Join The Subtle Asian Dating Group On FB To Completely Ruin Your Self Confidence

If you’ve been somewhere in the stratosphere and/or spend much of your time on the Internet, then you’ve probably heard of the Subtle Asian Traits Group on Facebook (they’ve even got their own Wiki page), which has over 1.6 million members who share content, memes and have discussions on the Asian experience in the West. An offshoot of this, which I recently heard about, is the Subtle Asian Dating Group.

The most notable thing about the SAD group (haha!) is the ‘auction’ series, where friends of members (and sometimes the members themselves) post photos and a bio on why you should date them, usually accompanied by social media plugs so you can ‘slide into their DMs’. A majority of the members are young and in their early 20s.

As I scroll through the auction posts, all I can say is..  WTF? WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE AND WHY DO THEY LOOK SO GODDAMN ATTRACTIVE? And it also seems that everyone has a 4.0 CGPA and/or is studying to be a doctor/computer scientist/data scientist/geologist/economist and/or has some sort of talent like being a cellist and performing at Carnegie Hall (actual profile), being an animal rescuer, national athletes, or some shit. That, on top of six packs and anime-like / Korean-oppa faces.


The more I go through the posts, the more I feel like a potato. It’s no wonder people have this stereotype of Asians as being overachievers, because they are lol.

That being said, I like looking at pretty people (who doesn’t?) so perhaps I’ll stay in the group for just a bit longer That’s not creepy at all

While we’re on the topic, I thought of doing an auction post for the Hubs. So here goes:



  • Name: Neil GM
  • IG: nimbus.neil
  • Location: MNL
  • Age: 33 years young, can also be 10, 20, or 50 depending on hour of the day and mood
  • Ethnicity: 🇵🇭 Filipino (with a spot of Spanish. Like 10%. Which he is very adamant on mentioning)


💙 don’t be fooled by the one pack – there’s a six pack underneath

💙 soft belly is perfect as a pillow

💙 Loves cuddles and will shower you with kisses

💙 gamer boi, will understand your need to game and give you space

💙 Will spend six hours in a museum with you and is basically a culture nerd

💙 Infinitely cute boyo, fluffy hair

💙 Cat lover, will meow at random street cats and they will usually come to him (cat overlord)

💙 Gives great massages and hugs

💙 Photo enthusiast; will take great photos of you for socmed

💙 Foodie; will act as your garbage disposal when you can’t finish your food


📍 talks and giggles a lot when drunk
📍 can be stubborn (tiger baby)
📍 style still stuck in the 90s, won’t let me dress him up properly
📍 takes forever to decide on what to eat at restaurants + lame jokes that only I laugh at


The end




Ding Dong Across Asia – An Asian Gastronomic Tour

Widely recognised as a melting pot of Asian cuisine, Singapore is a gateway to the eclectic culinary flavours of Asia.

Enter Ding Dong, one of Singapore’s foremost restaurants to join in the Mod-Asian epicurean movement since opening its doors in 2013; the restaurant prides itself in continuously putting forth innovative dishes that meld familiar and traditional flavours of Asian cuisine with innovative plating, and modern, progressive culinary techniques.

Introducing 18 new exciting dishes to its ala carte menu, diners can expect a creative reimagination of Asia’s quintessential flavours through modern and progressive execution by newly appointed Head Chef, Miller Mai, as well as an equally inventive cocktail programme – Not So Lonely Planet, conceptualised and created by Group Bar Manager, Joe Schofield.


East Meets West

Kuih Pie Tee, singapore chilli Crab_1

Exploring a diverse blend of bold flavours in its cooking style, the restaurant takes diners on a taste journey across Asia that begins with Ding Dong’s rendition of Kuih Pie Tee, Singapore Chilli Crab, guaranteed to spice up the taste buds.

Tuna Tataki, Cucumber Carpaccio, Calamansi Sorbet_2

The meal continues with Tuna Tataki, Cucumber Carpaccio, Calamansi Sorbet, served with avocado sauce and topped with fresh Ikura. This seemingly modest dish will surprise you with its bold flavour from a healthy blend of Asian spices including coriander, lime, and chilli.

Lamb Shank, Sauce Merah, Chickpea_2

An indulgence in both taste and sight, the Lamb Shank, Sauce Merah, Chickpea, boasts a bold yet delicate flavour. The lamb shank is braised for 12 hours to achieve a melt-in-your-mouth tenderness that falls right off the bone; paired perfectly with a rich merah sauce.

An equally intricate dish comes in the form of Beef Short Rib, Buah Keluak, Wingbean Salad. Capturing the rich earthy flavour of buah keluak, the tender Wagyu beef is doused in a generous serving of buah keluak sauce that will leave you wanting more.

Chef Miller Piping Dessert - Durian Alaska, Pandan Sponge, Kaya

Round off the culinary exploration across Asia with intricately designed sweet satisfactions including Ding Dong’s take on the king of fruits, Durian. The Durian Alaska, Pandan Sponge, Kaya comprises house-made durian ice cream paired with fluffy pandan chiffon cake; and coated with a light caramelised pandan meringue that forms the outer shell. The dessert is served atop a thin layer of biscuit, spread with a generous serving of house-made durian kaya.

