Happy Dog Days and Whatnot.

Was pretty much hyperventilating last weekend because….
My bestie Grace is back from Singapore! Haven’t seen her since last year and I miss her like mad. ❤ She’s gotten so skinny though, apparently Singapore is a hectic, hectic place.

Went to pick her up at her place and to pet her rabbit Papaya, which by the way, is the size of an actual, very large, papaya. After picking up Celine from her house, we made our way to Rockfish Noodle Bar at Boulevard for some omnomnom.

I love the decor here. I want my house to look like this. Warm tones blending with dark walls, vintage art,  wooden furniture and a dash of colourful pillows.

Western Tea in the middle of the afternoon. I have never tried Hoegaarden (yes wtf I’m 21 years old and I don’t drink beer) so I had a sip from Grace’s. I would say that it tastes better than a lot of other beer, not so bitter and much smoother in texture. But beer is still not my thing. I love milk. :3

Grilled black pepper pork chop. The sauce was awesome but the pork was a little too fatty.

Cheese over fish and chips. The version here is not overly oily like in most places so it was okay. Comes with a side of salad, fries and tartare sauce.

We then hung out at Celine’s place. She’s taking Illustration, so she showed us some of her artwork. And bam, I was mindblown. Here are some of her works.

Grace and Celine. Man, now I feel like I don’t wanna draw anymore, mine is ugleh as hell. ;_____;

Apparently this was drawn using colourpencils and crayon wtf how does anyone even make detail like that wtf wtf.

We also made friends with her two toy pommies, Snowy and Browny!

Snowy, the bitch. Literally. She was really jealous of the attention we gave Browny and whenever we wanted to pet Browny, she would forcibly squeeze her way underneath our hands so that we were petting her instead. And boy is this an attention whore. Climbed up onto my lap and sat there so that I would pet her lol.

I love Browny. He has this pair of adorable puppy brown eyes and his fur is just so zomgs nice to touch. And he’s so much more obedient. :3


Cute girl and cute dog. D’aw.