Schweinshaxe (Pork Knuckles) @ Cafe Kainz, Hohenschwangau, Germany

*This post is part of my Euro-tour series. I’m clearing up some very old travel posts, some of which were migrated from another site. 

We’re back on the road for our Euro tour of Germany! Our coach left the old city of Heidelberg and headed to the border of Austria. We stopped by an authentic German restaurant on the way to have lunch. One can’t claim to have visited Germany without having their famous pork knuckles! The dish is called Schweinshaxe and it is very popular in the Bavarian region.


Cafe Kainz is located at the foot of the dark green foresty hills of Schwangau, Germany – just a stone’s throw away from New Swan Castle – which makes it a popular spot for tourists looking to fill their bellies while on their way to the attraction. The restaurant/inn exudes a cosy cottage-like charm. We sat outside on the terrace, under umbrellas in the autumn sunshine.


I ordered their signature – a gargantuan pork knuckle bathing in its own juices, with a side of fries. The meat was first boiled, then roasted for a crisp, crackly skin. The skin was my fave – it was like eating crackers. The meat was cooked to tender perfection and was melt-off the bone – I didn’t even need to use the knife much.



I’ve always wanted to finish a pork knuckle all by myself. That’s another item off the bucket list!


To wash it down, some Konig Ludwig Dunkel – a Bavarian speciality beer brewed with naturally soft limestone water and selected raw materials from Southern Germany. Beer + pork knuckles is a killer combo!


Ending the meal on a sweet note, we had strawberry ice-cream in cute little glass cups. An amazing meal to match an amazingly beautiful country.


Restaurant Kainz
Alpseestraße 5, 87645 Schwangau, Germany

Opening hours: (Daily) 9.30AM – 5PM

Phone+49 8362 505234