Melon Sago, Rock Melon Ice Cream, Winter Melon Foam

Satiate your sweet cravings further with the refreshing Melon Sago, Rock Melon Ice Cream, Winter Melon Foam, Ding Dong’s play on the popular contemporary Singaporean dessert – Mango Sago.

Not So Lonely Planet

Inject your globetrotting culinary adventure across Asia with an intoxicating experience.

Staying true to its fun and quirky nature, Ding Dong’s latest bar programme showcases handcrafted concoctions that match up to the bold flavours in Chef Miller’s ingenious new menu creations.

The new cocktail menu, Not So Lonely Planet, features 12 unparalleled Asian-inspired cocktails conceptualised and concocted by Group Bar Manager, Joe Schofield; taking inspiration from various countries in Asia – Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Philippines, and China. The menu is conceptualised as a map of Asia, which guides guests to choose their cocktails primarily based on the destination that inspires them most.

Philippines - Butterly_2

Toast to the night with a refreshing aperitif that is bound to whet your appetite and add a whole lot of fun to the mix – Butterfly, a blue Whiskey Ball made of frozen blue pea flower juice. Or take a sip and get transported to the Land of Smiles with Thai-inspired cocktail, Sabai Sabai, a vodka-based cocktail infused with a dash of Thai herbs, blue ginger and citrus.

China - Jasmine and Pear Bellini

China: Jasmine and Pear Bellini

The latest ala carte menu and cocktail programme is available now for lunch and dinner at Ding Dong.

For reservations, email, or call +65 6557 0189.


01-02, 115 Amoy Street, Singapore 069935

Review: Wagle Wagle Korean Food, Setiawalk Puchong – Great Chicken Wings!

This blog is slowly but surely turning into a chicken wing review site… but anyway. 


Setiawalk in Puchong seems to have morphed into K-town – I think there must be six or more Korean restaurants on the ground floor alone ! S and I were there for dinner and decided to try one of the newly opened ones, called Wagle Wagle. The place attracts quite a number of Korean clientele, so I guess the food must be pretty authentic.


Nice and cosy interior with a white/wood dominant design. Pop culture posters hang on the walls while the TV plays K-pop and drama.


Most of the food is made for sharing between two to three people, but there are a few individual dishes as well. S had the cheese ramen (RM10) which was basically just Shin Ramyun noodles in a savoury/sour soup base, topped with a slice of cheese.


What I like about Korean ramyeon – the texture is so springy ! Even after it’s been soaking in the soup for some time.


Was craving for octopus, so I got the octopus stir fry with rice. A little disappointed because veggies > way more than octopi, which was chopped so finely I had to sift through the mountain of vegetables to locate what few measly pieces there were mixed in to the dish. I get that octopus is expensive, but really… you can pick out how small the bits were from the picture above. It also lacked salt, so it was spicy but all I tasted was the gochujang sauce.

The soy-sauce chicken wings (RM19 – set of four wings/drummettes) fared much better and seemed to be a hit with most tables.  Not the meatiest, but they were juicy and tender with a crispy coat, covered in a delightful sweet and savoury sauce. The sauce was a tad sweeter than the average K-chicken wings I’ve had, but tasty nonetheless. Good stuff. Didn’t feel overly greasy too. #canhavelotsofrice



Lot C-9-G, Block C, Setiawalk Puchong, Taman Wawasan, 47100 Puchong, Selangor 
Phone:  014-638 7992
Business hours: 11AM – 1130PM (daily)

Review: Best Fish Head Noodles in Petaling Jaya @ Moon Kee Fish Head Noodles Restaurant, Section 17 Petaling Jaya

This will probably come as a shocker, but I’ve never eaten fish head noodles before. Ever.

Cue ‘wtf what kind of Malaysian are you’ comments right now lol.

It isn’t because I hate it or anything  – it’s just one of those dishes that I felt no desire to seek out and try. Until my colleagues asked me to go along with them for lunch, that is. At nothing less than the best in Petaling Jaya (according to popular opinion on the internet): a place called Moon Kee Fishhead Noodle Restaurant in Section 19.

Parking here is notorious, but thanks to our art director’s ‘Surging Snake’ sign (he loves to believe that it is his astrology/luck that helps him find parking spaces), we found a spot directly in front of the shop. The establishment itself was no frills: just the kitchen area, simple wooden tables and chairs and a small dining area on the outside.

They had two types of soup: Milky (above) and seaweed.

We all chose the Milky soup base. I went for the fish maw + fish cake with bihun (RM11.50). It came topped with chopped coriander. It was a huge portion and chock full of ingredients; very value for money.

There was a whole slab of fishcake and two gigantic fish maw pieces, two fishballs, preserved salted vegetables (ham choi) and tomatoes, all swimming in a sea of seafoody goodness. Tastewise, I really enjoyed the creamy soup which was sweet with a hint of sourness from the tomatoes and hamchoi. I was also amazed at how the bihun kept an al dente texture throughout, as noodles tend to go soggy after they’ve been soaking in soup for too long. 

The fried fish cake slices had great flavour, but the winner was really its texture – bouncy and springy to the bite.

It was so good we got a separate snack to share.

AD’s garoupa slices.

My maiden experience with fish head noodles has been a good one at Mon Kee, and I look forward to another visit soon!


48, Jalan 19/13, Seksyen 19, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Opening hours: Mon-Sat (10AM-8PM), Sun (9AM-4PM)

+60 3-7954 1518