Of Speed Dating and Random Food Posts

Ever been to a speed dating event? It has become increasingly popular these days, coz people have no time to meet other people outside of work, and when they do, they want it to be fast. The whole idea of speed dating is to engage in short conversations that (usually) lasts less than five minutes. If you like the other party, you can always arrange for drinks after the meetup.

I imagine awkwardness, coz I’ve never been good at making small talk 😀

Last weekend, I got to go and see for myself how these sessions go. Not as a participant though – it was for work, lol. The event was held at Parkamaya, Farenheit 88 KL. For those who haven’t been here before, it’s a cool spot with lots of K and J-pop inspired fashion items.


Got free coffee, cakes and sandwiches, courtesy of Coffee Stain. The Machiatto Latte was pretty good, but their Iced Chocolate was diluted and tasted like regular powdered chocolate drinks. Well I guess coz it’s free…

sam_0103-tile sam_0105-tile

OOTD: Boots, scarf and long sleeved dress from H&M; tights from Primark UK and beanie from boyfie in California. Bag from Roxy.



I made a new acquaintance at the event! Her name is Choy Peng and she’s a regular at all these fun events at Parkamaya and stuff. She blogs at choypengism.blogspot.com, if anyone wants to check out her writing.

CP told me she has been to speed dating events before, and ‘you’d be surprisd by the people you meet’ – including insurance agents, real estate brokers and salesmen who try to sell you stuff while you’re supposed to be getting to know each other. 😀 So desperate meh…


The couples took turns asking each other questions for five minutes each time, then they had a question and answer session for the chance to win a dinner date. There was also a Miss and Mr Congeniality contest, whereby all the participants had to put stickers behind the guy/girl they like. The one with the most wins. Ps: Purely my opinion, but I think looks DO play a part in this respect. The winners were relatively good looking. But I also noticed that a charming, suave personality helps, coz some guys who weren’t that good looking received lots of heart stickers.


And then I went.. window shopping! 😀

It’s not often I go to KL coz I hate the traffic and the parking here, so Must. Spend. Time. Shopping.


Dinner at Fish&CO, my favourite fish N Chip chain restaurant. The one at Pavilion KL serves REALLY good salt and pepper squid. It was so springy and fresh i dont even. My expression when I first chomped on that chewy ring was literally ;_____;.

I have searched long and hard for a place that serves such good squid. And I have finally found it. It is seasoned just right, without being too salty, and the texture is perfect. The hardest part about cooking squid is getting the bouncy, ‘fresh seafood’ texture right. This absolutely nailed it.


On the other hand, the New York fish n chips was a disappointment. The fish was soggy and overcooked, the meat was soft and spongy. Well I guess you can’t have everything…


Ending the post with a random picture of KFC lunch. OMG CHEESE SAUCE.

Til next post!