Third Semester

The third sem is really crazy. 1. Prepare IR tutorial presentation. ‘Lucky’ to get first. Whooopeee 2. IR Assignment framework 3. Every week, read up stuff about Malaysia and its international relations. For someone who is totally ‘sesat’ who doesn’t even know who Ban Ki Moon until recently (why am I in Journalism?), this is equivalent to weekly mental torture. Haha. Politics was bad enough … Continue reading Third Semester

100 Truths

Lately I haven’t had pix to upload in the blog. Boringgg. I stole this from my friend Chun Hou. Enjoy! 001. Real Name: Mistress of the Universe. 002. Nickname(s): Eris, Piggy, Ice Cream Queen, Sai Sai Lou Gong (tats wat Grace calls me ahaha) 003. Age: 18 004. Horoscope: Virgo 005. Male or Female: Female 006. Elementary: A school 007. Primary School: Somewhere 008. High … Continue reading 100 Truths