. It was juicy, well seasoned and moist from the steaming 🙂


Another siew mai but with salted duck egg yolk on the top for an extra saltiness and a different texture.

Overall, Foo Hing dishes out decent dimsum, there is a good selection to choose from and the price is reasonable. I still prefer Taiji though because I’ve been eating there for a long time and it was the first dimsum shop that opened in Bandar Puteri, so I have an attachment to it 🙂


31G, Jalan Puteri 2/6, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia
Opening hours: 630am- 330pm (daily)
Did some spring cleaning since Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Had a headache looking at my own messy table.


While cleaning out the drawers, found some coins from my travels! There were Euros, British currency, HK and Singapore dollars. Think I can sell any of them?


Coins that are older than I am. There’s even a 34 year old French franc. 🙂


Clean table.

Won’t be long before it’s messy again..

Ground Eatery, PFCC Bandar Putri Puchong

Another round of birthday celebrating! I’m blessed to have such thoughtful friends. 🙂

This time it was with my high school friends, Carmen, Simon and Elyss. We initially wanted to go to Walnut Cafe & Bar @ Puchong PFCC, but since it was a Friday night, the place was packed to the brim with families and bar hoppers. Just a couple of doors down was a newly opened cafe called Ground Eatery, so we popped into that instead.


The cafe gave off a cozy vibe. Visitors are greeted with overhanging tree branches decorated with bird-cage lights, wooden tables and chairs, and a rough yet aesthetic brick wall on one side of the cafe. The interior is spacious with minimalist design and a clean, colourful counter-bar area with cakes on display.



We shared Rose Tea (refillable).  Aromatic, flowery and with a hint of sweet.


I hadn’t had dinner yet, so I got their bacon carbonara. It came in a huge serving, topped with lots of bacon and an oozy, runny egg. The sauce is smooth and creamy, but can get overwhelming after a bit. Still, as yummy as carbonaras go.


Mushroom cheese pizza. Thin-crusted, loaded with mushrooms and squishy cheese.


They got me cake! The friendly staff also sang me Happy Birthday 😀


Friends since high school. 🙂 Thank you for the lovely meal and gifts!


Souvenirs from Lombok, Bali.


When I saw the big, bulky stuff in Carmen’s paper bag, I was thinking it might be edible underwear x_x but it turned out to be sauna belts. LOL

Ground Eatery 

Tower 4& 5, PFCC

Jalan Puteri 1/2, Bandar Puteri Puchong,

47100 Puchong, Selangor

Tel: 017-649 6092

Open 12pm – 12am


Bone & Pot Steamboat, Bandar Puteri Puchong

One of the best things that you can have on a cold, rainy day is hotpot (we call it steamboat here in Malaysia). What can be heartier than a hot bowl of soup and cooked meat to warm the stomach in chilly weather? My colleague recently went for a review at Bone & Pot Steamboat in Bandar Puteri, Puchong and had extra vouchers, so I took my family there for a nice dinner.


Bone & Pot has several outlets around the Klang Valley and have been operating since 2009. Their Cantonese name is pretty quirky – ‘Yau Guat Hei’ –  literally translated it means ‘strength of character’ . ‘Guat’ also means ‘bone’ and ‘hei’ (breath) is often used to refer to food that has been infused with the ‘heat’ from the cooking process, thus sealing in the flavours.So the name can’t be more appropriate. ba dum tsh 

Unlike other conventional steamboat outlets, the place specializes in Collagen Soup. You’ve probably heard of collagen face masks and beauty products, but soup? Apparently the collagen jelly used in the broth base at Bone & Pot comes from high quality fish scales specially imported from Japan.

Collagen is said to have brightening, firming, moisturising and nourishing as well as anti-aging effects on skin, so it’s popular among the ladies. It doesn’t come cheap though – a bowl of the stuff (which needs to be ordered in advance by the way because they have limited quantities) costs RM22.

We decided to have the pork bone soup base instead (pic above). I misled you into thinking it was collagen soup, didn’t I? 😀

The bones have been boiled for eight hours, hence the milky texture.


Another thing about this restaurant is that they don’t serve in sets – all dishes are ordered individually and can rack up quite a sum. One of the notable ones was the beef balls, which were fairly large and had broth on the inside: just be careful not to scald your tongue when you’re biting into a cooked beef ball! The pork slices were not too thin or thick, perfect for cooking. We also had the standard fish balls, flying saucers (dumplings that are shaped like the aforementioned), beancurd and some noodles.


I had a whole plate of chewy pork stomach to myself. The notion of nibbling on innards might be offputting to some, but I love offal.


(Left) Deep fried egg noodle (Yee Mee) and squid slices.


Waiting for the food to cook is one of the most agonising processes of having steamboat, because the vapour and the smell just wafts tantalisingly into your face and it feels like forever before you can sink your teeth into that well-cooked, moist piece of pork.

The pork bone soup is very good, especially in the later part of the meal when it has absorbed the full flavour of all the ingredients. My brother and I drank almost half the pot by ourselves.

The price came up to RM120 for the four of us, which means that the original bill was RM170(!) which imo is very expensive for a steamboat establishment, since my usual steamboat place only charges RM30 per head for all you can eat. However, if you’d like to indulge in some good soup once in awhile, why not?


Puchong Branch

+603 8066 7722A |47, Jalan Puteri 2/3,
Bandar Puteri,
47100 Puchong, Selangor